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The Paterson Family

This is my grandmother's maiden name, and one she was always very proud of - making sure you knew to spell it with just one "T"!

What she never told me was that her father, my great-grandfather, was Scottish! So I'm looking forward to tracing that line of enquiry and finding out about my Scottish roots.

Her direct family was very colourful, however: there were eight of them, one an illegitimate son brought up as a brother and the others prone to spectacular family feuds which could last years. I remember my great-aunts well and was very fond of them.

If you want to follow the surname through, the best person to start with is my wonderful and much-missed grandmother, Marjorie Hilda Paterson.

This part of the site is dedicated to her as I know she would have been excited to find out about the roots of the family she was so proud of.

Here are the individuals whose trees feature here:

James John Paterson 1863-????
Frederick James Paterson 1888-????
Francis Alex Paterson 1890-????
Herbert George Paterson 1892-????
Charles Robert Paterson 1895-????
Nellie Florence Annie (Cis) Paterson 1896-????
Lilian Janet Paterson 1898-????
Marjorie Hilda Paterson 1906-1988