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The Nex Family

Our family surname!

We're from a branch of the family which originates in Devon, near Tavistock, although we now live in and around London.

Many of our ancestors worked on the land, as agricultural labourers and farmers.

However, in our bit of the family the introduction of links to Portsmouth and the Navy on my father-in-law's maternal side has brought a strong pull towards the sea.

The best person to start with if you want to follow the surname through is my husband's grandfather, John Augustin Nex.

Here are the individuals whose trees feature here:

John Nex 1818-????
Henry Nex 1846-?
John Nex 1870-????
Emily Nex 1869-????
Ellen Nex 1877-????
Arthur Nex ????-????
Ann Nex ????-????
John Augustin Nex 1907-1981