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The Churchill Family

This is the Irish branch of the family!

The surname enters our family tree with my husband's great-grandmother, Florence Emily Churchill (and her tree is the best place to start if you want to follow the surname through).

She was born in Ireland, although she spent much of her life in England: her father, George, was a coastguard, in a station believed to have been somewhere near the rocky coastline of Malin Head in Co. Donegal.

My father-in-law has a photograph, believed to have been of Florence Churchill standing on the beach near Malin Head. Despite various efforts to trace the location of the photograph, we've so far been unsuccessful.

Here are the individuals whose trees feature here:

George William Churchill 1850-1896
Ernie Churchill 1888-?
Florence Emily Churchill 1883-1983
George William Churchill (jnr) 1887-1983