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My Family Tree

Welcome! I hope you find what you're looking for here - I'm always adding things so please just email me and I'll try to help. I'm also always interested in hearing from anyone who's part of the family!

For the complete family tree, visit my GEDCOM here.

The main surnames
These are the main family trees I'm researching. I will be gradually adding summaries of the family tree and links to individuals featured - you can click through to any which are underlined.

From my side of the family:

And from my husband's side:

Other surnames
A number of other surnames have cropped up during my research, so please click through to find the family tree they are featured in:

Places my family has lived:

My family research has taken me all over the UK - England, Wales, and Scotland - and into the Irish Republic. There are connections with the USA, Australia, and I'm sure plenty of other places in the world! So here's a little about the places my ancestors have lived.

Click through for places in England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, the United States, and Australia.

My ancestors in the military:

Both sides of the family have strong naval links, and coincidentally both my ancestors and my husband's served in the navy and were based in Portsmouth. We also have ancestors who served in the infantry in the Second World War.

Click through for service records for my ancestors (these can also be accessed from the individual pages) and for research on ships, places and battles connected with my ancestors.

Click through to the surname you're interested in, and you will find a list of individuals who have that surname. There is also a suggestion as to where to start if you want to follow the surname through.

Once you have clicked through to an individual's page, you will find a short family tree giving his/her immediate ancestors and descendants (i.e. mother and father, sisters and brothers, spouse and any children). If you click on any other names in the family tree, it will take you through to that individual's page (even if it's a different surname), with associated links. At any time you can click on home (top left-hand corner) to take you back to this page or back to the relevant surname page.

As time goes on I hope to add other links to places featured, social history and the military careers of my relatives.