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Photos of
Socrates & Helen Patterson

Socrates and Helen Patterson

On holiday in Egypt

The Sphinx is in the background.  I'm not sure who the woman in the front on the donkey is.  In the back row on camels, from left to right: Helen's father (my great-great grandfather) Kosta Kellesides; Helen Kellesides (my great-grandmother); Kalinori Kellesides (my great-great grandmother); and an unknown man.  Helen was probably 16 or 17 years old in this photo, which was probably taken before her marriage to Socrates Papanagnostis.

The wedding of Socrates Papanagnostis and Helen Kellesides

   Socrates and Helen were married in 1903.  Seated in the front row, center, and Helen's parents (my great-great-grandparents) Kosta and Kalinori Kellesides.  Standing in-between Kosta and Kalinori are Socrates and Helen.  Standing on either side of Kosta and Kalinori are Helen's sister, Charikila, and perhaps another sister?

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