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§ Etat des propriétés rurales Français à Cuba (1843), compiled by Emmanuel de la Burgade, from the Archives Consulaires in Paris, France. (Opens with MS Word. View document using the View-Zoom function, setting the percentage that best suits your computer. Use page up & down to view all 14 pages. Use Control-F to search for names or key words. Thanks to M. de la Burgade for creating the spreadsheet, and to Maggee Smith for obtaining his permission to use it.)

§ Transcription of gravestones for Saint Domingue Natives at St. Mary of the Annunciation's Churchyard Cemetery, 89 Hasell Street, Charleston, SC. Established 1789. (transcribed by Maggee Smith)

§ The Babb Index, compiled by S*I*G* members from the unpublished 1954 dissertation of Winston J. Babb, entitled French Refugees From Saint-Domingue to the Southern United States, 1791-1810. Thanks to the efforts of Francis J. Blanchard, Phil Greene, Lois Fleming Hand, George C. Jackson, Paulette Mauterer, Earl Rousseau, and Avis Rupert this valuable work is now more accessible to researchers. For more about Babb's dissertation, see the History and Genealogy link.

§ Excerpts of articles from Charleston, S.C. newspapers containing the names of Saint-Domingue Refugees (1796-1818). These excerpts were taken from the Charleston Courier, the Charleston City Gazette, and the Charleston Times by Nicholas Butler, Project Archivist, South Carolina Historical Society when he was researching benefits held in aid of the Saint-Domingue refugees. Also included are a few miscellaneous public notices (marriages, formation of business partnerships, liquor license applications, etc.) Comments in brackets [] are those of Mr. Butler.

§ List of French Who Took the Oath of Allegiance in Santiago de Cuba, 31 August 1808. This list of 112 Frenchmen was found in the Papeles Procedentes de Cuba (originals housed at the Archivo General de Indias, Sevilla, Spain), Legajo 226 (xx), folios 965-970. For background information, see the article which accompanied the list in the October 2001 issue of The Saint-Domingue Newsletter.

BECOME A PART of the SURNAME LIST PROJECT! The number of lists of Saint-Domingue refugees posted to this website continues to grow, and I hope to add more so that researchers all over the world can do all their Saint-Domingue look-ups in one convenient place. You can help make by adding your surname lists to this link. You will be given credit, and will retain ownership of any data that appears here. Contact me for more details if you're interested.

The NUCMC Project

The format of this project does not lend itself to being put online, but click here to find out how the S*I*G* conducted a search through this valuable research tool. Then modify it to fit your own research needs.

But first, a word about the NUCMC?

The National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections is a multi-volume listing of manuscript holdings in repositories all over the United States. These catalogs, compiled by the Library of Congress, include only documents and other material that are not still in the possession of the institution or person that created them. Two examples are diaries and letters that are no longer in the possession of the writer or his/her family, or the business papers of a defunct company that were donated to a historical society. Records such as military or courthouse documents that have become separated from their original sources might also be found listed in the NUCMCs. Questionnaires are sent out to selected institutions around the country regarding their holdings and the catalogs are compiled based on this information.

• The NUCMC was first published in 1959. Initially cumulative indices were published every four or five years, but recently they have been issued along with each catalog (now published approximately every other year). There is also a bonus: a 2-volume biographical index. The set can be found in the reference section of University and major research libraries.

The Kingston, Jamaica Catholic Church Registers project.

Thanks to the co-operation of Fr. Gérard L. McLaughlin, S.J., archivist of the Archdiocesan archives of the Roman Catholic Church of Kingston, Jamaica, several early registers of Kingston have been microfilmed and are available for research at the New Orleans area facilities. Thanks also to Colin Hamer and his staff, at the New Orleans Public Library, and to the S*I*G* member whose generous underwriting of this project made it all possible.

The Kingston registers that are now on microfilm and available for research are:
• Baptisms 1817-1826
• Marriages 1800?-1819
• Baptisms (of slaves and free people of color) 1804-1834 (1834 is the year slavery was abolished in Jamaica)
(Contains the names of the godparents and the names of the owners of the slave being baptized).
• Copies of selected Baptisms 1798-1802-1803-1804, one Marriage 1803, selected Burials 1803.
(22 hand-calligraphed, 11x 17 pages, now loose and laminated, formerly bound - probably from the early 20th century.) Available in March 2000.
• More registers to be added in late 2001.

These registers span the time period when many Saint-Domingue refugees and their families lived in Jamaica. Although a number of them were deported to New Orleans by the Governor-General in 1803, many stayed on, as is evidenced by the records. Other registers will be added to this collection in the future.

Copies of this microfilm can be found at New Orleans Public Library, Louisiana Division, Loyola Ave. office, New Orleans; Jefferson Parish Eastbank Regional Library, West Napoleon Ave, Metairie, LA; and The Historic New Orleans Collection - Williams Research Center on Chartres Street, New Orleans.

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