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Saint-Domingue Research Sources

Rather than attempting to outline complicated methodology, I am listing sources that will help your research, starting with the most accessible, more productive, and better-known ones. But don't stop here - when you're doing Saint-Domingue genealogy, (as the French say), "Il faut chercher partout" - you have to search everywhere !

  • The "Big Three"
    Local Sources
    LDS - "The Mormons" and the Family History Centers
    The Indemnity Reports (includes link to translation of Gildas Bernard article)
  • History... and Genealogy
    Moreau de St.-Méry - la partie... de l'isle Saint-Domingue
    Babb - French Refugees From Saint-Domingue To the Southern United States 1790-1810
    Cobb & Sullivan-Holleman - The Saint-Domingue Epic...
  • Background Material - the Refugees in historical context
    Ott - good overall history
    Geggus - British occupation
    McClellan - everyday life in the colony
  • The Diaspora - Jamaica, Cuba, the U.S, Other Islands & Countries
    Others in Saint-Domingue - special focus - Acadians, Polish, British (York Hussars), 1804 & later (Ferrand in Santo Domingo).
  • Gabriel Debien - THE authority on Saint-Domingue genealogy
  • Généalogie et Histoire de la Caraïbe - the most important source for Saint-Domingue (and French West Indies) genealogy and history
  • Saint-Domingue Special Interest Group - 2001 Surname Index, other Surname Lists and S*I*G* Projects, and selected articles from The Saint-Domingue Newsletter.
  • Original Materials in Archives and Private and Public Collections
    United States
    Other sources
  • Published materials
    Guides to archives
  • Consult my Annotated Select Bibliography for other materials not listed in these links.

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