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Original Materials in Archives and Private and Public Collections

There are many manuscript collections, private papers, and public documents available to researchers. These are just some of them. I invite you to share your 'finds' with others. Please e-mail them to me.



United States


There are some French colonial records left in the archives in Port-au-Prince. The Association de Généalogie d'Haïti has abstracted these names from the records. They are available online to members of the society. Non-members and visitors may search the index for names.


Other Original Materials

Although newspapers are not considered primary documents, they are original ones because they are contemporary.
There is a plethora of unique biographical and genealogical information that can be found by those willing to spend some time scanning through tedious, old newspapers (hard copy or microfilm).

§ The Affiches Americaines, the colonial newspaper of Saint-Domingue, which was roughly the equivalent of the "gazette" of the English colonies, was published in the colony under various names, in various towns from 1764 through 1791. Besides containing official govern policy line articles and notices, it also carried ship arrivals, advertisements (placed by colonists) offering services and goods for sale, and other mundane information. The library of the University of Florida at Gainesville has this valuable source on microfilm (24 reels) in its Latin American Collection. Definitely worth a trip to Gainesville.

§ The American Antiquarian Society has the country's largest and most complete collection (though not necessarily every title, issue or page) of American newspapers. If you can't find the one you want in the library or historical society, try the AAS.

An example of what kind of material can be found in old newspapers:

Scott, Kenneth, Ph.D. "New York's French Newspaper, 1795-1799, Genealogical Data". The Record 120 (Oct 1989): 207-210; 121 (Jan, Apr, Jul 1990): 25-28, 101-103, 149-153.


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