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The S*I*G* NUCMC Project

§ The Nation Union Catalog Manuscript Collection, LOC call number Z6620.U5N3

The following is a list of the NUCMC volumes that had been published as of the S*I*G project in 1988:

1959-61 Catalog
1959-62 Index
1962 Catalog
1963-64 Catalog
1965 Catalog and Index 1963-65
1966 Catalog and Index 1963-66
1967 Catalog and Index 1967
1968 Catalog and Index 1967-68
1969 Catalog and Index 1967-69
1970 Catalog and Index 1970
1971 Catalog and Index 1970-71
1972 Catalog
1973-74 Catalog and Index 1970-74
1975 Catalog
1975 Index (softcover book)
1976 Catalog
1975-76 Index (soft cover)
1977 Catalog
1978 Catalog
1975-78 Index (soft cover)
1979 Catalog
1975-79 Index
1980 Catalog
1980 Index - softcover
1981 Catalog
1980-81 Index (softcover)
1982 Catalog
1980-82 Index
1983 Catalog and Index 1980-83
1984 Catalog
1984 Index
1985 Catalog
1985 Index

Using the 1966 Catalog and the Index for 1963-66 as an example: the book is divided into 3 parts. First the main body (arranged, it seems numerically, each entry being given a number as it is submitted by the various repositories), second the index (subject, title, author/person), third a repository index, which lists repositories (with addresses) alphabetically, then official name of each collection (group of papers, records, documents, correspondence, maps, etc. etc.) reported by that repository for the appropriate year.

Here's how the S*I*G project was organized and conducted:

1. We drew up a "shopping list" of all Saint-Domingue-related subjects: Caribbean, cotton, Cuba, France/French (subheadings - revolution, colonies, West Indies, Caribbean), Freemasons, Haiti, Indemnities (reparations), indigo, Jamaica, pirates (and variations such as privateers, buccaneers, etc), plantation, refugee, Saint-Domingue (and all spelling variations), slavery, sugar, tobacco, West Indies . Some topics were omitted to keep the project from becoming overwhelming. The topic "Revolution" was omitted because all references under this topic will pertain to the American Revolution. For foreign revolutions, see first the country's name, then look up the sub-heading revolution, insurrection, revolt, uprising, etc.
2. Researchers were assigned a year or several year-span in the NUCMC volumes and its accompanying index.
3. A 4X6 index card was prepared for each "Shopping List" subject.
4. Researchers looked up each topic in the index and noted any references on the appropriate card
5. All the references on each subject card were looked up, and those that were relevant to our focus were photocopied and affixed to individual index cards, with a notation of the subject and reference number.
6. The cards were photocopied onto legal-sized paper and bound, and then filed for safe keeping.

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