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Aid to the Colonists of Saint-Domingue
translated by Augusta B. Elmwood

Bernard, Gildas. "Archives Nationales. Section Moderne", in Guide des recherches sur l'histoire des familles, pages 273-276. Paris: Archives Nationales, 1981. LDS call number 944.D276. See Select Bibliography.

NOTE: No attempt was made to "translate" the Republican dates, as each new Republican year started on 22 September, encompassed two years. Any conversions mentioned below were done by the author. For a better context of the records being discussed, the reader is referred to the above publication.


Information about the refugees of the colonies, notably those of Saint-Domingue, can be found in the sub series F7 (Police générale), F12 (Commerce et industrie) and F15 (Hospices et secours).


Research on the colonists of Saint-Domingue can be accomplished principally from the dossiers of aid given to the colonists remaining in France because of the troubles in the Island in 1790, or those who sought refuge in the mother country (métropole) following the burning of Cap François, which occurred on 20 June 1793.

Aid was granted to the colonists of Saint-Domingue beginning November 1793. [See end note] Revertible to spouses and direct descendants, this aid was paid out until the death of the recipient. The dossiers housed in the Section moderne of the Archives Nationales, which are dossiers d'inscription aux états de secours [dossiers of written reports on the state of aid], cover the period running from the Year II to 1890.

The formalities employed by a colonist in order to obtain aid for himself and the members of his family consisted of furnishing:

Of special interest is the footnote on page 274, which is a comment on "Aid was granted to the colonists of Saint-Domingue beginning in November of 1793." It takes up half the page and reads:

The principal ministerial decrees, laws, orders, and decisions with reference to this aid are the following:



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