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Généalogie et Histoire de la Caraïbe

Généalogie et Histoire de la Caraïbe (GHC) is a French genealogical and historical organization, headquartered in Le Pecq, France, presently enjoying its twelfth successful year of operation.

It publishes a French-language "bulletin", called (like the organization) Généalogie et Histoire de la Caraïbe (or GHC), with eleven issues per year. It typically contains 32 pages of articles on family history and genealogy, book reviews, queries and responses to queries, notes on researchers' works-in-progress, news from the various archives in France, genealogical charts of Caribbean families with their ancient and modern European connections, and research methodology. The family charts are easy to read and understand, due to the consistent use of the internationally recognized system of symbols and abbreviations. One is constantly amazed at the international texture of the families of the Caribbean basin during the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. Pagination of the GHC bulletin is continual, and each December issue contains an alphabetical index of family names, keyed to country or region, and a table of contents of the various articles. Successive years do not begin with page 1, but rather continue from year to year, as follows: 1989, pp.1-90; 1990, pp.91-256; 1991, pp.257-474; 1992, pp. 475-708; and 1993, pp. 709-960, etc. They have just recently passed page 3,000.

The GHC is a model for what genealogical societies should be and do: the administration and membership are dynamic, experienced, and knowledgeable people, who are willing to help the rankest of amateur genealogists as well as the loftiest of Ph.D.s. It is to be commended for the active part it plays in the local, national, and international genealogical communities
The GHC bulletin is an important resource for anyone with links to the Caribbean islands, and its annual index makes it a most useful tool.

Généalogie et Histoire de la Caraïbe (I.S.S.N. 0997-3923), Pavillon 23, 12 Avenue Charles De Gaulle, 78230 Le Pecq, FRANCE. The 2001 subscription rate is set at 190FF (or $42 US). To subscribe or find out more, write to the above address, or consult the GHC website for the price of back issues, and for availability in U.S. libraries.

Review courtesy of Paul Newfield of Metairie, LA


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