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Gabriel Debien

The career of Professor Gabriel Debien spanned al most 50 years, during which time he tirelessly produced over 200 works on various subjects dealing with the French West Indies, including some bibliographies. He came to be regarded (and still is today) the ultimate authority on the subject. Debien once said that, "a biography without an index is like a house without windows,"; and he held fast to that principle in all his writings. Although he may not have created what the scholarly community refers to as a "monumental work", his works were all monuments... to the man, and to his dedication and productivity.

Several bibliographies of his writings have been compiled, but, in spite of his prolific outpourings, a good part of his works remain inaccessible to researchers, because they were published in obscure or almost inaccessible journals.
I would like to locate copies of any of Professor Debien's works that are in the United States. If you know of the whereabouts of any, please let me know where they can be found (include as much information as possible about the article and its location), and I will post it here.

Below is a small list of Debien's articles (most of them were book-like in scope and length), and the American repositories where they can be found.
Artcles by Gabriel Debien in American Repositories




Other Articles by Gabriel Debien -- other or unknown locations -- are there any copies available in the U.S.?


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