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My Brick Walls

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Honoré ANDRONY and Joseph LANDRONY - were they father and son?

The link is probably somewhere in the records of the town of Riez in Provence. I recently visited this lovely little town in the heart of lavender/honey/truffle/olive oil country. Click on the red button or here to see my photo album.

Dominique COSSÉ dit Chevalier (also called "Chevalier Paratonnerre" by his father-in-law, J-B-M BACAS)...

why did you come to New Orleans, why were you such a scoundrel, and where did you disappear to???

Jean Baptiste Manuel BACAS.... "né à Gênes (Genova) en Italie" in 1738...

what brought you to New Orleans during the time of the Spanish???
See photos of the family tomb, located in historic St. Louis No. 1 Cemetery in N.O.


Jean Louis Urbain (or URBAIN-) BERTHELOT...

was your father a coureur des bois from Canada or a man of the city??? ...where in France are your roots?

Mary Ann SMITH... (photo)

my only drop of Irish blood, my little orphan girl... did your father die building the Canal?? ...did the Zieglers really take you in??


My Azorean ancestor - Custodio Joze de Athaide de Bettencourt -- what did you do during your stay in Boston, where was your son born -- Charleston or Charlestown, and was your wife's name really Luisa CHIBANTE or was it BONFANTE?


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