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"On the 12fth, General Saint-Clair, the best of the brigadiers then in the North, reached Ticonderoga- History of the United States by George Bancroft, Chapter 12 Vol. 5 -

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After the Civil War the town veterans formed the Saint Clair Monument Organization  (disbanded on April 3, 1867) to erect a monument honor the men from Saint Clair who served in defense of the Union.  The monument was dedicated on Thanksgiving Day 1874. The monument was then turned over to Post #47 of the Grand Army of the Republic for care taking.  The twenty-five foot high monuments is located on top of a hill overlooking Saint Clair in the Odd Fellows Cemetery.


During our SESQUICENTENNIAL in 2000 we met an extraordinary fellow named John David Hoptak, who lived in Orwigsburg at the time and now in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.  John was a student in 2000 but from a young child he has been an Civil War enthusiast, especially the study of the 48th Infantry of Pennsylvania.
John is now a Teacher,  Writer, and Licensed Battlefield Guide at  Antietam National Battlefield and now  at Gettysburg, here is his 
Blog on the 48th  Infantry
Our hometown Licensed Battlefield Guide at Gettysburg is Raymond "Ray" Hinchey
Ray as noted in Republican Herald
Ray as noted in NBC news report


Pennsylvania Volunteers in the Civil War

Sixth Regiment, Company H

Recruited at St. Clair, Schuylkill County

Mustered in April 24, 1861


Pennsylvania Volunteers in the Civil War

Fourteenth Regiment, Company B

Recruited at St. Clair, Schuylkill County

Mustered in April 30, 1861

Includes John Ennis who was the Color Bearer the St. Clair GAR Post was named after.

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Saint Clair, to it's credit responded with the greatest percentage of volunteers during the Civil War.  For this, the town was awarded the "Vicksburg Cane" made from a branch of the tree which Pinkerton surrendered to Grant and which that soldier-president presented to the people of St. Clair, through Richard Brown.

The youngest drummer boy in the war was from Saint Clair, his name was Louis Howard.


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The Wetherill Rifles under Captain Edward Farne were one of the earliest to respond to Lincoln's call. They were a division of the Ninth Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers.

The Lafayette Rifles were lead by Captain William H. Jennings

7th Pennsylvania Cavalry -Company A

July 1901 Military Salute at the Civil War Monument in the Odd Fellows Cemetery.  Originally, the monument had a fence around it

.1901 GAR Memorial Day Services

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Miners showed their support to the war effort.    Large piece of coal was paraded through town and placed outside the offices of the Saint Clair Coal Company.

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WWI Memorial Island on S. 2nd Street After World War I an island in front of the American Legion was constructed.  It consisted of two cannons on either side of monument listing those who were killed during the war.

To make room for 2-lane traffic on South 2nd Street in 1958 or 1959, the island was removed and the Monuments moved to the football stadium on Nichols Street.

World War I Memorial

World War I Memorial

(Photos by John Zamecnik)

W.W.I Memorial was originally located on South 2nd Street in front of the original Legion Building (above).

17 gave their lives


Note the Bell:  Mr. Zamecnik remembers how he rang that bell when he was a schoolboy attending the school "Town Clock School",.  It was rung to call students to classes.

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During WWI (1914-1918), Saint Clair sent 405 soldiers and 5 nurses.  There were 17 men who died in this war.  On November 27, 1919 a celebration was held to honor those who served and those who died.  The veterans were awarded gold metals.

The first soldier killed in France was Michael Duda of St. Clair.  The only county soldier killed from the torpedoed ship, Tuscania was John Buchanan of St. Clair.

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Women who served in WWI:   Lts. Jane Barrett, . Bertha Williams,  Ester M. Maley,  Bridgetta Benonis, and  Anna Stine

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"At Ticonderoga the soldiers under General Saint-Clair shouted with  rapture: "Now we are a free people, and have a name among the states of the world."

- History of the United States by George Bancroft, Chapter 1 Vol. 5 -

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World War II Memorial

World War II Memorial

Located at Football Stadium

47 gave their lives

(Photos by John Zamecnik)

World War II Memorial World War II Memorial

Congressional Medal of Honor Winner

Admiral Joel Boone

Stephen Kustan - WWII Veteran

Saint Clair machine-gunner in on Philippines invasion

Article from the " Pottsville REPUBLICAN-Evening Herald"

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Admiral Joel Boone in Welcome Home parade

Born:   August 29, 1889 - Died: April 2, 1974, son or William A. &  Annie Thompson Boone

Received Congressional Metal of Honor for his valor under fire at the Battle of Belleau Wood in World War I.

Fired by President Truman's Secretary of Defense for being "uncooperative" about cutbacks at Veteran Administration hospitals.

Admiral Boone addresses townspeople in the Saint Clair High Schools gymnasium.  October 17, 1949

White House Physician to:  Warren G. Harding, Calvin Coolidge, and Herbert Hoover.

First Naval officer ashore in Japan at World War II's end.  On the USS Missouri, to witness Japanese surrender.

Married to Helen E. Koch, daughter of Judge & Mrs. Richard H. Koch of Pottsville.  One child, Suzanne, who married Milton F. Heller, Jr.

Admiral Joel Boone Book

U.S.S. Boone - named after Admiral Boone

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Pictured here are:

Donald Kull and his sister Doris Kull Brady.   While Donald served in the South Pacific, sister Doris worked in the factories,  when the male work force left for the war.   Doris's husband Richard Brady (of St. Clair) also served in WWII.

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In the Korean War the following Saint Clair residents gave their lives; Carl M. Barnes and John S. Beacher
In the Vietnam War the following Saint Clair residents gave their lives; Charles M. Hawkins and Michael C. Reed

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"With manly frankness General Saint-Clair assumed as his own praiseworthy act which had saved to the country many of its bravest defenders." - History of the United States by George Bancroft, Chapter 12 Vol. 5 -

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