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Founded in 1819, St. Ann’s parish, Guysborough, Nova Scotia, holds importance for all local families with early roots.

Parish records have been transcribed from scans of original records. Often the handwriting is challenging to decipher. Spelling varies widely - sometimes a name is spelled differently even within the same record. We’ve tried to show what the original record contains - including spelling errors & variations.

A team of dedicated volunteers completed this work. For each section, a transcription was made, then all entries proofread and sent back to the original transcriber for review. Every record went through several rounds of review & comments until we all agree that it is the best we can do.

Some records for other parishes are housed at St. Ann; included on this site:

> St. Francis, St. Francis Harbour

> St. Joseph, Charlos Cove

> St. Patrick, Guysborough Intervale

> St. Peter, Larry’s River

St. Ann, Roman Catholic Church, Founded 1819


Project Co-Founders
Joan, Eileen Avery, Rose & Mike Casey

Digital Imaging & File Organization

Rose & Mike Casey

Volunteer Transcribers

Joan, Eleanor Anderson, Eileen Avery


>  Transcriber notes are in [brackets].

Notes in (parentheses) reflect exactly what was in the record.

>  Records were not in sequence by date, some have been sorted, others are shown in the original sequence.

>  Spelling varied wildly.

>  In keeping with the release dates used by Nova Scotia Vital Statistics, records after these dates will be displayed in the future:
    Baptisms after 1913
    Marriages after 1938
    Burials after 1963


Many Guysborough County records are posted at this site, including part of St. Ann’s Book 1:

Book 1, 1819-1839

Book 2, 1839-1890

Book 3, 1889-1913

Book 4, 1928-1961: Burials, several Guysborough County cemeteries

Book 5, 1882-1918:

St. Francis & St. Patrick, included

Book 6, 1893-1913: Baptisms

St. Peter, Larry’s River &

St. Joseph, Charlos Cove

Book 7, Priests [records in this book are too recent to post online]

Book 8, 1893-1938: Marriages

St. Peter, Larry’s River &

St. Joseph, Charlos Cove

Book 9, burials too recent to post online



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