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Reverend David Steele

Biography of Reverend David Steele

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The REVEREND DAVID STEELE was ordained and installed as the third pastor of the Brush Creek Presbyterian Community Church of Adams County, Ohio on June 24, 1831. Brush Creek is an historic congregation due to church disputes over dogma.

Dr. Steele was among the early settlers of Adams County, Ohio. Several members of his family followed him west from Pennsylvania. He was born in Londonderry, Ireland, November 2, 1803 of scotch-Irish ancestry. He was the the youngest of six brothers, whose father, David Steele, was the fourth generation from Captain John Steele of Lismahago, near Glascow, Scotland who fought on the side of the Covenanters in the battle of Drumclog, June 22, 1679. He was trained up according to the strict order of observance in Covenanting families. When he was about 20 years old he emigrated to the United States, arriving in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, June 7, 1824, where he stayed with an uncle and pursued his classical studies. Later on he taught in Edinburg Academy in Pennsylvania.

In 1826 he was graduated from Western University of Pennsylvania and after studying theology with the late Dr. John Black of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, he was licensed to preach the Gospel in April 1830. The following year he married Miss Eliza Johnson of chillicothe, Ohio and one month afterward was ordained and installed as pastor of the Reformed Congregation of Brush Creek by the Ohio Presbytery at a salary of $400 a year.

Brush Creek was then a wilderness and he and his wife found everything primitive and uncongenial to educated and refined living. Thousands of miles he travelled on horse-back yearly, having often to ford rivers when he had to get up on his knees in the saddle to keep from being saturated with water as there were few bridges in those days. For 29 years he labored in this congregation upon a salary hardly sufficient to procure the necessities of life. He also took care of several other community churches - one being Mill Creek, Kentucky.

Although a little below medium in stature, he possessed an excellent constitution which enabled him to bare up under difficulties which would have been to great for others.

As a scholar Dr. Steele was far above most of his compeers, particularly in the ancient classics as he could read the most difficult Latin and Greek at sight. His "Notes on the Apocalypse" show he was a master of Bible truth. He trained quite a number of young men for the Gospel ministry; and his home was the resort of all educated people who came to the neighborhood, and hospitality was a marked feature of his house.

It is but proper to state that his wife cooperated heartily with him in all his plans for the elevation and culture of all who dwelt in the vicinity of Brush Creek. Brush Creek owes much to him as a leader in morality and culture.

As an orator the Reverend David Steele was concise, clear and frequently eloquent and impassioned and his discrimination in the use of words showed his mastery of the English language. He received the Doctor of Divinity degree from his Alma Mater a few years before his death.

After leaving Ohio he spent several years near Sparta, Illinois, retiring to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where he died in the 54th year of his ministry at the age of eighty-four. His remains lie in the Petersburg Cemetery in Huntington, Pennsylvania.

--A History of Adams County, Ohio by Evans and Stivers



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