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This web site has been inactive for awhile, but I'm armed with new information and family photos to add. Please check back often, as I will probably add this new information one family at a time.

Many of my family ties make their first appearance on American soil in Virginia and the Carolinas: the Blakes, Grahams, Hunters, Kings, Regans, Turners, and Whites, among others. There are possible ties to Fanny Crosby, the blind hymn-writer, evangelist Billy Graham, and a former U.S. Vice President, William Rufus Devane King. Eventually, I hope to share my ties to the Bewicks of England who came to Wisconsin, the Strobels (from Switzerland to Kansas), as well as my wife's ties to Norway and the British Isles.

I have updated the Hunters of Marion District, SC, and the Blakes of Robeson County, NC. Also, check out new photos in the Hunter Family Photo Album and the Graham Family Photo Album. There will be many more revisions and additions, so come back often.

Email me if you have any information relating to the families portrayed on these pages.


My Great-Great Grandfather Joseph Morris Hunter
Killed in battle May 30, 1864



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ACKNOWLEDGMENTS: Many thanks to my parents, my uncles, and cousins Hunter Demos, Wayne Hunter, Mary Rogers, and Jeff Rogers, who contributed family photographs, genealogical information, and family memories used on these pages.


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