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This is myself infront of the sign for the Village of Strazni Vrh. It's the village in which my grandfather John Rozic was born. It appears that either his father, Franz Rozic or Franz's mother, Agnes purchased the land. I discovered Agnes while I was doing research at the archives at St. Nicholas church in Ljublana. She lived a very unconventional life for her times. She had two illigitimate children, my great grandfather Franz Rozic and a daughter who lived only to about age 8. I'm not sure where the name Rozic came from. My great grandfathers birth record states here maiden name as Wolf. She eventual married a man named Thomas Hirris. Hirris according to my cousin Jure is a Gypsy name. He died about a year after they were married. Agnes remarried and moved away from Strazni Vrh, I don't know what happend to her after that.