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Sacauskis/Balcius family Ancestor name listand descendancy chart.

Links to places of interest in Lithuania and some photographs I took on my visits in 2001 and 2004 with links.

Telefonai Takas Lietuvia, Lithuanian Online Telphone book. Link is to Lithuanian version but look for British flag for link to english version.

Type in the name of a village, or a phonetic approximation and get a list back of villages that match.  Select one of the villages in the list and it location will be displayed using Mapquest.

Index of deceased recipients of social security.  Look ups by name or social security number.  Information provided includes DOB and DOD.  You can download a request for the persons social security application via postal mail.  The information in the application often contains the individuals place of birth and parents names.

Search engine of Ship manifest for immigrants that arrived at Ellis Island.  Can be very useful or very frustrating.  Documents were not always legible so names may not have been transcribed correctly.  However it does provide a list of close matches as well.  Can be very useful if you can find an ancestor and the manifest is legible

Web Site for the Lithuanian Global Genealogical Society.  Some good locality specific information.  Name index and other information.   Good beginners guide to doing research ... start by talk to those who are living.

A Lithuanian WWW server with many useful links.  Server is in English, links may be in Lithuanian

Language translation service

Over-the-phone interpretation useful for calling relatives in foreign countries who don't speak english.

Message board and group at Yahoo.

Message board at  I was able to track down my living relatives in Lithuania via this board.

Mesage board at Lithuanian Global Genealogical Society.

Etymology of many Lithuania Surnames.

Lithuanian resources on rootsweb.

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