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Joseph Bukovec

Birth Name: Josef Bukovec
Born: 14-Aug-1879 Decina, Slovenia
Immigrated to US: 1898
Occupation: Coal Miner, Farmer
Married:  Alozija Sterbenec, 26-January-1902, Ely Minnesota by Rev Fr. Boh
59th Wedding Anniversary, 1961
Emmigrated: From Ely Minnestota to Willard Wisconsin in 1909. One of the pionering families of Willard, Hernandon township, Clark County Wisconsin.
Religion: Roman Catholic
Died: 12-June-1965 Nellsville Wisconsin.

Sons Of Josef
Daughters of Josef
Joseph Bukovec Mary Agnes Bukovec
John Bukovec Catherine Bukovec
Albert Bukovec Louise Bukovec
Edward Bukovec Margret Bukovec

Amelia Bukovec

Anne Bukovec

Victoria Bukovec