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Biography Of Joseph and Louise Bukovec Family in Willard Wisconsin (Cont'd)
Dr. Beckman was called from Greenwood. He came out with a team. The horses were lathered with sweat because of the poor footing due to the muddy roads. He applied salve to her body and bandaged her, saying he would be back by train on Tuesday or Wednesday. This was late Saturday afternoon. She died at 3:00 A.M. the next morning, Sunday.

Mr. Steve Plautz had a horse and spring wagon. Louise's casket was loaded on the wagon. Her mother rode on the wagon with the casket and the rest of the family and neighbors walked behind to the church. A short service was held in the vestibule of the new church. Then she was taken by train to be buried in the Green wood cemetery as there wasn't a cemetery in Willard then.

Another Tragedy in the family happened in 1923 when Joe, Their oldest son, went swiming.  It was a hot Sunday afternoon.  He was acoompainied by neighbor boys, Joe Plautz, Tony Kokaly and John Jelercic.  They walked to the old loggin dam on the Eau Claire river northwest of Willard.  Joe apparently suffered cramps while swimming and drowned. Joesph Junior is buried at the Holy Family Cemetery in Willard Wisconsin.

The family also lost their home to a fire in the 1940's.

Joseph and Louse celebrated their 50th wedding aniversary in 1952 with all their children present. 

They farmed thier land until 1963 when Joseph broke his hip.  The farm was then passed on to thier youngest son, Edward, and his wife Gertrude (Topliker).  They continued to farm the land until Edwards death in 1984.  Gertrude continued to live in the farm house but rented out the land, finally selling it in the mid 1990's.

Joseph Died June 12 1965 at Neilsville Memorial Home in Neilsville Wisconsin.  Lousie died on November 18, 1981 also at Neilsville Memorial Hospital.  Crocheting was a hobby she enjoyed for many years.  She was also an excellent cook and always had a beautiful garden.

The above was and exceprt with some added updates from Spominska Zgodovina (Historical Memories) Willard Wisconsin.