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The Höök - Saari Family

Clayton W. Saari - This website tells the history of my Finnish and Swedish families of the US and Sweden. My grandfather, William Isaac Saari, came to the US from the Kattilasaari area of Sweden but was Finish.

My mother's Johnson family was from Sweden also.  Both her mother and father used the surname of Johnson in the US. But, her father went by Mattson in Sweden and her mother used Frisk while living in Sweden.

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Father's Side
Hök - "Hook" Family Includes the grandparents of Per Persson Hok- and a genealogy register report of the generations.
Hök - "Hook" Family Includes Per Persson Hok & wife Kallionjemi Ulrika Pehrsdotter - Generation 1 of Kukkola, Karl-Gustavs, Norrbotten, Sweden.
Hök - "Hook" - Saari Family AKA: Kattilasaari - Includes Pehr Persson Hok and his wife Brita Kajsa Larsdotter Forss. He was a son of Per Persson and Kallionjemi Ulrika Pehrsdotter, of Karl-Gustavs, Norrbotten, Sweden.
Frank Oscar Saari This page has Frank, brother to my grandfather listed. His family lived in Minnesota.
Oskar Arvid Höök This page has Arvid's family listed. He stayed in Sweden and had a large family there. Information and photos are the courtesy of Jim Sandström his sister Gull-Britt. They are descendants of Arvid's.
William & Hilda (Kentta) Saari Family William was a son of Pehr Persson Hook and Brita Kajsa Larsdotter Forss. He came to the US to work in the iron mines of Minnesota. He farmed in the Meeker Co., MN area, where he lived and died.

William Isaac Saari

This page has my grandfather's family listed.
Clay Saari's Families This page has the links for many more of my families. A lot of these families were from Minnesota.
5 Generations - Saari Chart This summary is only of 5 generations of my family. The web site covers many more generations and families than are charted.
Mother's Side
Descendants of Mattes Parsson Swedish connections of Mattson.
Descendants of John William Johansson Later known as John and Albertina (Johnson) Johnson of Meeker Co., Minnesota
Albertina & John Johnson Family John Johnson and Families of Meeker Co., Minnesota
Bengtsson Family Gunnerson, Olofsson, Erikson & Andersson Connections
Gustaf Frisk - Dahlin Family Gunnerson Connections

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