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With new information always being added, I thought it was time to add an update page.  I hope this will help relatives and visitors who come back to my site.

5/7/06     I made wording changes on opening page.  I added Lost, Buried, Forgotten Page, plus Lost Graves button to it.  I rewrote the Creating a Family CD Page, explaining how my new self-booting, multi-media CD was created.

5/21/06     I added Gen Path Gold Award received from Genealogy Path Website to Awards Page.

8/12/06     I revamped the entire website section pertaining to family trees.  The new pages show cousin surnames and lineages as research currently exists.  These more detailed trees should help visitors visualize if the are directly related to my main Polish surname lines.  If you are here researching your family tree, check out these trees.  You may not only find out that we are related, but also find other cousin lines that you did not even realize existed.

8/28/06     I added a Nowacki page in my current research area since I broke through my brick wall in that surname and am currently following new leads.  I also updated the Nowacki line mentioned on my Sponsorship page with new names and dates currently verified.

1/12/07     Revised the map of Poland page changing Nowacki as coming from Poznan to Swarzrdz, six miles east of Poznan.  Current research has verified that my Nowacki line came from there.  I am slowly working with church records from Swarzedz to build the family tree there.  I also added two new Webpages with links from the map of Poland page.  The first page shows Swarzedz in much better detail.  The second page shows Filipow, Poland in much more detail. 

4/24/07     Revised the map of Poland to show parish where specific family records have been found.  Updated all current research pages and created one for the surname Zlotorzynski.

7/1/07      Added three new pages to start displaying a new section called Polish Roots.  This will be expanded as research continues on various surnames directly from parishes in Poland.  This first parish shows expanded research from Swarzedz and my Nowacki/Molach lineages.  Updated 9 existing pages with current information and updated family trees.

9/30/07     Added six new pages adding to the section called Polish Roots.  This second parish shows expanded research from Filipow and my Zlotorzynski/Samotyha/Sarosiek/Barszczewski lineages.  Updated Main and Polish Roots pages to reflect new pages.

10/6/07     Added a page Andrykowski to the section called Polish Roots.  Added a page Andrykowski Current Research to Research in the Works section.   This parish shows limited but completed research from Byslaw.  Added page showing the complete digitized pages from my great grandmother Barbara Jankowski's 1912 Russian passport.  Updated Main, Research in the Works, and Polish Roots pages to reflect new pages.

10/20/07     Updated Stephan Ryckowski history.  Updated ancestral map of Poland.  Added Cekcyn, Byslaw, and Kozlowo page to map of Poland section.  Added Learn Polish Translation.  Updated Main and Polish Map pages to reflect changes.

2/3/08     Updated Polish Roots page with Rydzkowski surname and two links to two new webpages, Cekcyn Rydzkowski and Cekcyn Chmara pages.  Updated Ryckowski Research page.  Updated Main page with latest ancestral surnames of Chmara, Chylewski, and Schwemiski.

2/24/08     Added Byslaw history page with Transfiguration Church photos. Updated Andrykowski family history page.

4/27/08     Added page Design Your Website So That It Can Be Found.

11/23/08     Added three pages to start a new section on the site called Kindred Kontackz.

1/25/09     Added new section of vintage photos hoping cousin lines may help identify them.

1/10/10     Added another page on the site called Kindred Kontacts for photos from Andrykowski cousin lines. Updated Main Page and button on Kindred Kontacks Page to link to newly created page.

5/23/10   Added two pages and linked both to my Kindred Kontackz page.  The first new page shows the entire Zlotorzinsky lineage from Filipow, Poland based upon Catholic church records from Filipow.  The second new page shows the family trees of my cousin Mark.  His surname is Zlatarinskas, which is the Lithuanian spelling for Zlotorzinsky.  Updated Main Page.

6/20/10   Deleted three photos from the Unknown Photos page as they have been identified be Sipowski cousins.  Added four new unknown photos to the Unknown Photos page.  Updated Main Page.

7/04/10   Added two pages and linked both to my Kindred Kontackz page.  The first new page shows the Sipowski US family tree that immigrated from Filipow, Poland in the 1890's.  The second new page shows photos from three separate cousin lines from this Sipowski lineage.  Updated Main Page.

7/24/10   Added Zlatarinskas Cousin Photos page and linked it to my Kindred Kontackz page.  Updated Main Page.

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