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THIS area of my website demonstrates the importance of the family genealogist to connect to other cousin lines and why it has helped to expand this website and research in general.  I would like to give credit to those who have helped me in my research with information, documents, and photos.  I have also provided links to other related cousins in The Rice Family Tree that have their own family genealogy websites.  Individuals named here are on a first name basis only.  The surnames mentioned with these first names are not their current last names, but only refer to that surname which they have researched.  The way that we met through genealogy varies and may give you ideas to further your own research.

Molach Kindred Kontackt

Marie, a longtime researcher in her Molach line, ran across this website in the summer of 2007 and e-mailed me.  We thought that our Molach lines may be related.  In February 2008, that cousin connection was verified thanks to the Poznan Project, which is currently transcribing marriages online.  Since then, I passed on research on our common Molach line that I had acquired in Swarzedz parish in Poland.  Marie passed on her research to myself about her Molach lineage since her family immigrated to the state of New Jersey in 1883.  She also sent me photos of that Molach line.  Marie has a very nice website of her own that she was able to create using gedcom files.  Here is her website, The Wandering Wittings, and some of the photos she sent me which are not currently online.

Andrykowski Kindred Kontackt

 I have several cousins that I have come into contact with since my family genealogy research began. sponsors Rootsweb that features surname message boards.  These boards are a great way to connect to cousin lines.  I found my Andrykowski cousin lines there, but these were old messages with outdated e-mail addresses.  My initial kindred kontackt to Andrykowski cousins was through's feature of building your family tree online once you registered for free at their site.  I made sure to include siblings of my ancestors and any known family lineages with the hope of connecting to cousins.  Shortly after building my Andrykowski lineage at Ancestry, my tree was noticed by my cousin Kim.  She did a search for other Andrykowski trees at Ancestry.  My tree had Kim's great grandmother Verna and Verna's parents Antoni and Anna Andrykowski.  Kim had just started building her online tree at Ancestry.  That initial contact began in February 2007 thanks to Ancestry.

With my finding of cousin Kim through Ancestry, that set in motion a concentrated effort to find any cousin identified through the surname message boards of Andrykowski at Rootsweb.  Knowing the names of those posting, my wife did a Google search of the names.  Finally, she located cousin Jennifer.  Jennifer was the original poster of the Andrykowski surname board back in July of 2000.  I introduced Kim to Jennifer at this time.  I updated both with my Andrykowski research in Poland.  From Kim and Jennifer, I have received details of their lineages and a photo.

Zlotorzynski Kindred Kontackt

I have several cousins that I have come into contact with since my family genealogy research began. sponsors Rootsweb that features free unlimited family genealogy website space.  This website is located at Rootsweb.  My cousin Lez ran into this site several years ago.  His prior research of the village of Filipow, Poland has helped me greatly with my own research.  Another cousin Doug also found this site a year or so ago.  Doug is heavily into coming up with obituaries from the Saginaw, Michigan area pertaining to the Zlotorzynski family and related lines of descendants.  And finally my most recent cousin Leslie found this site recently and sent me an e-mail of our cousin relationship on November 15, 2008.  This proves how valuable a family genealogical website presence can be.

My other kindred kontact with other Zlotorzynski cousins came about with Ancestry's surname bulletin boards in March 2006.  Lori ran across a posting of mine in the surname of Zlotorzynski.  We then compared notes and made the connection.  Lori then introduced me to her Uncle Ron, who is a long time genealogical researcher and also got Lori interested in family genealogy.  Both have sent me some very old photos from their Zlotorzynski line in the early 1900's back when their Zlotorzynski lineage lived in Saginaw, Michigan.

This page shows the entire Zlotorzynski tree based upon official Catholic church records from 1808 to 1884.  Unfortunately, some records have been lost over time, which makes it difficult to locate specific documents verifying lineage.  The following years are missing from these known records: 1851, 1853, 1855, 1857, 1861, 1871, 1872, and 1875.  Note: This page loads in 55 seconds using a 56K modem.

Zlatarinskas Kindred Kontackt

Zlotorzynski is a very rare surname in the US.  At the present time, it is my personal belief that if Zlotorzynski is in your US lineage, your lineage traces back to Filipow, Poland.  One such Kindred Kontackt appears to exist between Mark and myself and the Lithuanian spelling for Zlotorzynski, which is Zlatarinskas.  The official border of Lithuania is only 30 miles north of Filipow.  Mark ran across this website in 2006.  We have been corresponding ever since trying to make the connection of distant cousins.  Even with records missing from both countries lost over time, we feel that we are indeed distant cousins.  Here is the Zlotorzinski/Zlatarinskas connection based upon documents and personal family oral history.

Sipowski Kindred Kontackt

One cousin lineage of my Zlotorzynski tree married into the surname Sipowski.  Over the years, numerous branches of this Sipowski tree have been verified with documentation as having immigrated to the US in the late 1890's to southeast Wisconsin.  If you are a Sipowski family researcher, this tree and old photos may expand your knowledge and make your Kindred Kontackt to your cousin lines.

If you are related to any of these Kindred Kontackts listed here, I hope that you may have found an important link to your past family heritage or an old unknown family photo.  Please contact me by e-mail further, so that I may put you in direct contact with other cousins.  If you have a family website, let me know so that I may link to your website here.  If you have or know of some very old family photos, please send them to me.  If they are not yet seen on the internet, I will put them up for viewing and sharing here.  Remember, I will shrink any photos to fit these pages, so feel free to e-mail me to obtain the full-sized scanned photo.  These are your photos and your family histories.  Finally, you may discover that you are a part of this expanding family tree.  If you are and you family surname is not mentioned on this page, perhaps the time is today.  E-mail me with old photos or your website so that I may add your surname.  Are you a cousin who would like to create your own genealogy website?  Let me know.  There are several styles of fantastic looking websites.  This is what help family can do, Kindred Kontackz is all about, and this site exists for.

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