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European Immigrants Arriving At Ellis Island

Barbara Apansewicz Jankowski    1865-1940

Stephan Ryckowski   1858-1909

Felixa Nowacki Ryckowski    1862-1934

Thomas Golinski 1851-1894

Agnes Andrykowski Kruczkowski Golinski   1860-1915

John Zigmund Jankowski   1898-1972

Magdalena Molach Nowacki   1835-1909

Apolonia Zlotorzynski Czajkowski   1871-1932

So you are interested about those who came over on the boat!  Did you realize that your immigrant relative was not the only one of that family to come over?  Read more about how immigration sponsorship affected this family and most likely yours.

Do you want to learn more about the US Naturalization Process?  The Colorado State Archives has a short, concise, and very well written article called "Background History of the United States Naturalization Process".  This article is off site.  Use your browser's back button to return to this page.

History of US Naturalization Laws

If you want to gain first hand knowledge and live the experience of an immigrant arriving at Ellis Island, I have found two valuable sites.  The first is a teacher's aid site set up on the Web for classroom usage.  The second is at the History Channel Website and based upon a special program that the History Channel developed and aired.  Visit these sites and pass through time.  Experience Ellis Island through the eyes of an immigrant as your ancestor's did!

Teacher Aid Website

History Channel Website




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