Common Connections - Ancestors of Rolland Victor Phend

Previous  Phend-Fisher-Yarian-Berlin Families

In 1832, Johannes B'HEND, with his wife and four children, left Berne, Switzerland for LeHavre, France from whence they sailed to America. His passport states they were bound for Baltimore, but I have been unable to locate them in the Passenger Lists. One of those four children was my great-great grandfather Jacob. The B'HEND name became PHEND and to date, every one I've located with the surname PHEND is descended from Jacob PHEND, the 5 year old boy who came to America in 1832.

The family lived in Carroll County, Ohio where, in 1847, Jacob married Louisa FISHER. A few years later they moved to Green County, Indiana for a brief period and about 1855 they settled in northern Indiana. They lived in the area of Nappanee, Indiana where three counties come together: Marshall, Kosciusko and Elkhart.

This page will include the PHEND and FISHER families as well as the ancestors of Susie L. YARIAN who married Henry PHEND, son of Jacob and Louisa (FISHER) PHEND. Susie's father was Eli YARIAN and her mother was Lavina BERLIN. Both the YARIAN and BERLIN families arrived in the colonies prior to 1750. They settled in that area of York County, Pennsylvania that later became Adams County. Descendants moved on to Columbiana and Portage counties in Ohio. Susie's parents settled in Elkhart County, Indiana after the Civil War.

The PHEND Ancestral line will be uploaded in the near future.

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