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Henry Ruyle's Family

Henry Ruyle is probably the ancestor of almost every person in the United States whose last name is Ruyle, and a great many others, as well. Henry Ruyle was most likely not born in this country--possibly Alsace-Lorraine. Henry was in Virginia during the Revolutionary War, where the Abercrombie and Slattern documentation of the Revolutionary War Public Claims captured Henry’s contribution of supplies to the colonies’ cause. Henry’s son Henry is credited with military service in the Revolutionary War.

I began my own Ruyle genealogy work by accidentally finding the web page of my cousin, Ed Ruyle. Ed is gone, now, but his work lives on in countless family trees across the country, and in many SAR and DAR memberships. My dad, who is also gone, now, was interested, and together we began to research his family tree. We knew about Dad’s parents and grandparents, but not much before that. Ed’s tree overlapped with Dad’s, and showed us the way back to Henry Ruyle.

After I joined the Daughters of the American Revolution under Henry, I began compiling all the data I could find on Ruyle genealogy. My Rootsweb family tree reflects this work, in addition to my other genealogical research on our other ancestors and our cousins' and friends' families. I try not to add anyone unless I have proved the relationship to myself, through birth, death, marriage or census record. I try to keep complete sources in each record, so that I know what I found and where I found it. If you can’t find something that I have noted as a source, please let me know, and I will try to locate it for you. I have also put a note in each of Henry’s descendants, indicating his DAR ancestry number. My goal is to capture all of Henry’s descendants who were born on or before 1900, whether or not their surname is Ruyle. You will see that I have a few after that date, too.

Many thanks to Ed Ruyle, mentioned above, for the first Ruyle GEDCOM I saw on the internet. Many thanks also to Galyn Ruyle, descendant of Moses Ruyle, another of Henry’s sons, who wrote the first book I read on the Ruyle family. And I am very grateful to Donnie Ruyle, who maintains the most complete and current Ruyle GEDCOM that I know of, and is generous in sharing this data.

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