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Solomon Nichols Tree


Note: All other information from these ancestors to present will only be given out to authetic family memebers. Of course, if you share, we share....
1 Solomon NICHOLS
Birth: aft 1779, South Carolina
Death: 1824-1827, age: 45
Father: Thomas NICHOLS (-1829)
Mother: Sarah SMITH
Solomon died probably 1825-1827 as one David Nichols was appointed guardian of Solomons children 12/1827 (Habersham, MIC from GA Intestate Records. We don't know the relationship of David Nichols to Solomon Nichols.
The discovery of gold in the Nacooche Valley, and other parts of the country, soon brought to this hitherto unknow section, many seekers for the precious metal. From the first these settlers were of a superior class. Among them may be mentioned the names of Alex Maulden, William Hacket, Thos. Fayetter, Jessie Norris, T. B. Wood, Elihu Barkley, J. R. Wyly, William Hicks, S. H. J. Alley, the Lambert brothers, A. J. Nichols, Hexekiah Dyer, John Fuller, and John S. Dobbins who were the first to settle the town. Many of the earliest comers to Habersham were hunting for gold. This was found in the Soque River and nearby streams and in the sands of the immediate neighborhood, but never in paying quantities. The earliest citizens of the section around Clarkesville were the Hasketts, Stanfords, Erwins, Ketchums, Wyleys, Dobbins, Suttons, Beans, Campbells, Van Burens, Nichols, Berrys, Lamberts, Fullers, Nashs and Phillips. These were the main builders of the county site.
The "Covered Wagon" settlers who came to Habersham before and after its organization were substantial, God-fearing citizens and became the backbone of the county. Soon after the county was organized gold was discovered and many settlers attracted by the gold came. Among them we find the names of Elibu Barclay, the Lambert brothers, A. J. Nichols, William Hackett, John Fuller, Alex Mauldin, William Hiers, S. H. (?) Alley, Jesse Norris, John S. Dobbins and Elijah Starr. Many of these were the first settlers of Clarkesville.
In every settlement there was a church. Most of these were of Baptist denomination. Bethlehem Church, one mile from Clarkesville, was the first church in the county, and Providence Church, near Lake Burton, was the second. The Metholdist had a campground at Mossy Creek, now in
White County.
There were many well to do Indians, and half-breeds in the county at the time it was organized who had good farms and owned slaves. Among these Indians we find the James Stan Waitee, Black Watt Adair, Red Watt Adair, Jim Vann and Lynch. By the beginning of the nineteenth century quite a number of whites had ventured into this section and rented or bought land from the Indians. Among these English settlers we find many names of citizens of the county at the present day. By the time the county was organized settlements had been established in several places along the banks of the Soque River near and where Clarkesville now is, on the Tugalo at the Jarrett settlement, in the Nacoochee Valley the Williams settlement and in the Batesville District near Providence church, which were the largest settlements.
Ruths notes: The first Nichols to Habersham being A. J. Nichols must be the father to Solomon Nichols father of James Nichols??? Could James Nichols, father to Nancy Malinda have married into one of the indian families??
James (1808-1889)
Sarah (1810-)
Andrew J. (1810-1889)
Thomas Jefferson (1814-1877)
Wyly (1816-)
Mary (1818-1860)
Martha (1822-)
1.1a James NICHOLS*
Birth: 4 Nov 1808, South Carolina
Death: 20 Aug 1889, Habersham County, Georgia, age: 80
Burial: New Hope Baptist Cemetery
Spouse: Martha
Death: bef 1850
Solomon W. (1829-1864)
Nancy Malinda (1834-1918)
Martha Elizabeth (1834-)
Sarah Ann (1836-)
John A. (1838-)
Andrew J. (1840-)
Other spouses: Delila WHITWORTH
1.1a.1 Solomon W. NICHOLS
Birth: 29 Dec 1829, Georgia
Birth Memo: 1850 Census Habersham County, Georgia
Death: 26 Nov 1864, Rabun County, Georgia, age: 34
Burial: Clarksville, Georgia
Burial: Macedonia Baptist Cemetery
Listed as J. W. in the 1850 Census for Habersham County, Georgia.
Listed in 1860 Georgia Census Index, Rabun County, Cheecheroe District, Georgia, Page 559-560. His age 29 years.
Wife Lucinda, age 28.
William P. Age 6;
Nancy Age 4
Mary L. Age 2
(Twins Gus and Jeff were not listed so must have not been born the day the census worker was there. Both twins are listed in the 1870 Census - Solomon died in 1864- showing their age as 9 years aolng with another child, Eliza L. age 5.)
Solomon contracted malaria while serving in the Civil War at Charleston, South Carolina as a private. He was home on leave when he died. Solomon Nichols served in Capt. Matthews' Company, Heavy Artillery, S. C. Vol's (formerly Bonneau's Co. Art'y; finally paroled as (3d) Co. C, Manigault's Batt'n, S.C. Art'y.
Spouse: Lucinda CROSS
Birth: 23 Aug 1829, Georgia
Death: 26 Jan 1912, Clarksville, Habersham County, Georgia, age: 82
Burial: Clarksville, Georgia
Burial: Macedonia Baptist Cemetery
Father: Thomas CROSS
Mother: Rebecca DOVER
Marr: 19 Dec 1852, Georgia
William Pinkston (1853-1932)
Nancy A. (~1856-)
Mary L. (~1858-)
Beauregard Gus (Twin) (1860-1945)
Jefferson D. (Twin) (1859-1945)
Eliza L. (~1864-)
1.1a.1.1 William Pinkston NICHOLS
Birth: 29 Oct 1853, Georgia
Death: 11 Jan 1932, Clarendon, Donley County, Texas, age: 78
Burial: Clarendon Citizens Cemetery
Occ: Farmer
In 1880 Census also has Georgia Taylor, age 8, niece living in household.
Spouse: Elizabeth AYERS
Birth: 14 Feb 1853, South Carolina
Death: 26 Mar 1938, Clarendon, Donley County, Texas, age: 85
Burial: Clarendon Citizens Cemetery
Father: AYERS
Mother: Unknown
Marr: bef 1876
William A. (1876-1950)
James Hilliard Hill (1878-1907)
H. P. (1880-1894)
Solomon Turner Poppy (1882-1947)
Cora L. (1884-1936)
Roy W. (1887-)
Mary E. Mayme (1889-)
John L. (1891-1946)
Taylor R. (1892-1910)
1.1a.1.1.1 William A. NICHOLS
Birth: 9 Sep 1876, Georgia
Death: 7 Mar 1950, Etowah, Tennessee, age: 73
Burial: Green Hill Cemetery
Burial: Between Etowah & Benton, Tennessee
Spouse: Sarah Sally Lou
Birth: 22 Mar 1884
Death: 24 Sep 1964, Etowah, Tennessee, age: 80
Burial: Green Hill Cemetery
Burial: Between Etowah & Benton, Tennessee
Children: Minie L. (1917-1918)
1.1a.1.1.2 James Hilliard Hill NICHOLS
Birth: 6 Dec 1878, Habersham County, Georgia
Death: 19 Feb 1907, Etowah, Tennessee, age: 28
Burial: Coghill Cemetery
Burial: Etowah, Tennessee
Spouse: Idella J. GARRETT
Marr: 7 Apr 1899, Polk County, Tennessee
Children: Chester Franklin (1902-1969)
1.1a.1.1.3 H. P. NICHOLS
Birth: 10 Aug 1880
Death: 4 Nov 1894, age: 14
Burial: Etowah Coghill Cemetery, Tennessee
Burial: 3 Miles West of Etowah
1.1a.1.1.4 Solomon Turner "Poppy" NICHOLS
Birth: 31 May 1882, Georgia
Death: 2 Jun 1947, Clarendon, Donley County, Texas, age: 65
Occ: Farmer, worked in grocery stores, sold insurance and finally sold monuments and had rental property.
Poppy (S.T.) was always dapper. He would pay grandaught4er RaNelle a penny per grey hair she pulled out. Assisted son Ralph and family many times as Ralph was ill a lot because of heart problems. He was dearly loved by Larry, RaNell & Martha as he & Maudie lived close and they stayed with Poppy and Maudie many times.
Moved from Tennessee to Oklahoma and then to New Mexico where they homesteaded and lived in half dugout and raised Cotton. Later moved to Clarendon, Donley County, Texas.
Spouse: Maudie Mae LILLARD
Birth: 30 Oct 1885, Tennessee
Death: 26 Apr 1975, Denton, Denton County, Texas, age: 89
Burial: Clarendon Citizens Cemetery
Burial: Clarendon, Donley County, Texas
Father: John LILLARD
Mother: Nancy TAYLOR
Marr: Tennessee
Ruel Patterson (1906-)
Ralph Winston (1908-1954)
Raymond Dick Turner (1910-1976)
Ruthie Mae (1912-1980)
Robert Ayers (1917-)
Rebecca June Reba (1919-1980)
1.1a.1.1.5 Cora L. NICHOLS
Birth: 19 Apr 1884, Georgia
Death: 1936, Georgia, age: 51
Cora had two sons in Texas.
Spouse: SEWELL
Children: Fred
1.1a.1.1.6a Roy W. NICHOLS*
Birth: May 1887, Georgia
Death: California
1920 Conley County Census with Vada 21 & Rubie, 3 months old.
Spouse: Vada CURRY
Birth: 1899, Texas
Children: Ruby (1917-)
Rema Lee (1920-1920)
Other spouses: Celina
1.1a.1.1.6b Roy W. NICHOLS* (See above)
Spouse: Celina
Other spouses: Vada CURRY
1.1a.1.1.7 Mary E. Mayme NICHOLS
Birth: Feb 1889
Burial: Melrosem New Mexico
Occ: Owned large farm.
Spouse: ROY
Burial: Melrose, New Mexico
Children: Claude
1.1a.1.1.8 John L. NICHOLS
Birth: Jan 1891
Death: 1946-1951, age: 54
Spouse: Matt MARSHALL
Children: Everett
Jimmie Jewell
Bartlett (1911-1995)
1.1a.1.1.9 Taylor R. NICHOLS
Birth: 28 Dec 1892
Death: 4 Nov 1910, Etowah, Tennessee, age: 17
Burial: Etowah Coghill Cemetery, Tennessee
Burial: 3 Miles West of Etowah
Reli: Coghill Baptist Church
1.1a.1.2 Nancy A. NICHOLS
Birth: abt 1856
Listed in 1860 Rabun County, Georgia Census, Page 560 as 4 years old.
Spouse: C. C. MEADERS
Birth: abt 1855, Georgia
Marr: abt 1878
Children: James (~1889-)
Pearl E. (~1897-)
1.1a.1.2.1 James MEADERS
Birth: abt 1889
1.1a.1.2.2 Pearl E. MEADERS
Birth: abt 1897
1.1a.1.3 Mary L. NICHOLS
Birth: abt 1858
Listed in 1860 Rabun County, Georgia Census, Page 560 as 2 year old.
1.1a.1.4a Beauregard Gus NICHOLS*
Birth: 21 Oct 1860
Death: 23 Apr 1945, age: 84
Burial: Salem Baptist Church Cemetery
Burial: Delano, Tennessee
Beauregard Gus Niclhols was listed in 1870 Census of Habersham County, Georgia as being 9 years old.
Spouse: Nancy CULBERTSON
Birth: 2 Sep 1870
Death: 11 Jun 1958, age: 87
Other spouses: Maryetter CHURCH
1.1a.1.4b Beauregard Gus NICHOLS* (See above)
Spouse: Maryetter CHURCH
Birth: 20 Mar 1857
Burial: Salem Baptist Church Cemetery
Burial: Delano, Tennessee
William J. Bryan (1896-1987)
George Pinkley (1888-)
Annie (1884-1957)
Other spouses: Nancy CULBERTSON
1.1a.1.4b.1 William J. Bryan NICHOLS
Birth: 2 Dec 1896
Death: 30 Nov 1987, age: 90
Burial: Salem Baptist Church Cemetery
Burial: Delano, Tennessee
Spouse: Julia E. DAVIS
Birth: 7 May 1890
Death: 6 Dec 1987, age: 97
Mary Ruth
1.1a.1.4b.2 George Pinkley NICHOLS
Birth: 13 Apr 1888
Burial: Salem Baptist Church Cemetery
Burial: Delano, Tennessee
Spouse: Myrtle Jane
Birth: 20 Jan 1889
Death: 31 Mar 1958, age: 69
1.1a.1.4b.3 Annie NICHOLS
Birth: 7 Oct 1884
Death: 22 Jul 1957, age: 72
Spouse: J. G. MAYFIELD
Burial: Salem Baptist Church Cemetery
Burial: Delano, Tennessee
Children: George E. (1912-1954)
1.1a.1.4b.4 Lillie NICHOLS
Burial: Friendship Baptist Cemetery
Burial: Near Etowah, Tennessee
1.1a.1.5 Jefferson D. NICHOLS
Birth: 23 Oct 1859
Death: 5 Nov 1945, Etowah, Tennessee area, age: 86
Burial: Coghill Baptist Church Cemetery
Spouse: Elizabeth PRINCE
Birth: 10 Jan 1860
Death: 10 Apr 1925, Etowah, Tennessee area, age: 65
Burial: Coghill Baptist Church Cemetery
1.1a.1.6 Eliza L. NICHOLS
Birth: abt 1864, Habersham County, Georgia
1.1a.2a Nancy Malinda NICHOLS*
Birth: 1834, Georgia
Death: 8 Mar 1918, Perryton, Texas, age: 84
Death Memo: Acute Heart Dilitation
Burial: 8 Mar 1918, Perryton, Texas Cemetary
Burial Memo: 84 Years Old at death: per tombstone
Headstone:84 years old-died 3/8/1918./ born in 1834.
1850 census: 18 years old/ born in 1832.
1860 census: 26 years old/ born in 1834.
1910 census: 71 years old/ born in 1839.
Perryton County Courthouse: Death certificate #4: filed 3/9/1918 Ochiltree County:
Mrs. Nancy Malinda Nix
Female: White-married
Full name of father: Nicholas
Maiden Name: Dont know
Date of Death: 3/8/1918
Doctor: W. J. Brewer
Cause of Death: Accute Heart Dilitation
Uncle Sid Davis sent me an old letter from a lady named Mildred Brenneman (possibly maiden name Pipkin) in Nebraska. 1992, that lived at Ochiltree as a child and she wrote that she remembered 'Mr and Mr. Nix'. Said: "this Mr. I. C. Nix was a confederate soldier and came along after the war and worked for this older lady (Mrs. Ware?) as her husband never returned from the war. She thought he was dead so she married Mr. Nix. Then Homer Davis and Mollie Davis moved in with them (the Nix's, which were their grandparents. Retha Hooper told me and they were her aunt and uncle. I think Mrs. Nix died first, as Mr. Nix sold that canyon land to my grandpa Brown. Ant the Nix's moved up out of it on the plains northeast of us. Mrs. Nix was tending to a baby and it scratched her on the face and it was still there when she died. My folks went to the funeral and mentioned it later. Retha told me her Uncle Homer Davis built their new house. Mrs. Hooper was his sister Mary."
Ruths notes: The baby had to be Mable Estelle Davis as she was born in Dec 1917.
Spouse: Jacob B. IVESTER
Birth: 1833, Habersham County, Georgia
Death: 23 Nov 1863, Fort Delaware, New Jersey, age: 30
Death Memo: Died of Smallpox
Burial: National Cemetery, Finns Point
Burial Memo: Salem, New Jersey
Father: George Newell IVESTER (~1779->1860)
Mother: Anna RUCKER (~1795->1870)
Marr: 18 Sep 1853, Habersham, Georgia
Mary Susan (1854-)
Martha L. (1855-1938)
Lovicia Aveline (1857-1957)
Other spouses: Ira C. (Dallas) NIX
1.1a.2a.1 Mary Susan IVESTER
Birth: Jul 1854, Habersham County, Georgia
Spouse: William Edward BURTON
Birth: 1856
Marr: 16 Mar 1871, Habersham, Georgia
1.1a.2a.2 Martha L. IVESTER
Birth: 10 Oct 1855, Habersham County, Georgia
Death: 19 Dec 1938, Habersham County, Georgia, age: 83
Burial: 1938, Habersham County, Georgia
Spouse: Henry C. JONES
Birth: 30 Nov 1842
Death: 3 Feb 1927, age: 84
Burial: 1927, Alleys Chapel Methodist Church
Marr: 6 Apr 1873, Habersham County, Georgia
1.1a.2a.3 Lovicia Aveline IVESTER
Birth: 15 Sep 1857, Turnerville, Georgia
Birth Memo: Obit: Okla City Times-3/6/1957
Death: 5 Mar 1957, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, age: 99
Burial: Sayre, Bechham County, Oklahoma
Burial Memo: Sayre Doxey Cemetary
Occ: Housewife
Reli: Methodist
Lovicias address book in her own handwriting shows her middle name to be Avline. Other middle names given by various sources: Aveline, Eveline, Avalon, Areline
Lovicias nick name was Sis
1910 Census shows 10 births with 8 children living, 52 years old (born 1858), married 29 years (1881),
Uncle Sids story says they were living in Tallulah Falls Georgia before Henry Mitchell went back and got the family after he homesteaded in Oklahoma, possibly in 1897.
Small in stature, possibly from Ivester side. Lovicia lived with her daughter Hallie at the time of her death.
Spouse: Mitchell Henry ANDERSON
Birth: 7 Nov 1855, Habersham County, Georgia
Death: 20 Feb 1925, Sayre, Oklahoma, age: 69
Burial: Feb 1925, Sayre, Oklahoma
Burial Memo: Sayre Doxey Cemetary
Father: Josiah J. ANDERSON (1834-<1870)
Mother: Susannah Elvirey GOODSON
Marr: 11 Jan 1881, Turnerville, Georgia
William Garnett (1881-1909)
Hattie Jane (1882-1980)
Thomas Mell (1884-1900)
Mollie Ellin (1886-1933)
Henry Briten (1888-1889)
Hallie Elviry (1889-1995)
Josiah Dall (1892-1969)
Bonnie May (1894-1985)
Stella Florence (1897-1994)
Mack (1900-1967)
1.1a.2a.3.1 William Garnett ANDERSON
Birth: 1 Dec 1881, Habersham County, Georgia
Death: 9 Aug 1909, Woodward, Woodward County, Oklahoma, age: 27
Burial: Aug 1909, Woodward, Woodward County, Oklahoma
Occ: Barber
Found a Garnet Anderson married to Myrtle Gaston 3/11/1908 in Gray County, Texas. Pampa, Texas is the county seat and the county south of Ochiltree County, Texas.
Pedigree Chart from Hazel Marie Anderson Pierce (daughter of Joe Dall Anderson) gives birth date as 12/18/1880 and death date as 7/8/1909 in Woodward, Oklahoma, buried in Woodward, Oklahoma. It also gives the name, Mollie Gaston as his wife.
Section #22 left to Garnett Anderson?? Was in notes from Alfred H. Davis, Sr. First name had two ts.
Found a Garnet Melton Anderson, Born near Denton, Texas 7/5/1907-Died 8/26/1982 Buried Mulberry Cemetery, Roger Mills County, Ok. which is the next county north of Beckham County, Ok. 10/28/99 Phone conversation with Hazel Marie Anderson Pierce says that this Garnet Melton Anderson is probably the son of William Garnett Anderson as William Garnett was in the Denton, Texas area about this time.
From Dorothy Lyng: He married and had one child. He died and his wife never contacted Lovicia again as was told to Dorothy by Lovicia. Dorothy remembers they lived in Kansas.
Spouse: Myrtle/Mollie GASTON
Marr: 11 Mar 1908, Gray County, Texas
1.1a.2a.3.2 Hattie Jane ANDERSON
Birth: 30 May 1882, Habersham County, Georgia
Death: Jan 1980, Newport Beach, California, age: 97
Burial: Jan 1980, Newport Beach, California
Burial Memo: Pacific Memorial Park
Lovicia gives Hatties middle name as Luner instead of Jane in her address book. Also, gives her birthdate as 29 May, 1882 instead of 30 May 1882. Hattie received a letter from President Ike Eisenhower on her 100th birthday. Widowed at age 36 and moved to Sayre and homesteaded farms that Walter had built.
Spouse: William Walter SUTTON
Birth: Tennessee ?
Death: 10 Jul 1918, Train on way to El Paso
Burial: Possibly Sayre, Oklahoma
Father: William A. SUTTON (-1914)
Mother: Mary A. TAYLOR
Ollie Kizzy (1904-1997)
Prudence Lovicia (1907-1963)
William Walter (1909-1998)
Tyson Henry (1911-)
1.1a.2a.3.3 Thomas Mell ANDERSON
Birth: 5 Feb 1884, Habersham County, Georgia
Death: 27 Jan 1900, Sayre, Oklahoma, age: 15
Death Memo: Died as a result of a growth on neck
Burial: Jan 1900, Sayre, Oklahoma
Burial Memo: Old Doxey Cemetary
Was referred to as Little Tom by Joe Dall Anderson. Dorothy and Hazel remembers going to his grave to clean it off. Hazel said every time Joe Dall would take them to clean off the grave, Joe Dall would get into the poison ivy and finally decided not to go there anymore.
1.1a.2a.3.4 Mollie Ellin ANDERSON
Birth: 20 Feb 1886, Habersham County, Georgia
Birth Memo: Turnerville?
Death: 9 Jan 1933, Perryton, Ochiltree Co., Texas, age: 46
Death Memo: Typhoid Fever
Burial: 10 Jan 1933, Perryton, Ochiltree Co., Texas
Burial Memo: Lot 5, Block 116
Mae Stapp says there was a story told that Mollie was pregnant with twins at the time of her death from Typhoid Fever.
Perryton Obituary said: Mollie died at 3 AM after a two week illness, lived in Ochiltree for 32 years, married Homer Davis in 1908. She had 11 children and 3 had died before her. It also said her mother was still alive, 4 sisters alive and 2 brothers alive at the time of her death.
Per family story and Uncle Sids memory, Mollie went to live with Ira C (Dallas) Nix and Nancy Malinda Nichols Ivester Nix to take care of them in their old age possibly around 14 years of age. This is where she met Homer Davis.
Spouse: Eugene Homer DAVIS
Birth: 29 Jan 1868, Monroe Co., Ky
Birth Memo: Betty Jeans notes says 1869
Death: 15 Mar 1940, Perryton, Ochiltree Co., Texas, age: 72
Burial: 17 Mar 1940, Perryton, Ochiltree Co., Texas
Burial: Perryton Cemetery Lot 3, Block 116
Father: Jefferson DAVIS (1840-1923)
Mother: Nancy Ann ARTERBERRY (1842-1917)
Marr: 13 Apr 1908, Hansford Co., Texas
Marr Memo: Spearman?
Ruth Louise (1909-1998)
George Oren (1912-1933)
Harley Earl (1915-1975)
Mabel Estelle (1917-1992)
Henry William (Died as Infant) (1920-1920)
Alfred Henry (1922-1979)
Virginia (Died as Child) (1926-1932)
Sidney Eugene (Living, Male)
Darlene May (Peggy Lou) (Living, Female)
Arlene Fay (Joy Sue) (Living, Female)
1.1a.2a.3.5 Henry Briten ANDERSON
Birth: 18 Dec 1888, Habersham County, Georgia
Birth Memo: 1887
Death: 16 Jul 1889, Habersham County, Georgia
Burial: Habersham County, Georgia
Was referred to as Little Henry by Joe Dall Anderson. Possibly buried in Old Doxey Cemetary. Dorothy Anderson says she remembers going as a child to clean off the grave. Pedigree Chart given to Hazel Marie Anderson says he was buried in Habersham County, Georgia.
1.1a.2a.3.6a Hallie Elviry ANDERSON*
Birth: 10 Jun 1889, Habersham County, Georgia
Death: 23 Jun 1995, age: 106
Was 96 in 1985 and living in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Hallie was 100 on her birthday in June of 1989. Small in stature, possibly from Ivester side.
Hazel said Hallie and Joe Dall were joking around about Hallies age as she did not want anyone to know her age. Joe Dall said Hallie was 3 years older than Joe Dall. Joe Dall said he could prove his information and proceeded to bring out the family bible. Hallie took the bible home with her. The bible is in the possession of Mitchell Slemp as of 9/1998, Hallies grandson. Later learned that there was no bible and only a little address book in Lovicia's handwriting...
Spouse: SLEMP
Death Memo: Killed in a hunting accident
Charles Bascomb
Elmo Mitchell
Other spouses: C E KLUTTS
1.1a.2a.3.6b Hallie Elviry ANDERSON* (See above)
Spouse: C E KLUTTS
Death: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Other spouses: SLEMP
1.1a.2a.3.7 Josiah Dall ANDERSON
Birth: 4 Dec 1892, Habersham County, Georgia
Birth Memo: He filled out his WWI Draft Papers. Name: Josiah Dall Anderson
Death: 24 Oct 1969, Elk City, Beckham County, Oklahoma, age: 76
Burial: Oct 1969, Elk City, Beckham County, Oklahoma
Burial Memo: Fairlawn Cemetery
Occ: Farmer
Educ: 8th Grade
Reli: Methodist
Lovicia's 1957 obituary says Joe Dall was living in Elk City, Oklahoma.
Joe Dall filled out a residency card in Perryton, Texas in 1917-1918 stating he was born in Habersham County, Georgia Dec 4, 1892. He signed his card with the name Josiah Dall Anderson. This was the card he used to enlist in the Army. Served in the US Army in World War I in France.
His relationship was CLOSE to his sister, Mollie.
Joe Dall settled on the homestead when Mitchell Henry died and raised his 4 daughters there. Lovicia lived with this family for many years.
Spouse: Edna Dora SMITH
Birth: 22 Jul 1900, Dexter, Missouri
Death: Elk City, Beckham County, Oklahoma
Burial: Elk City, Beckham County, Oklahoma
Father: Edmon Clement SMITH (1875-1939)
Mother: Martha Jane SWAIN (1879-1974)
Marr: 24 Sep 1920, Elk City, Beckham County, Oklahoma
Dorothy Dean (Living, Female)
Hazel Marie (Living, Female)
Helen Jo (Living, Female)
Lyndell Jean (Living, Female)
1.1a.2a.3.8a Bonnie May ANDERSON*
Birth: 9 May 1894, Greer County, Oklahoma
Birth Memo: Possibly 1895
Death: 19 Feb 1985, Albuquerque, New Mexico, age: 90
Death Memo: Living with Twin Peggy Davis
Burial: 1985, Tucson, Arizona
Lovicias address book gives 1894. 1910 Census, by age given, would have her birth as 1895.
As per notes from Sid Davis from Alberta Baldwin: When Mollie Anderson died, Bonnie Hammon took Mollies 18-month-old twins, Darlene and Arlene home with her and later adopted the twins, changing their names to Peggy Lou and Joy Sue Hammon.
Small in stature, possibly from Ivester side.
Spouse: Fred L. CHAMBERS
Death: 1982, Tucson, Arizona
Other spouses: Garth HAMMOND
1.1a.2a.3.8b Bonnie May ANDERSON* (See above)
Spouse: Garth HAMMOND
Other spouses: Fred L. CHAMBERS
1.1a.2a.3.9 Stella Florence ANDERSON
Birth: 10 Mar 1897, Indian Creek, Beckham County,Oklahoma
Birth Memo: 1897-1910 Census
Death: 1994, age: 96
Uncle Sids notes say Stella was about 91 in 1985 when he saw her last. Stella died in a nursing home in San Antonio.
Spouse: Cleo THOMAS
1.1a.2a.3.10a Mack ANDERSON*
Birth: 7 Sep 1900, Oklahoma
Birth Memo: SS# 444-01-2269
Death: 4 Apr 1967, Marrero, Louisiana, age: 66
Burial: Apr 1967, Marrero, Louisiana
Lovicias 1957 obituary says that he was living in Sayre, Oklahoma. 1910 Census gives Mack the age of 11 as of April 22, 1910. Worked on the farm after Mitchell Henrys death. Also worked for a Rural Electric Company out of Anadarko, Oklahoma.
On a trip to Oklahoma, 9/16/1998, I, Ruth Davis Padilla met a man living across the road from the home place named Gerald Tomberlin who purchased his farm from Joe Dall. He said Mack was a good person and was not bald.
Spouse: Olga HANKINS
Marr: 1918/1919
Children: Norma June (Living, Female)
Other spouses: Dora May LANGFORD
1.1a.2a.3.10b Mack ANDERSON* (See above)
Spouse: Dora May LANGFORD
Other spouses: Olga HANKINS
1.1a.2a.4 Lizzy IVESTER
Lizzy and Columbus were first cousins.
Spouse: Columbus IVESTER
Marr: 1859
1.1a.2a.5 Becky IVESTER
1.1a.2a.6 Jane IVESTER
1.1a.2a.7 Unknown IVESTER
This one died. Per 1900 US Census.
1.1a.2b Nancy Malinda NICHOLS* (See above)
Spouse: Ira C. (Dallas) NIX
Birth: 14 Feb 1843, Habersham County, Georgia
Birth Memo: 1850 Census says born 1846
Death: 11 Feb 1920, Perryton, Texas, age: 76
Death Memo: Pneumonia
Burial: 12 Feb 1920, Perryton, Texas Cemetary
Father: William H. Billy NIX (1814-1894)
Mother: Mary Elvira SMITH (1818-1894)
Marr: 1895, Per 1910 Census
Other spouses: Jacob B. IVESTER
1.1a.3 Martha E. NICHOLS
Birth: 1834, Habersham County, Georgia
1.1a.4 Sarah Ann NICHOLS
Birth: 1836, Habersham County, Georgia
Listed as J. A. N. in 1850 Census.
1.1a.5 John A. NICHOLS
Birth: 1838, Habersham County, Georgia
Listed as J. A. N. in 1850 Census.
1.1a.6 Andrew J. NICHOLS
Birth: 1840, Habersham County, Georgia
Listed as J. A. N. in 1850 Census
1.1b James NICHOLS* (See above)
Spouse: Delila WHITWORTH
Birth: 1820, Georgia
Marr: 1852
Mary L. (1853-)
William H. P. (1854-)
Elizabeth (1862-)
Other spouses: Martha
1.1b.1 Mary L. NICHOLS
Birth: 1853, Habersham County, Georgia
1.1b.2 William H. P. NICHOLS
Birth: 1854
1.1b.3 Elizabeth NICHOLS
Birth: 1862
This might POSSIBLY be one of the children of Nancy Malinda.
1.2 Sarah NICHOLS
Birth: 1810
1.3 Andrew J. NICHOLS
Birth: 21 Jul 1810, South Carolina
Death: 17 May 1889, Clarkesville, Habersham County, Georgia, age: 78
Burial: Old Clarkesville Cemetery
Occ: Farmer & Prominent merchant & Owned mining interests in Habersham.
Military service: Listed on Enrollment of Habersham County, Georgia Militia District #409
Spouse: Elizabeth CLARKE
Birth: 7 May 1810, South Carolina
Death: 10 Apr 1883, Clarkesville, Habersham County, Georgia, age: 72
Burial: Old Clarkesville Cemetery
Marr: 3 Dec 1833
Mary P. (1835-1907)
Martha Ann (1836-1920)
William P. (1840-1862)
1.3.1 Mary P. NICHOLS
Birth: 20 Jan 1835
Death: Nov 1907, Clarkesville, Habersham County, Georgia, age: 72
Spouse: James GRIGGS
Marr: 20 Feb 1856
1.3.2 Martha Ann NICHOLS
Birth: 1 Nov 1836, Georgia
Death: 31 Jan 1920, Georgia, age: 83
Spouse: Dr. Armstrong Postell HOUSTON
Birth: Nov 1841
Death: 26 Apr 1916, age: 74
Marr: 24 Nov 1859
1.3.3 William P. NICHOLS
Birth: 28 Sep 1840
Death: 23 Aug 1862, Virginia, age: 21
Military Service: C.S.A. Company C, Georgia Infantry, Phillips Lgn.
1.4 Thomas Jefferson NICHOLS
Birth: 1814
Death: 1877, Alabama, age: 63
Notes from RaNell Nichols Parker: Thomas Jefferson Nichols apparently left Georgia with a wife and 3 children and moved to Alabama where he later married again.
1.5 Wyly NICHOLS
Birth: 1816, South Carolina
Wiley Nichols in 1840 Rabun County, Georgia Census, Page 217, 587th Dist.
Wiley Nichols, 34 farmer in 1850 Murray County, Georgia Census with children listed but with no wife.
Spouse: Nelly GOSLIN
Death: 1849-1850
Marr: 18 Feb 1836, Rabun County, Georgia
Andrew J. (1836-)
J. Adaline (1838-)
Ruth Ann (1840-)
Nancy L. (1842-)
Peter P. (1844-)
Charles H. (1846-)
James A. (1847-)
William W. (1849-)
1.5.1 Andrew J. NICHOLS
Birth: 1836, Georgia
1.5.2 J. Adaline NICHOLS
Birth: 1838, Georgia
1.5.3 Ruth Ann NICHOLS
Birth: 1840, Georgia
1.5.4 Nancy L. NICHOLS
Birth: 1842, Georgia
1.5.5 Peter P. NICHOLS
Birth: 1844, Georgia
1.5.6 Charles H. NICHOLS
Birth: 1846, Georgia
1.5.7 James A. NICHOLS
Birth: 1847, Georgia
1.5.8 William W. NICHOLS
Birth: 1849, Georgia
1.6 Mary NICHOLS
Birth: 1818, South Carolina
Death: 1860-1868, age: 42
Spouse: Charles GOSNEL
Birth: 1813, South Carolina
Marr: 6 May 1838, Habersham County, Georgia
Joshua P. (1839-)
Martha (1840-)
Thomas B. (1842-)
William T. (1845-)
James (1848-)
Andrew (1850-)
Mary A. S. (1852-)
Sarah V. (1854-)
Eliza A. (1860-)
1.6.1 Joshua P. GOSNEL
Birth: 1839, Georgia
1.6.2 Martha GOSNEL
Birth: 1840, Georgia
1.6.3 Thomas B. GOSNEL
Birth: 1842, Georgia
Spouse: Adaline
Birth: 1847
Robert (1867-)
Nancy T. (1869-) Robert GOSNEL
Birth: 1867 Nancy T. GOSNEL
Birth: 1869
1.6.4 William T. GOSNEL
Birth: 1845, Georgia
Spouse: Lucinda
Birth: 1850
Children: Joshua J. (1870-) Joshua J. GOSNEL
Birth: 1870
1.6.5 James GOSNEL
Birth: 1848, Georgia
Spouse: Winifred
Birth: 1845
Mary M. (1866-)
Martha (1868-) Mary M. GOSNEL
Birth: 1866 Martha GOSNEL
Birth: 1868
1.6.6 Andrew GOSNEL
Birth: 1850, Georgia
1.6.7 Mary A. S. GOSNEL
Birth: 1852, Georgia
1.6.8 Sarah V. GOSNEL
Birth: 1854, Georgia
1.6.9 Eliza A. GOSNEL
Birth: 1860, Georgia
1.7 Martha NICHOLS
Birth: 1822, South Carolina
Orphaned: Ely Howell & William Zertman, securities for David Nichols guardianship bond, released 4/6/1830, Habersham, MIC. GF Intestate Records, Page 245.
Spouse: Asa BRADBURY
Birth: 1817, South Carolina
Death: bef 1860, age: 43
Marr: 8 Dec 1845
Mary Ann (1849-)
Martha Ann (1854-)
Sally Anderson (1856-)
Julia C. G. (1858-)
1.7.1 Mary Ann BRADBURY
Birth: 1849
1.7.2 Martha Ann BRADBURY
Birth: 1854
1.7.3 Sally Anderson BRADBURY
Birth: 1856
1.7.4 Julia C. G. BRADBURY
Birth: 1858

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