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Nichols Marriages



(from RaNelle Nichols Parker)

Solomon Nichols and Miss Lucinda Cross - Habersham County, Georgia

Duly joined in Matrimony 19th December 1852

Thos B. Wheeler


William P. Nichols and Elizabeth Ayers - Habersham County, Georgia

Duly joined in Matrimony 29th day of August, 1875

Benj. Jones, M.S.


North Carolina

  • Rainey Nichols m. John Coleson 13 Aug 1821 in Wake, NC. (Could this be Riney, sister to elder Solomon? It would be a first marriage for her if it is the same person since she married William Cooke in 1826.
  • Etheldred Nichols b. 1810 of Johnston, NC and m. Cenith Harvell 9 Dec 1837 in Johnston, NC.

Orange County NC - MARRIAGES - Marriage Bonds - Book Two



Date of Bond


Nichols, Alves

Polly Dortch

13 Feb. 1830

Alves Nichols

Nichols, Amos

Rachel Riggs

12 Mar. 1801

Hugh Woods

Nichols, Duncan

Ann Kennion

8 Nov. 1833

Wm. Moore

Nichols, George

Polly Vaughn

23 Nov. 1813

Richison Nichols

Nichols, George

Ellen Carrington

2 Oct. 1839

George Jackson

Nichols, James O.

Elizabeth D. Neeley

8 Sept. 1858

George Glenn

Nichols, John

Anne Riggs

23 Sept. 1797

Baldwin Nichols

Nichols, John

D Cickey George

2 Apr. 1839

Harman Herndon

Nichols, Jno.

Sarah Lytle

3 July 1788

Robert Ferguson

Nichols, Jonathan

Mary Hall

8 May 1789

Robert Hall

Nichols, Leuco

Mildred Leathers

9 July 1857

A. Nichols

Nichols, Nelson L.

Martha E. Nichols

2 Sept. 1865

Sampson Glenn

Nichols, Person R.

Nancy Wilson

3 May 1823

J. Van Hooks

Nichols, Robert

Peggy Craig

29 Jan. 1805

Joseph Smith

Nichols, Robert A.

Mary Jackson

29 Dec. 1860

Thomas Williams

Nichols, Wm.

Sarah Herndon

24 Sept. 1815

John Holloway

Nichols, Wm. A.

Martha Nichols

14 Feb. 1859

Peter Ray

Nichols, Wilson

Martha/Maria Wilson

5 Apr. 1827

James Vincent

Nichols, Wilson A.

Louisa H. Nichils

10 Apr. 1861

Wm. Nichols

Other Nichols marriages in NC....I found them, don't know if they tie in, but copied them down JUST IN CASE we need them later:
  • Mary Nichols to John Crickell 6 June 1744 - Chowan County, NC
  • Margaret Nichols to William Harden 15 Apr 1797 - Rowan County, NC
  • Rebecca Nichols to Edward Harrey 8 Jul 1785 - Chowan County, NC
  • Susannah Nichols to William Moore 1763 - Granville County, NC
  • Frances Nichols to John Pierce 24 Nov 1767 - Tyrell County, NC


  • Solomon Turner Nichols b. 31 May 1882 of Polk Co. TN m. Maudie May Lillard about 1905.


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