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The Hammond Family - Laura Hammond 1945

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Miss Laura Hammond was a cousin of my grandmother, Annie Nowlan 'Evelyn' Watkins. Laura compiled her genealogy records over a period of years from 1920 thru 1945. Miss Laura Hammond was the sixth child born to Nathaniel Job and Laura Lewis Hammond. While her father was a member of the United States Congress, she studied to be a librarian in both Washington, D.C. and New York, N. Y. Miss Hammond opened the first school library at The Georgia School of Technology about 1908. She served as Librarian for the following sixteen years, during which time her sister, Julia Hammond, served as her only assistant.
From what I can glean from her records, Laura was a member of a good many societies. As I computerize her records, I will add them here.

From Jim Hammond: In Laura Hammond's document, for example, I'm fairly certain that her claim of lineage prior to Job No. 1 is not right. I just haven't seen any documentary evidence to support it, and she didn't provide any. And probably when such documents are posted on the web, they should carry some such disclaimer that some of the claims are not supported by documentary evidence.

Ruth's note: I agree wholeheartedly! Thanks Jim!

From Amy Gilreath: Just want to correct this one thing from Laura Hammond:

>>>.The Hammonds left Virginia during the Revolutionary War. The immediate occasion was the destruction of their property in virginia by the Tories.<<<<<

Samuel Hammond sold all his property including his household equipment - pots & pans, his mare, 29 head of hogs, etc and moved to NC in 1767. [See Fairfax Co., VA Deed Book G, p. 282, 22 Sept. 1767]. Tories had nothing to do with it ...

Good work Amy! Thanks!

1 Thomas HAMMOND


Birth: abt 1515, St Albans Court, Kent, England


Hammond. The name as a family name appears in England from the date of the Conquest. It is found with a large variations of spelling, often exhibiting three or more forms in these documents. The name appears to have been generally spelled Hamond or Hamonde prior to 1700, is often sound written Hamon, Hamont, or Hamond, or Hamonde. It is not until after the emigration to America that we find anything like uniformity of spelling, even in the same family. the large majority adopted the uniform spelling of Hammnd. In the annals of the conquest no name is more frequently met with than Hamon, the sons of the renowned Norman Lord Hamon of Dentatus. In some accounts of our illustrious Norman ancestor, we learn that some person peculiarity entitled him to bear, in the language of our Latin Chronicles, one of the most glorious cognomenia of old Rome, and Hamon Dentatus became the forefather of men famous in British as well as Norman History (Burkes Battle Abbey Roll, 1848, page 61)


Katherine S. Macquoid, in her through Normand, page 407m describes the ancient fortress of the castle of Hamon in Cruelly, which is still in existance. But a disconnected fragmentary record of the hammonds can be found from the times of the Conquest down to the time of Henry Viii. The earliest known seat of the family seems to have been in the county of Norfolk, and from there they seem to have spread over Suffolk, Essex, Yorkshire, and other counties.


Our family came from the county of Norfolk and the county of Suffolk, England. A tombstone in the church yard at St. Clements, Ipswich, England, has the following inscriptions: The burying place of Capt. Benjamin Hammond and Captain John Hammond, sons of Edward Hammond, in the parish, and dispalys a quartre foil between three demi-lions passant and ardant, and the Crest above on helmet and torso is a wolfs head erased. Motto: Paratus et Fidelis (See Suffolk Memorial Families)


Edward Hammond and his wife Catherine were living in the Parish of St. Clements, Ipswich, England in 1571 to 1577. They had a number of children, among whom were Edward, John, Thomas, Job.


The most widely known family bearing the name in England has been that of St. Albans Court, Nonington County, Kent.


There is a painting of possibly Edward Hammond done by the artist, Rebens as shown in Laura Hammonds book.


Also: LDS Record AFN:854L-FQ gives this name as the father of Edward Hammond.




Spouse: Alice MONNIS

Birth: abt 1521, Waldershare, England

Marr: abt 1547, Waldershare, England


Children: Edward (~1548-)

Thomas (~1550-)

Isaac (~1552-)

John (~1554-)

William (~1556-)

Mary (~1558-)

Martha (~1560-)

Katherine (~1562-)

Rebecca (~1564-)

Sarah (~1566-)

Jane (~1568-)


1.1 Edward HAMMOND


Birth: abt 1548, St. Albans Court, Notingham County, Kent, England - Of Suffolk or Norfolk Origin.

Death: Richmond County, Virginia


Notes of Laura Hammond: Edward Hammond came to America in 1635 to Virginia and introduced the culture of silkworm. The family is probably of Suffolk or Norfolk origin, traces its ancestry back to John Hamon, a tenant to the Abbot of St. Albans, tempor under Henry VIII, who began the purchase of the Manor of St. Albans. His son, Sir Thomas Hammond completed the purchase in 1548. The parents of Job Hammond I were the first settlers of Virginia, it is supposed. The first record of the family of Job Hammond is the birth of a son to Job Hammond and Elizabeth, his wife, Job Hammond Jr., July 10, 1677 which is from the North Farnham Parrish Register, Richmond County, Virginia. Also see wills of the Probate Court and notes.


Also: LDS Record # AFN:854L-CD

Also: LDS Record Film # 177912, Page 439, Ref # 17018-States birth date abt 1530

Also: LDS Record Film # 184286, Page 309, Ref # 7021-States birth date abt 1530


Spouse: Catherine SHELLY/SHELLEY

Birth: bef 1550, Patesham, Sussex, England

Marr: abt 1578, Patesham, Sussex, England


Children: Edward (1582-)

John (1541-1588)

Thomas (>1584-)

Job (1616-1717)

William (~1579-1615)

Francis (~1586-)

Robert (~1588-)

Elizabeth (~1590-)

Mary (~1592-)


1.1.1 Edward HAMMOND


Birth: 1582, St Albans Court, Kent, England


LDS Record # AFN:854L-NX


1.1.2 John HAMMOND


Birth: 1541, County of Suffolk, England

Birth: St Albans Court, Kent, England

Death: 1588, County of Suffolk, England


LDS Record # AFN:854L-92


1.1.3 Thomas HAMMOND


Birth: aft 1584, Bury St. Edmunds

Birth: St Albans Court, Kent, England


LDS Record # AFN:854L-P4


Spouse: Anne WARD

Death: 1590


1.1.4 Job HAMMOND I


Birth: 1616, England

Death: 1717, Richmond County, Virginia


The will of Job Hammond Sr. is taken in the county Records of Richmond County, Virginia dated 1717 and was admitted for probate April 8, 1718.


LDS Batch # F501528, Sheet 32 states that Job Hammond I was born in 1645 in England.

Also LDS Record AFN: GCXC-TX


Spouse: Elizabeth

Birth: abt 1650, Richmond County, Virginia

Death: 17 Jun 1711, Richmond County, Virginia

Marr: 1675, Virginia


Children: Job (1677-1758)

Elizabeth (1680-)

William (1682-)

John (1685-)

Winnefred (1698-)



Birth: 10 Jul 1677, North Farnham Parrish, Virginia

Death: 19 Oct 1758, Richmond County, Virginia

Burial: Oct 1758, Richmond County, Virginia


North Farnham Parish Register, Richmond County, Virginia. Also Wills of the Probate Court, 2 notes.


Christened on 10 Jul 1677, North Farnham Parish, Richmond County, Virginia: LDS Record # AGN: GCXC-7T


Also LDS Record # AFN: GCXH-WT gives another marriage to Mary Ann Tyler in 1701 in Richmond County, Virginia


Spouse: Amadine BAYLIS

Birth: 18 Jan 1684, North Farnham, Richmond County, Virginia

Death: 1746, Richmond County, Virginia

Father: Thomas BAYLIS

Mother: Catherine SAMFORD (~1664-~1704)

Marr: 1 Sep 1701, Richmond County, Virginia


Children: Thomas (1702-)

Susanna (1705-)

Elizabeth (1707-)

Mercy/Mary/Merry (1709-)

Amadine (1712-)

Mary (1715-1717)

Samuel (1722-1806)

Jarvis (1725-)

Job (1729-)

Raleigh Thomas HAMMOND


Birth: 20 Apr 1702, North Farnham, Richmond County, Virginia Susanna HAMMOND


Birth: 7 Jan 1705, North Farnham, Richmond County, Virginia Elizabeth HAMMOND


Birth: 1707 Mercy/Mary/Merry HAMMOND


Birth: 1709 Amadine HAMMOND


Birth: 1712 Mary HAMMOND


Birth: 17 Mar 1715, North Farnham, Richmond County, Virginia

Death: 20 Aug 1717


LDS Record # AFN:1XH8-P3T gives her name as Mercy. Captain Samuel HAMMOND


Birth: 19 May 1722, North Farnham, Richmond County, Virginia

Death: Oct 1806, Richmond County, Virginia

Burial: Near Camden, Kershaw County, South Carolina

Burial: Hammond Cemetery, Heath Springs, South Carolina


Notes of Laura Hammond: Born in Richmond County, Virginia, moved to Fairfax County, Virginia and then to South Carolina. Captain in the Continental Army. Also fought in the Indian Wars on the Western Frontier. After his marriage, he moved to Fairfax County, Virginia then near Camden, South Carolina. The County is now Kershaw County, South Carolina.


Samuel and and his wife, Marys gravestones are in South Carolina near Heath Springs, Lancaster County, Georgia.


He had brothers whose descendants, in later generations, united with those of his sister, Mary.


The Hammonds left Virginia during the Revolutionary War. The immediate occasion was the destruction of their property in virginia by the Tories.


Also: LDS Record # AFN:GCXC-20


Spouse: Mary Elizabeth JENKINS

Birth: 2 May 1728, Northumberland County, Virginia

Death: Oct 1816

Father: Samuel JENKINS

Marr: 1749, Fairfax County, Georgia


Children: Job (1750-1822)

Raleigh (1756-1839)


Charlotte Lois



Birth: 31 Jan 1750, Fairfax County, Virginia

Death: 10 Nov 1822, Elbert County, Georgia

Occ: Planter


Revolutionary Solder. Left Virginia when the Tories destroyed their property in Virginia.

Lived in Richmond County, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and finally in Elbert County, Georgia.


See also LDS Batch # F501528, Sheet #43.

Also LDS Record # AFN:GCXB-Q9


Spouse: Lucy HOWARD

Birth: 14 Jan 1750, North Carolina

Death: 10 Nov 1833, Anderson, Anderson County, South Carolina

Father: John HOWARD (1705-1765)

Mother: Lucy DAVIS

Marr: 22 Dec 1775


Children: Dudley (1776-1812)

Job (1782-1861)

John Howard (1782-1857)

Samuel Jenkins (1785-1856)

William (1791-1891)

Alfred (1794-1863)

Herbert (1797-1866)


Lucy Dudley HAMMOND


Birth: 1776

Death: 1812


Louise Hammond gave dates of birth and death of Dudley Hammond. Later, she states: Dudley Hammond died aged 32.


Spouse: Ann Williams JENKINS

Father: Thomas JENKINS

Mother: Jemima WILLIAMS Judge Job HAMMOND IV


Birth: 13 Oct 1782, Anderson, Anderson County, South Carolina

Death: 4 Jan 1861

Occ: Judge of Superior Court in Franklin County, Georgia- 5 Apr 1819 to 22 Nov 1821


Lived in Anderson, Anderson County, South Carolina 1806, Elberton, Georgia, Carnesville, Georgia, Franklin County, Georgia.


Also: LDS Record # AFN: GCXB-TS


Spouse: Mary WORRILL

Birth: 1 Feb 1782

Death: Jan

Father: Amos WORRILL

Mother: Lucy WHITLOCK


Children: Amos Worrill (1807-1877)

Dudley Whitlock


William Pinkney

John Augustus Amos Worrill HAMMOND*


Birth: 20 Dec 1807, Atlanta, Fulton County, Georgia

Death: 25 Nov 1877, Atlanta, Fulton County, Georgia

Burial: Oakland Cemetery, Atlanta, Georgia

Occ: Distinguished Lawyer


Aunt Bernards notes: Sources of Information: Marriage, Birth, & Death of Hus & Wife, The Dept of Archives, The Hammond Family Book by Laura Hammond Abbott, Atlanta, Children, Oakland Cemetery, Atlanta, Georgia.


Amos Worrill Hammond practiced law with his son Nathaniel Job Hammond 1853-1877.


Spouse: Mary McCARY

Birth: 5 Jun 1815

Death: 21 Nov 1901

Marr: 7 Jul 1857, Atlanta, Georgia


Children: Ella Louise (-1878)

Lula (1852-1918)

Edward W.


Other spouses: Eliza Caroline HUDSON Ella Louise HAMMOND


Death: 7 Sep 1878, Atlanta, Fulton County, Georgia

Burial: Oakland Cemetery, Atlanta, Georgia


Oakland Cemetery, Block 119, Section 5, Lot 1.


Spouse: Henry Roswell REMSHART

Birth: 2 May 1851, Savannah, Chatham, Georgia

Father: Daniel REMSHART III (1809-1863)

Mother: Amanda Georgiana NOWLAN (1814-1889)

Marr: 12 Jan 1876


Children: Louise Hammond (1878-1914) Louise Hammond REMSHART


Birth: 31 May 1878, Griffin, Spalding County, Georgia

Death: 6 Aug 1914, Forsyth, Monroe County, Georgia

Burial: Forsyth, Monroe County, Georgia


Taught at a school

Was from Forsyth, Monroe County, Georgia possibly


Louise's mother died when Louise was a baby.


Louise was an artist by trade.

My mother told me the story of: Henry Remshart was a French Canadian (Mountie??) gave Louise to a family member on her mother's side as a baby and then dissappeared. This can not be correct as the Remsharts were in Georgia for generations. But, Louises mother, Ella Louise Hammond died in September after Louise was born in May....


Spouse: Thomas Oscar WATKINS

Birth: 29 Nov 1868, High Falls, Monroe County, Georgia

Death: 25 Jul 1948, Homestead, Dade County, Florida

Father: William Frank WATKINS (1833-1911)

Mother: Sarah Francis DEWBERRY (1833-1869)

Marr: 30 Apr 1901, Griffin, Spalding County, Georgia


Children: Annie Nowlan 'Evelyn' (1902-1969)

Thomas Oscar (1904-1978)

Lawrence Hammond (1906-1980)


Stillborn Annie Nowlan 'Evelyn' WATKINS*


Birth: 18 Apr 1902, Griffin, Spalding, Georgia

Death: 10 Mar 1969, Tampa, Florida

Burial: Flagler Memorial Park, Miami, Florida


Annie Nowlin WATKINS went by many names: Annie Marie, Annie Evelyn, Evelyn Marie, Annie Nolan Watkins, Evelyn Cooper, Evelyn Bennett, Evelyn Watkins Staber and Evelyn Staber. ANY combinations of the above, she probably used.


All family lore stated that Annie was born in Forsyth, Georgia. Records say she was born in Griffin, Spalding County, Georgia. Where she picked up the name 'Evelyn' is unknown. Her death certificate and her gravestone says 'Evelyn' as that is what my mother, Marian Louise Watkins Davis informed the officials at the time of 'Evelyn's' death. Marian also gave 'Evelyn's place of birth as Forsyth, Georgia. As long as I can remember, my grandmother went by the name 'Evelyn' as her first name.


LDS record #T900410 shows Annie.


Spouse: George COOPER

Birth: 1898, New York


Children: Marian Louise (1922-1992)


Other spouses: Oscar L. STABER Marian Louise WATKINS


Birth: 18 Sep 1922, Greenville, South Carolina

Death: 11 Sep 1992, Amarillo, Potter Co., Texas

Burial: 12 Sep 1992, Hereford, Deaf Smith Co., Texas

Burial: Section A, Lot 87, Space 4

Occ: Teacher

Educ: Madison College

Reli: Episcopal


Annie Marie (Evelyn) Watkins, resident of Greenvlle, South Carolina was admitted to the Salvation Army Rescue Home, Inc., 621 Rutherford Street, Greenville, South Carolina. At the home they had their own delivery area at that time. The doctor's name was not found.


It was noted that George Cooper, age 23, bon in New York was her father. He was employed in Greenville approximately two years or more. I was told that he was a pattern maker for McCalls Pattern Compnay.


Marian began using the last name of Bennett in Sept. 1932 as her mother began to use the last name of Bennett and changed Marian's last name from Watkins to Bennett.


Spouse: Alfred Henry DAVIS

Birth: 23 Nov 1922, Perryton, Ochiltree Co., Texas

Death: 9 Jul 1979, Little Rock, Arkansas

Marr: 2 Dec 1944, San Marcos, Texas

Div: 25 May 1977, Hereford, Deaf Smith Co., Texas


Children: Alfred Henry Jr. (Confidential, Male)

Helen Ann (Confidential, Female)

Ruth Louise (Confidential, Female)

Lionel Oren (Confidential, Male) Alfred Henry DAVIS Jr. (Confidential, Male)



Spouse: Kathleen Mary 'Susan' PEAKE (Confidential, Female)


Children: Joanna Mary (Confidential, Female) Joanna Mary DAVIS (Confidential, Female)



Spouse: Cody Wayne ROBINSON


Children: Alexander Vaughan (Confidential, Male) Alexander Vaughan ROBINSON (Confidential, Male) Helen Ann DAVIS (Confidential, Female)



Spouse: Gayle Lynwood SINGLETON (Confidential, Male)


Children: Marilee Jean (Confidential, Female)

Andrew Rex (Confidential, Male)

Randolph Lee (Confidential, Male) Marilee Jean SINGLETON (Confidential, Female)



Spouse: Dennis Jess GRAHAM Andrew Rex SINGLETON (Confidential, Male)



Spouse: Lisa Darlene WINKCOMPLECK-JONES (Confidential, Female)


Children: Phillip Lee (Confidential, Male)

Kathryn Lu Ann 'Katie' (Confidential, Female) Phillip Lee SINGLETON (Confidential, Male) Kathryn Lu Ann 'Katie' SINGLETON (Confidential, Female) Randolph Lee SINGLETON (Confidential, Male)



Spouse: Katherine Lillian PSARAS (Confidential, Female) Ruth Louise DAVIS (Confidential, Female)*



Spouse: Bernardo PADILLA (Confidential, Male)


Other spouses: Rodney Clark CAMP (Confidential, Male) Ruth Louise DAVIS (Confidential, Female)* (See above)



Spouse: Rodney Clark CAMP (Confidential, Male)


Children: Rodina Susan (Confidential, Female)


Other spouses: Bernardo PADILLA (Confidential, Male) Rodina Susan CAMP (Confidential, Female) Lionel Oren DAVIS (Confidential, Male)*



Spouse: Sharon GORDON (Confidential, Female)


Children: April Amanda (Confidential, Female)

Keith Oren (Confidential, Male)


Other spouses: Dianna GOLDEN, Carol Ann CRITCHLOW April Amanda DAVIS (Confidential, Female) Keith Oren DAVIS (Confidential, Male) Lionel Oren DAVIS (Confidential, Male)* (See above)



Spouse: Dianna GOLDEN


Other spouses: Sharon GORDON (Confidential, Female), Carol Ann CRITCHLOW Lionel Oren DAVIS (Confidential, Male)* (See above)



Spouse: Carol Ann CRITCHLOW


Children: Justin Ross (Confidential, Male)


Other spouses: Sharon GORDON (Confidential, Female), Dianna GOLDEN Justin Ross DAVIS (Confidential, Male)



Spouse: Michelle WIGLE (Confidential, Female) Annie Nowlan 'Evelyn' WATKINS* (See above)



Spouse: Oscar L. STABER

Marr: 1940-1942, New York City, New York (Queens?)


Other spouses: George COOPER Thomas Oscar WATKINS Jr.


Birth: 11 Sep 1904, Gainesville, Hall County, Georgia

Death: May 1978, Homestead, Florida

Burial: Homestead, Florida

Occ: Merchant Marines


Never married. Was with the Merchant Marines.


LDS record # T902790 shows Thomas Oscar Watkins Jr. , Lawrence Hammond WATKINS


Birth: 13 Aug 1906, Charlotte, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina

Death: 16 Dec 1980, Homestead, Florida

Burial: Homestead, Florida


There is a Lawrence Hammond Watkins listed in the State Archives who was a slave.


LDS record # H002094 shows Lawrence.


Spouse: Bernard Letha SMITH (Confidential, Female)


Children: Lawrence Hammond Jr. (Confidential, Male)

Thomas Bryant (Confidential, Male)

David (Confidential, Male)

Patricia Jane (Confidential, Female)

Debbie Pauline (1952-1955)

Michael Rodney (Confidential, Male)

Sarah Louise (Confidential, Female) Lawrence Hammond WATKINS Jr. (Confidential, Male)



Spouse: Dinah ("D")


Children: Lawrence Monroe (Confidential, Male)

Robert Anthony (Tony) (Confidential, Male)

Christopoher Lee (Confidential, Male)

Patrick Fitzgerald (Confidential, Male)

Wendy Meredith (Confidential, Female) Lawrence Monroe WATKINS (Confidential, Male) Robert Anthony (Tony) WATKINS (Confidential, Male) Christopoher Lee WATKINS (Confidential, Male) Patrick Fitzgerald WATKINS (Confidential, Male) Wendy Meredith WATKINS (Confidential, Female) Thomas Bryant WATKINS (Confidential, Male)



Spouse: 1st wife


Children: Thomas Bryan (Tommy)

Mary Thomas Bryan (Tommy) WATKINS Jr. Mary WATKINS David WATKINS (Confidential, Male)



Children: Melissa


Jennifer (Boo) Melissa WATKINS Debbie WATKINS Jennifer (Boo) WATKINS Patricia Jane WATKINS (Confidential, Female)



Spouse: Joe HESS


Children: Scotty

Kathy Scotty HESS



Spouse: Karen Kathy HESS Debbie Pauline WATKINS


Birth: 17 Oct 1952, Homestead, Florida

Death: 1955, Homestead, Florida - ??

Burial: Homestead, Florida Michael Rodney WATKINS (Confidential, Male) Sarah Louise WATKINS (Confidential, Female)*



Spouse: Tom WOODS


Children: Ricky



Other spouses: Tom LEIGHTON Ricky WOODS Kerri WOODS Sarah Louise WATKINS (Confidential, Female)* (See above)



Spouse: Tom LEIGHTON


Children: Tommy




Other spouses: Tom WOODS Tommy LEIGHTON



Spouse: Sue Bobby LEIGHTON Sherry LEIGHTON



Spouse: McHUGH Stillborn WATKINS Stillborn WATKINS Lula HAMMOND


Birth: 2 Jan 1852, Atlanta, Fulton County, Georgia

Death: 16 Feb 1918 Edward W. HAMMOND



Spouse: Sallie ANDREWS Amos Worrill HAMMOND* (See above)



Spouse: Eliza Caroline HUDSON

Birth: 23 Apr 1811

Death: 2 Jun 1840

Father: Nathaniel HUDSON

Mother: Mary CASON

Marr: 22 Jan 1833


Children: Nathaniel Job (1833-1899)

William Alfred (1835-)

Theodore Augustus (1837-1899)

Amos Worrill (1840-)


Other spouses: Mary McCARY Nathaniel Job HAMMOND


Birth: 26 Dec 1833, Atlanta, Fulton County, Georgia

Death: 20 Apr 1899


Lived at Atlanta, Fulton County, Georgia at the time of his marriage in 1857.


Other notes of Laura Hammond:

Nathaniel Job Hammond, 1833-1899. Born in the County of Elbert, Georga. He was reared chiefly at Calloden, in Munroe County, where he acquired his primary and preparatory education. He entered the University of Georgia in 1850, and graduated in 1852, sharing the highest honor of his class. He was admitted to the Bar in 1853. He married, in 1858, Laura Lewis, daughter of Curtis Lewis, Esq. of Griffin, Georgia. He practiced law with his father until the death of the latter in 1877. In 1882, he formed a partnership with his son which continued until his death, Arpil 20, 1899. He was Solicitor General of the Atlanta circuit from 1861 to 1865, a General of the State from 1872 to 1877, A member of the constitutional convention of 1877, and a member of the U.S. congress from 1879 to 1887( 46, 47, & 48 Congress - House of Representatives) while there, he served in the Judiciary Committee with McKinley. For many years he was a member of the Board of Education for the city of Atlanta, and from 1872 forward, was one of the Trustees of the University of Georgia. He was a Chairman of the Board of Trustees at the time of his death. He was also President of the Board of Trustees of the Atlanta College of Physicians and Surgeons, and his last public appearance was in that character when he delivered an address in the Grand Opera House in Atlanta. His career was honorable to himself, to his district, to his state and to the country at large. Ane in every position of public trust to which he was ever called, he discharged his duties with ability, fidelity and stainless purity. (Judge L. E. Blackley) The General Assembly referred to his sole supervision the code of 1873. His own scholorship was liberal, finished and accurate. He was gifted by nature with the legal instinct, the legal faculty, and that was the main factor in his professional long as there is a Georgia bar, his will be one of the remembered and honored names in its history... His perfect purity and recitude in private life made him a model for imitation by all men for all times...His memory is a precious and priceless legacy to those of his own who survive him. the bar of Atlanta, in offering their condolence and sympathy to his family can point to two former instances in which they testified to their high appreciation of him. The first was in 1887 when on the occurence as a vacancy upon the bench of the Supreme Court of the United States, they united with members of the bar throughout the state. In recommending hm for appointment to fill the vacancy. And the next was in 1895, when a portrait of Col. Hammond, presented to the State by the bar of Atlanta was accepted by the General Assemblyu, by resolution and ordered hung in the Capitol. (Judge Bleckley) The State Flat is flying at half-mast, today, from the dome of the Camitol as a tribute to Col. Hammond and as a token of the loss his death brings to the Commonwealth. April 20, 1899. From the Boston Eve. Transcript as editoria headed A States Great Loss: No man has died in Georgia in many a year to whom higher tributes have been paid in his own state, and no one has better deserved them. A man of high character and influence both in his public and private life. It was Senator S. J. Randall of PA who, pointing Col. Hammond out both in his public and private life. There goes a man with the clearest head and the Purist heart in Congress.


Spouse: Laura Frances LEWIS

Birth: 10 Apr 1836, Macon, Georgia

Death: 28 Dec 1908, Atlanta, Fulton County, Georgia

Father: Curtis LEWIS (1800-1882)

Marr: 7 Jul 1857


Children: Jane (1859-)

Theodore Augustus (1861-1932)

Elizabeth Sargent (1862-)

Mary Emma (1864-1940)

Laura (1869-1958)


Natalie (-1937) Jane HAMMOND


Birth: 21 Feb 1859


Laura Hammond notes: Home os Jane and James Gilbert was at 874 Piedmont Avenue, Atlanta, Georgia.


Spouse: James Horne GILBERT Theodore Augustus HAMMOND


Birth: 17 Mar 1861, Griffin, Spalding County, Georgia

Death: 27 Sep 1932, Atlanta, Georgia


Notes from Laura Hammond:

Theodore Agustus Hammond, born March 17, 1861. Graduated from the University of Georgia (M.A.). Studied law. Admitted to the bar. In 1882 he formed a partnership with his father which continued until the death of his father, 1899. He then formed a partnership with A. W. & V. L. Smith. He owes much of his success to his association with his father. He has great capacity....which has brought him to the very forefront of the Atlanta Bar. In his chosen field, insurance, he has no superiou in the Bar of the State. He is recognized by the whole State Bar as an expert in Insurance Law. He has the respect, the admiration and the love of all who know him. He married -------Clifford Putnam, daughter of Israel Putnam. Theodore and Cliffords home was on Piedmont Avenue, Atlanta, Georgia.


Laura also notes: See memorials: Atlanta Lawyers Club, Atlanta Bar Association, Georgia Bar Association June 1-3, 1933, American .........1934.


Spouse: -------- Clifford PUTNAM

Birth: 25 Aug 1863, Griffin, Spalding County, Georgia

Death: 11 Feb 1933, Atlanta, Georgia

Father: Israel PUTNAM

Marr: 25 Oct 1886


Children: Nathaniel (1888-1899)

Marian (1890-1891) Nathaniel PUTNAM


Birth: 1888

Death: 1899 Marian PUTNAM


Birth: 4 Feb 1890

Death: 27 Jul 1891 Elizabeth Sargent HAMMOND


Birth: 1862


Spouse: Daniel B. HARRIS Mary Emma HAMMOND


Birth: 21 Oct 1864

Death: 20 Feb 1940


Spouse: David Jackson BAILEY

Birth: 15 Jan 1860

Death: 10 Apr 1924, Griffin, Spalding County, Georgia


Children: Laura Lewis (1894-)

Susan Grantland (1896-)

Nathaniel Hammond

Seaton Grantland (1900-) Laura Lewis BAILEY


Birth: 3 Dec 1894 Susan Grantland BAILEY


Birth: 30 Apr 1896 Nathaniel Hammond BAILEY Seaton Grantland BAILEY


Birth: 14 Jul 1900 Laura HAMMOND


Birth: 1869

Death: 28 Oct 1958

Occ: Librarian


This is the author of The Hammond Family & The Lewis Family Book of Origins compiled by her over a period of many years, between 1920 thru 1945.


While her father was a member of the United States Congress, she studied to be a librarian in both Washington, D.C. and New York, New York.


Miss Hammond opened the first school library at The Georgia School of Technology about 1908. She served as Librarian for the following sixteen years, during which time her sister, Julia Hammnd, served as her only assistant. Nathaniel HAMMOND


Death: In Invancy Natalie HAMMOND


Death: 1937 William Alfred HAMMOND


Birth: 20 Oct 1835 Theodore Augustus HAMMOND


Birth: 30 Nov 1837, Atlanta, Fulton County, Georgia

Death: 27 Oct 1899 Amos Worrill HAMMOND


Birth: 7 Apr 1840 Dudley Whitlock HAMMOND Harriet HAMMOND William Pinkney HAMMOND John Augustus HAMMOND John Howard HAMMOND


Birth: 1782

Death: 1857


Spouse: Keziah WILLIAMS

Father: Thomas JENKINS

Mother: Jemima WILLIAMS


Children: Isabella

Juliet Isabella HAMMOND






Spouse: Robert B. LEWIS


Children: Rosalie


Arabella Rosalie LEWIS Baylis LEWIS Arabella LEWIS Samuel Jenkins HAMMOND


Birth: 1785

Death: 1856


Spouse: Ann Williams JENKINS

Father: Thomas JENKINS

Mother: Jemima WILLIAMS William HAMMOND


Birth: 1791

Death: 1891


Spouse: Lucy Carroll HUDSON

Father: Nathaniel HUDSON

Mother: Mary CASON Alfred HAMMOND


Birth: 1794

Death: 1863


Spouse: Louisa HUDSON

Father: Nathaniel HUDSON

Mother: Mary CASON Herbert HAMMOND


Birth: 1797

Death: 1866 Elizabeth HAMMOND Lucy HAMMOND



Spouse: Richard WORRILL

Father: Amos WORRILL

Mother: Lucy WHITLOCK Raleigh HAMMOND


Birth: 1756, Fairfax County, Virginia

Death: 1839, Near Camden, Kershaw County, South Carolina Samuel HAMMOND


Birth: Fairfax County, Virginia Charlotte Lois HAMMOND


Birth: Fairfax County, Virginia


Spouse: Lewis COLLINS

Birth: South Carolina Mary HAMMOND Jarvis HAMMOND


Birth: 27 Sep 1725, North Farnham, Richmond County, Virginia Job HAMMOND


Birth: 25 Jun 1729, North Farnham, Richmond County, Virginia


Christening date from LDS Batch # 6932861, Sheet 16

Birth Date also from LDS Batch # F501528, Sheet 41.

Birth Date also from LDS # AFN: GCXC-7T (Job Hammond, father) and #AFN: GCXC-81 (Amadine Bayliss, mother Raleigh HAMMOND


Birth: North Farnham, Richmond County, Virginia Elizabeth HAMMOND


Birth: 10 May 1680, Richmond County, Virginia William HAMMOND


Birth: 3 Sep 1682, Richmond County, Virginia John HAMMOND


Birth: 16 Apr 1685, Richmond County, Virginia


From this John Hammond, Captain Samuel Hammond of Revolution same is descended. Winnefred HAMMOND


Birth: 22 Jul 1698, Richmond County, Virginia Joyce HAMMOND


Birth: Richmond County, Virginia


1.1.5 William HAMMOND


Birth: abt 1579, St Albans Court, Innonington, Kent, England

Death: 19 Sep 1615

Burial: 19 Sep 1615


LDS Record # AFN:854K-9W


1.1.6 Francis HAMMOND


Birth: abt 1586, St Albans Court, Kent, England


LDS Record # AFN:854L-Q9


1.1.7 Robert HAMMOND


Birth: abt 1588, St Albans Court, Kent, England


LDS Record #AFN:854L-RG


1.1.8 Elizabeth HAMMOND


Birth: abt 1590, St Albans Court, Kent, England


LDS Record # AFN:854L-SM


1.1.9 Mary HAMMOND


Birth: abt 1592, St Albans Court, Kent, England


LDS Record # AFN:854L-TS


1.2 Thomas HAMMOND


Birth: abt 1550, Nonington, England


LDS Record # AFN:854L-VO


1.3 Isaac HAMMOND


Birth: abt 1552, East Sutton, Kent, England


LDS Record # AFN:854L-W5


1.4 John HAMMOND


Birth: abt 1554, Lincolns Inn, Kent, England


LDS Record # AFN:854L-XB


1.5 William HAMMOND


Birth: abt 1556, Lincolns Inn, Kent, England


LDS Record # AFN:854L-ZH


1.6 Mary HAMMOND


Birth: abt 1558, Lincolns Inn, Kent, England


LDS Record # AFN:854M0OM


1.7 Martha HAMMOND


Birth: abt 1560, Lincolns Inn, Kent, England


LDS Record@ AFN:854M-1S


1.8 Katherine HAMMOND


Birth: abt 1562, Lincolns Inn, Kent, England


LDS Record # AFN:854M-2O


1.9 Rebecca HAMMOND


Birth: abt 1564, Lincolns Inn, Kent, England


LDS Record # AFN:854M-35


1.10 Sarah HAMMOND


Birth: abt 1566, Lincolns Inn, Kent, England


LDS Record # AFN:854M-4B


1.11 Jane HAMMOND


Birth: abt 1568, Lincolns Inn, Kent, England


LDS Record # AFM:854M-5H







1st wife spouse of

Dinah ("D") spouse of

Elizabeth spouse of 1.1.4

Karen spouse of

Sue spouse of


Sallie spouse of


David Jackson spouse of

Laura Lewis

Nathaniel Hammond

Seaton Grantland

Susan Grantland


Amadine spouse of


Rodina Susan

Rodney Clark spouse of


Lewis spouse of


George spouse of


Carol Ann spouse of


Alfred Henry spouse of

Alfred Henry Jr.

April Amanda

Helen Ann

Joanna Mary

Justin Ross

Keith Oren

Lionel Oren

Ruth Louise


James Horne spouse of


Dianna spouse of


Sharon spouse of


Dennis Jess spouse of




Amos Worrill

Amos Worrill

Charlotte Lois


Dudley Whitlock

Edward 1.1

Edward 1.1.1

Edward W.




Elizabeth 1.1.8

Elizabeth Sargent

Ella Louise

Francis 1.1.6



Isaac 1.3



Jane 1.11


Judge Job IV


Job II

Job I 1.1.4


John 1.1.2


John 1.4

John Augustus

John Howard



Katherine 1.8




Martha 1.7



Mary 1.1.9

Mary 1.6

Mary Emma




Nathaniel Job



Rebecca 1.9

Robert 1.1.7

Captain Samuel


Samuel Jenkins

Sarah 1.10


Theodore Augustus

Theodore Augustus

Thomas 1

Thomas 1.1.3


Thomas 1.2



William 1.1.5

William 1.5

William Alfred

William Pinkney



Daniel B. spouse of


Joe spouse of




Lucy spouse of


Eliza Caroline spouse of

Louisa spouse of

Lucy Carroll spouse of


Ann Williams spouse of

Ann Williams spouse of

Mary Elizabeth spouse of




Tom spouse of





Laura Frances spouse of

Robert B. spouse of



Mary spouse of


UNNAMED spouse of


Alice spouse of 1


Bernardo spouse of


Kathleen Mary 'Susan' spouse of


Katherine Lillian spouse of


-------- Clifford spouse of




Henry Roswell spouse of

Louise Hammond


Alexander Vaughan

Cody Wayne spouse of


Lloyd spouse of


Catherine spouse of 1.1


Andrew Rex

Gayle Lynwood spouse of

Kathryn Lu Ann 'Katie'

Marilee Jean

Phillip Lee

Randolph Lee


Bernard Letha spouse of


Oscar L. spouse of


Anne spouse of 1.1.3


Annie Nowlan 'Evelyn'

Christopoher Lee



Debbie Pauline

Jennifer (Boo)

Lawrence Hammond

Lawrence Hammond Jr.

Lawrence Monroe

Marian Louise



Michael Rodney

Patricia Jane

Patrick Fitzgerald

Robert Anthony (Tony)

Sarah Louise



Thomas Bryan (Tommy) Jr.

Thomas Bryant

Thomas Oscar spouse of

Thomas Oscar Jr.

Wendy Meredith


Michelle spouse of


Keziah spouse of


Lisa Darlene spouse of




Tom spouse of


Mary spouse of

Richard spouse of




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