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Hughlett Notes

Pension papers that William Thrift Hughlett's daughter, Ann Johns McColgan filed for on her father's pension. I typed up what I could read and put blanks where I could not read the writing. Either Betty Jean or Ralph may have better copies...????

This letter, with all the blanks in it is a letter from George Martin to a lawyer hired by Ann Johns McColgan, the only living child of William T. Hughlett, to handle the claim which was rejected at first. George Martin married Mary Tate Wilson, child of Samuel Wilson and Elizabeth Hughlett and thought grandchildren were elgible for the pension. The "old lady" buried at his place is Mary Tate Hughlett.


Here is what I typed exactly as written:


Yours come safe to hand. And ______ _______ & have had & has been in the family of his sunning law for a number of years a very old prayer book that belongd to Hughlett before he left this country for ________ & in it is his birth & wife & marriage redorded with several of his children it & ______trans_____ in the bible.

He was born November 15th 1757 his wife Mary was born May 15th 1764 in July1784 they were married & the old lady died in September 21st 184_ was buried at my house by one of her daughters ______ bible is in ____ hands of one of his grand children he has but one child living & a good number of grandchildren I can't tell how many. He had four sons and four daughters his sons two had children & the other two died without any. I can't tell how many children his two sons have living. He has four daughters all have family & there is 15 grandchildren by his daughter ___ ____ daughter yet living. I can find out all the heirs but it will be at some expense & four hundred miles travle but will go if you find any thing can be got & how much that will justify me for gain as I don't want to be at the expence living one of that grand children by Marriage. & I am in ______ _____ you will let me know.the _______ of the _____ and have much can be got. I have no other records nor any papers or all of his papers ____ in to the hands of his ______ in Tennessee& they are dade long sence. ________________________________________ given to any person that I know of The old lady died ____ inter into a _________ with a M. Butler of this county but he is dead & his widow has _____ _____ told me but could find out nothing & abandoned the claim please do let me heare from you as soon as you can if its will be worth while for me to be out any expense if it will I want to do it this winter you can ____ ______ of James __ Moorehead of _____ from North Carolina & A. H. Sheppherd & __ A.

Underwood of ____ & __ Gobson any othere information wanted that I have or _____ ______ informatition to date. December ___/52


Yours with _____

_____ ____________

Betty Jean has a new will I found in Northampton co NC for John Hughlett dated 1766. She thinks it is proof that our Wm T. Hughlett came from this long line of Hughletts in VA back to 1619. She will get a copy of it to me.

Betty Jean's recent genealogy research:

Raleigh, NC at the State Library. They have a BIG renovation project going on and only three rooms were open to public. They didn't have all of Surry co's records on microfilm yet nor the actual record books available to see. Looked for Peter Morgan as administrator of John Hughlett's estate but could find nothing. Found two wills of two Peter Morgans in Halifax Co, right next to Northampton Co but the earlyone-1784 did not list wife's name. The second one is evidently the son of the older.

Surry Co courthouse records: The Community College there has all Surry and Stokes co records, but closed on Friday afternoon. The Courthouse has given up all the old records to the State Library and they don't have a copy themselves.



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