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Hammond Notes


How many of you have seen the research done by Harry Stanz, on proposing Martin Hammond as our immigrant ancestor? I'd love to be in contact with Harry if that's possible, but have not been able to find him. If anyone knows, let Jim Hammond know. (Address on Hammond Researcher Page)

From Wanda Collins:
(Address on Hammond Researcher Page)
I received the following information from my husband's great aunt several years ago. I have not
personally verified all of this information. I have other information on the family if anyone is interested. Also, I am related to W. Benjamin Turner that married Will Hammond's daughter Grace. I have quite a bit of information on the Turner family if anyone is interested.
John Hammond (b:~ 1806) and wife Martha (b:~1813) were the first
Hammond's known to be in
Forsyth Co.
John and Martha Hammond's children were
William N. Hammond (b~1834) married Elizabeth M. Benson on 12-25-1853
Daniel Hammond (b~1835) married Mary Rollin on 4-5-1855
Lousie Evaline Hammond (b~1837) married John Gravitt on 2-22-1872
Sarah Jane Hammond (b~1839) married a Norrell
Arminda C. Hammond (b~1841 d. 12-4-1914) buried Coal Mtn. Baptist Church
Frances M. Hammond (b~1843 d. 9-27-1913) buried at Coal Mtn. Baptist Church
Martha Melissa Hammond (b~1845) married Benson E. Martin on 10-3-1865
Amanda P. Hammond (b.~1847) married a Gravitt
Frances Hammond (b: 8-12-1850 d:9-27-1913) buried at Coal Mtn.
Henry T. Hammond (b: 6-24-1852)
John M. Hammond
Henry T. Hammond (b:6-24-1852 d: 9-7-1873) married Safrona Martin on
9-7-1873 (FC Marriage book D p. 328) They are buried at Coal Mtn.
Henry and Safrona Martin Hammond's children were:
Jeff Hammond- died at 12 yrs of age, buried at old Coal Mtn. Cemetery
Lula Hammond was found dead in bed at the age of 6. Buried at the old Coal Mtn. Cemetery.
William Henry (Will) Hammond (b:12-15-1880 d: 2-11-1943) married Alpha Elizabeth Kelly
(b:9-18-1879 d: 3-3-1939) both are buried at Coal Mtn. Baptist Cemetery. Alpha Elizabeth Kelley
was the daughter of a Methodist preacher, John A. Kelley(b:9-30-1844 d:11-20-1921) and Luvica
A. Kelley(b: 8-31-1840 d: 4-8-1907) John and Luvica Kelley are buried at Antioch Baptist Church.
The children of Will and Alpha Elizabeth Hammond were:
John Henry Hammond (b:6-3-1902 d:4-19-1963) married Ruby Holbrook (b: 11-26-1901 d: 1-24-1976) on 12-26-1920.
Willie Mae Hammond (b:12-13-1905 d:9-5-1977) married Egbert E. Whitmire (b:3-28-1901
Guy Hammond (b: 3-22-1910 d: 3-19-1911) buried Coal Mtn. (twin)
Mary Grace Hammond (b:3-22-1910)(twin) married W. Benjamin Turner (b:7-16-1908) on
5-30-1931. Benjamin was the son of Wilson Marion (b:1880 d: 1956) and Lula Inez Kay Turner (b:
1882 d:~1970)
Paul Wilburn Hammond (b: 8-8-1907) married Floy Estelle White (b: 9-10-1909)
Woodrow Hammond (b: 8-3-1915 d:4-8-1918) buried at Coal Mtn.
Chesley Everett Hammond (b:2-10-1917) married Laura Mae Bramblett on 12-24-1936. Laura
Mae Bramblett was the daughter of William and Mary Ann Bramblett.
Bertie Lee Hammond (b:7-1-1912 d:7-27-1955) married Willard Allen Collins(b: 1912 d:1991).
Willard was the son of Edley Benson (b: 1871 d:1945) and Ada Ruth Pruitt Collins (b:1882 d: 1955).
Len G. Broten Hammond (b:10-8-1922) married Thelma Claudeen Martin,
daughter of Rev. Benjamin Otis and Carrie Lougene League Martin on 1-29-1944.
Tom Ford Hammond (b:1-25-1925 d:6-15-1975) married Artie Elizabeth Heard daughter of Jeff
and Lillie Holbrook Heard.
Hammond Brother's Store was operated for seventeen years by brothers
Len, Paul and Tom Hammond. In 1972, Len had the big Hammond store torn down and built a modern country store. Due to poor health, he leased the store after 5 years. Hammond Store at
Hammond Crossing in Forsyth County stayed open and served the public for 75 years or more.
Will Hammond was my husband's ggrandfather. Also, I have a fair amount on the Hammond's from John and Martha Hammond (Will's grandparents) forward

Also from Wanda:
(Address on Hammond Researcher Page)
For anyone that is not aware I am working on the history of Mt. Tabor Baptist Church, which is the oldest Baptist Church in Forsyth Co. I have alot of information on most of the preachers and deacons and some on the members. Check out the Forsyth website for a list of the members in the 1800's and also the deacons and some of the information that we have gathered. If you locate someone on the list, I will do my best to help you with the information that I have.
At the moment I need some help! Can anyone help me to locate information on William M. and Mary Jones. William joined Mt. Tabor Baptist Church in Dec. 1871 by letter. He at that time was a licensed preacher and ordained deacon. He was ordained a minister December 1874. He served as pastor of Corinth in Pickens in 1877. He was selected as pastor of Mt. Tabor 9/1878, at the request of pastor Alfred Webb, to serve the rest of the year, which turned out to be until 11/1878. The last mention of him
in the Mt. Tabor minutes is September 1878 when he is called as pastor.
Any help in the search for this person and his family would be greatly

From Jon Haas:
(Address on Hammond Researcher Page)
I am researching Avis (or possibly Avirilla HAMMOND), who married William Jubb on June 16, 1792 in Anne Arundel County, MD. William and Avis JUBB have three children William, James and John. James JUBB and his first two wives have 12 children. Margaret Anne JUBB is one of the 12 who marries William WATKINS on June 27, 1846.
Capt. William JUBB married Francis WATKINS, daughter of Noble and Ann WATKINS on February 6, 1853.
Are you familiar with Avis (or Avirilla) HAMMOND, William WATKINS or Noble, Ann and Francis WATKINS? If so, can you tell me about them. We have a pretty good amount on the JUBB family and their relations, but have not pursued the more common names as of yet. I would be happy to share what we have.

Well thought out research: On a Watkins web page I found somewhere, there was an Annie Jane Hammond (1855-1941) who married a Watkins. She died in Atlanta, fulton county, Georgia. Also had NOLAND and NOLEN on this page. Now where the heck did I see this?!!!

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