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Hammond Burials


Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta, Fulton County, Georgia


A Hammond 12-26-1855 16yrs

Mrs AM's Hammond Infant 1-3-1866 3mos

AW Hammond 11-25-1877 70yrs (Amos Worrill Hammond)Mrs Mary A Hammond 11-24-1901 86yrs (Mary McCary Hammond-2nd wife to Amos Worrill)

Clarissa Hammond 6-2-1921 75yrs

Mrs CP Hammond 2-13-1933 70yrs

Eddie Hammond 8-1880 3yrs (Little boy died from convulsions)

Mrs EJ Hammond 6-14-1884 53yrs

Elizabeth Hammond 10-9-1917 66yrs

Hattie Hammond 5-1880 33yrs [Burned. Born CT. Husband living]

Henry Hammond 7-2-1913 4yrs

Henry Neil Hammond 1909-1913

Jennie Hammond 12-2-1926 56yrs

Jennie M Rogers Hammond 1870-1926

Julia Hammond 1766 or 1767 6-2-1850 83yrs

Laura F Hammond 12-28-1908 73yrs - This would be Laura Hammond who wrote the genealogy book.

Laurie Hammond 7-8-1920 71yrs

Lula Hammond Bowdoin 2-16-1918 66yrs

Hammond Matt 12-10-1937 60yrs

JW Hammond 1-8-1881 71yrs

Marion Hammond 7-25-1891 1yr

Mr Marshall Hammond 1814 - 9-27-1874 60yrs

Mrs Mary Hammond W 2-18-1889

ME Hammond 2-11-1895 1mo

Nathaniel's child Hammond 1-24-1874 Stillborn

Nathaniel Hammond J 4-20-1899 65yrs

Nathaniel Hammond 6-5-1873

Nathaniel Hammond 4-27-1889 1yr

Nathaniel's Infant Hammond N0 Dates

Nathaniel Job Hammond Born in Elbert County,Georgia 12-26-1833 - Died Atlanta, Georgia 4-7-1899. Delegate to Georgia State Constitutional Convention 1865 and 1877. State Attorney General 1872-1877. US Representative 5TH District, 1879-1887.

NP's Hammond Infant 2-17-1858

Phoebe B Hammond 7-25-1900 84yrs

Theo A Hammond 10-27-1899 63yrs

Theo A Hammond 10-1-1932 71yrs

Mrs Walter Hammond 5-17-1880 33yrs

WP Hammond 1-20-1874 61yrs

WR Hammond 6-18-1923 75yrs

Mr Hammond - No Marker

Hammond Unknown - there were 10 Unknown Hammond headstones...Just the name "Hammond"


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