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Ephraim Dicken and Anna Peake

I am not 100% positive that this is Ephraim and Anna, but the photo of this painting was an Ephraim Dicken and Anna Peake descendant. This picture was in the possession of the same person who had the photo below. I am attempting to find the person who has the pictures now.

So, until I can prove otherwise, I am claiming these two as Ephraim and Anna!


Isham Dicken and Elizabeth S. "Betsy" Martin and children

Again, I can not confirm this is Isham and family. But, he sure looks like his son,

Jefferson! New information discovered indicates that his niece, Sidney Catherine Martin was raised in this household, thus explaining the extra daughter in this photo.

Until I can prove otherwise, I am claiming this as Isham too!

(Old Mulkey Church House is at the bottom of this page.)

1 Ephraim DICKEN

Birth: 1761

Birth Memo: Age 72 Pension Records 4/16/1833

Death: aft 7 Jun 1834, age: 73

Death Memo: Figured by Rev War Pension Application

Father: Christopher DICKEN (~1715-<1778)

Mother: Sarah PULLIAM (1742-)

Fought in Revolutionary War. Ephraim enlisted in Culpeper County, Virginia. He enlisted for his brother-in-law, John Burdine. Rank was mpl. Pension record S.30989. Ephraim enlisted in the Virginia militia in early 1781 in Culpeper County, was taken prisoner but exchanged, was at the siege of Yorktown and served as one of the guards for Cornwalliss troops. He moved to Kentucky in 1786, when he served in a campaign against the Indians under George Rogers Clark. Ephraim and Anna Dicken moved about 1794 to that part of Green County that would become Cumberland County in 1798 and Monroe County in 1820, settling at Meshack Creek. By 1796 he had come into possession of his first 200 acres, acquiring by 1824 some 320 acres on Meshack Creek, 252 acres on the Cumberland River, 206 acres on Sulphur Lick Creek, and 47 acres on Baileys Branch valued in all at $3,639 (tax lists and deeds). He owned a warehouse on the north side of the Cumberland River near his Dickens Ferry Landing (Cumberland Co. Deeds B: 39). Ephraim was an active member of the Mill Creek Baptist Church, the Old Mulkey Meeting House, established in 1773 and said to be the oldest church in Kentucky. Anna predeceased her husband, dying between 1820 and 1830 probably in 1824 shortly before Ephraim disposed of all by 93 acres of his land, much of it to his children. He died not long after 20 September, 1837, when he received the last of his pension payments, and certainly before 14 October 1839, when Isham Dicken and Archibald McMillin are recorded as executors of his estate (Cumberland Co. Deeds J: 188). He and Anna were undoubtedly buried in the Dicken-McMillin-Chappell Family Cemetery in Monroe County, Kentucky.

Had a Kentucky Land Grant on Sulphur Lick Creek, Monroe County and Cumberland River in Cumberland County. Is same land, Cumberland County is the parent county to Monroe.

Tax list for Ephraim Dicken:

Nelson County: Aug 1786, Aug 1789, and 1792 - Green County: 1796, 1797, 1798 - Cumberland County:1799

Monroe County: Starting 1820

Spouse: Anna PEAKE

Birth: ca 1770, Fauquier County, Virginia

Death: 1824, Monroe County, Kentucky, age: 54

Father: William PEAKE

Mother: Barbara CARTER ?

Marr: 22 Dec 1789, Nelson County, Kentucky

Children: Landon (1793-)

Mary Frances Fanny (ca1793-1834)

Nancy E. (ca1795-)

Isham (1797-1869)

Hannah (1799->1870)

Martha Patsy (1801-1866)


1.1 Landon DICKEN

Birth: 1793

A soldier in the War of 1812. Could have died in the war. He would have been about 19 when he entered the war.


1.2 Mary Frances Fanny DICKEN

Birth: ca 1793-1795, Kentucky

Death: 20 Sep 1834, Monroe County, Kentucky, age: 41

Burial: Sep 1834, Monroe County, Kentucky

Burial Memo: Smith Family Cemetery - Buried beside her husband.


Spouse: William Billy KIDWELL

Birth: c 1795

Death: 28 Jul 1859, age: 64

Father: Matthew KIDWELL

Mother: Priscilla MOORE

Marr: ca 1818

Marr Memo: c 1820

Children: Martha Patsy (1821-1887)

Anna P. (Peake?) (ca1823-1884)

Nancy Ellen (1826-1889)

Isham Dicken (1829-1914)

Mary Frances (1830-1902)

Catherine (1832-1913)


1.2.1 Martha Patsy KIDWELL

Birth: 1821-1822

Death: 1887, Metcalfe County, Kentucky, age: 66

Spouse: John J. WITHROW

Birth: 9 Mar 1819

Death: 9 May 1908, age: 89

Burial: Summer Shade, Kentucky

Marr: 1845


1.2.2 Anna P. (Peake?) KIDWELL

Birth: ca 1823, Monroe County, Kentucky

Death: 1884, Metcalfe County, Kentucky, age: 61


1.2.3 Nancy Ellen KIDWELL

Birth: 17 Feb 1826

Death: 6 Jul 1889, Monroe County, Kentucky, age: 63

Burial: Jul 1889, Monroe County, Kentucky

Burial Memo: Smith Family Cemetery

Spouse: John SMITH

Birth: 25 May 1816

Death: 24 Apr 1886, Monroe County, Kentucky, age: 69

Burial: Apr 1886, Monroe County, Kentucky

Marr: 1845


1.2.4 Isham Dicken KIDWELL

Birth: 30 Jan 1829, Monroe County, Kentucky

Death: 22 Dec 1914, Monroe county, Kentucky, age: 85

Burial: Dec 1914, Tompkinsville, Monroe County, Kentucky

Burial Memo: Oak Hill Cemetery

Occ: A teacher, farmerand merchant.

Spouse: Sarah Ann WILLIAMS

Birth: 25 Jun 1833

Death: 15 Nov 1924, age: 91

Marr: 12 Jun 1851


1.2.5a Mary Frances KIDWELL*

Birth: 7 Jan 1830

Death: 6 Mar 1902, Chillicothe, Hardeman County, Texas, age: 72

Spouse: Robert A. MURPHY

Birth: 1822

Death: 1855/1856, age: 33

Marr: 1850


Children: Martha Ellen

Other spouses: Lemuel Alexander WILLIAMS


1.2.5a.1 Martha Ellen MURPHY

Spouse: ROSS

Children: Dora Ellen


1.2.5a.1.1 Dora Ellen ROSS

Spouse: TURNER

Children: Leon Curtis


1.2.5a.1.1.1 Leon Curtis TURNER

Children: Jane


1.2.5b Mary Frances KIDWELL* (See above)

Spouse: Lemuel Alexander WILLIAMS

Birth: 6 Aug 1835

Death: 27 Nov 1874, Kentucky, age: 39

Marr: 16 Dec 1858

Other spouses: Robert A. MURPHY


1.2.6 Catherine KIDWELL

Birth: 24 Jun 1832, Monroe County, Kentucky

Birth Memo: Doug Moore had c1833

Death: 8 Feb 1913, Monroe County, Kentucky, age: 80

Burial: Feb 1913, Metcalfe County, Kentucky

Burial Memo: Ross Family Cemetery

Spouse: Martin Scott WILLIAMS

Birth: 3 Jan 1830

Death: 17 Oct 1861, age: 31

Marr: 24 Dec 1850


1.3 Nancy E. DICKEN

Birth: ca 1795, Kentucky

Birth Memo: Green or Cumberland County per land grants


Spouse: John Wesley McMILLIN

Birth: 1788, Virginia

Death: 25 Nov 1862, Overton County, Tennessee, age: 74

Father: Daniel McMILLIN

Mother: Nellie KEENAN

Marr: ca 1810, Kentucky

Children: Newton Dicken (ca1816-)

Landon (ca1818-)

Ephraim (ca1822-)

John (1825-1896)


Mary Ann (ca1812-1893)

Nancy (ca1813-1893)

Edward (1824-1857)


1.3.1 Newton Dicken McMILLIN

Birth: ca 1816, Kentucky


1.3.2 Landon McMILLIN

Birth: ca 1818, Kentucky - Living in Overton County, Tennessee in 1860.

Spouse: Catherine


1.3.3 Ephraim McMILLIN

Birth: ca 1822/1823, Kentucky - Living in Overton County, Tennessee in 1850.


1.3.4 John McMILLIN

Birth: 19 Feb 1825, Kentucky

Death: 20 Sep 1896, Barren County, Kentucky, age: 71

Burial: 1896, Monroe County, Kentucky

Burial Memo: Dicken-McMillin-Chappell Family Cemetery

Spouse: Mary A. Polly HOGAN

Birth: 15 Apr 1831

Death: 6 Aug 1908, age: 77


1.3.5 Unknown McMILLIN

Spouse: YOAKUM


1.3.6 Mary Ann McMILLIN

Birth: ca 1812

Death: 8 Apr 1893, age: 81

Burial: Apr 1893, Clay County, Tennessee

Burial Memo: Odle Cemetery

Spouse: Daniel BOYLES


1.3.7 Nancy McMILLIN

Birth: ca 1813

Death: 1893, Denton County, Texas, age: 80

Spouse: Hezekiah Wright STEPHENS

Birth: 1809

Death: 1868, Kentucky, age: 59

Marr: ca 1830


1.3.8 Edward McMILLIN

Birth: 1824

Death: 1857, Cumberland County, Kentucky, age: 33 - Was single.


1.4a Isham DICKEN*

Birth: 1 Jul 1797

Death: 1 Sep 1869, Monroe County, Kentucky, age: 72

Death Memo: Buried beside second wife, Elizabeth Martin

Burial: Sep 1869, Monroe County, Kentucky

Burial Memo: McMillin Cemetery, Monroe County, Kentucky

Burial: Sep 1869, McMillin Cemetery-Vernon Area


The reason I list Unknown Davis as another wife of Isham Dicken is because it appears that Jefferson is illegitimate. Jefferson was born in 1840 AFTER Anna Martin died and BEFORE Isham married Elizabeth S. Betsy Martin. Jefferson dropped the Dicken name at least as early as when he entered the Civil War and took his middle name of Davis. He carried the Davis name from then on until his death. In the 1840 census, there is a woman in Insham's household by the name of Davis as a houskeeper. Ephraim is in this household as well.

In Ishams will, he names first his wife Betsy Dicken then his three sons, Archibald, John and Joseph D. Dicken with bequests. Then Isham states After the above I will and bequeath to Jefferson Davis whom I hereby acknowledge as son and heir, Archibald, John L. and Jos D. Dicken all the remainder of my estate both real personal and mixed except money enough to defray.... Then a few sentences later, he leaves one hundred dollars to Gabriel Dicken, a free man of color. Is Gabriel a son of Isham also? The will was witnessed by Jno H. McMillin and James A. McMillin. Will is dated 23 August 1869 and executed 13 September 1869.


Spouse: Elizabeth S. Betsy MARTIN

Birth: 16 Jul 1814

Father: John MARTIN

Mother: Sidney WHITLEY

Marr: 25 Apr 1844

Children: Archibald M. (1845-1918)

Martha Ann (1847-1863)

John Landon (1850-1918)

Ephraim Alexander (1852-1855) Joseph David (1855-1943)


Other spouses: Anna MARTIN, Unknown DAVIS


1.4a.1 Archibald M. DICKEN

Birth: 12 Nov 1845, Monroe County, Kentucky

Death: 28 May 1918, age: 72

Spouse: Mary FREEMAN


1.4a.2 Martha Ann DICKEN

Birth: 1 Oct 1847, Monroe County, Kentucky

Death: 10 Sep 1863, age: 15


1.4a.3 John Landon DICKEN

Birth: 23 May 1850, Monroe County, Kentucky

Death: 10 Dec 1918, Monroe County, Kentucky, age: 68

Burial: Dec 1918, McMillin Cemetery

Burial Memo: Dicken-McMillin-Chappell Cemetery - Buried beside his wife.


Spouse: Malinda Elizabeth DODSON

Birth: 24 Jan 1855

Death: 30 Jun 1936, age: 81

Marr: 28 Oct 1886, Monroe County, Kentucky

Children: Zella Mae (1887-1928)


1.4a.3.1 Zella Mae DICKEN

Birth: 28 Dec 1887

Death: 7 Dec 1928, age: 40

Burial: Dec 1928, Monroe County, Kentucky

Burial: Dec 1928, McMillin Cemetery


1.4a.4 Ephraim Alexander DICKEN

Birth: 8 Dec 1852, Monroe County, Kentucky

Death: 5 Jul 1855, Monroe County, Kentucky, age: 2

Burial: Jul 1855, Monroe County, Kentucky


1.4a.5 Joseph David DICKEN

Birth: 12 Dec 1855, Monroe County, Kentucky

Birth Memo: 1856 per Betty Jean Jacobs Hensley

Death: 3 Oct 1943, Monroe County, Kentucky, age: 87

Burial: Oct 1943, Monroe County, Kentucky

Burial Memo: Dicken-McMillin-Chappel Cemetery

Burial: Oct 1943, McMillin Cemetery - Buried beside wife.

Spouse: Elonora Nora Jane PAGE

Birth: 28 May 1866

Death: 21 Apr 1933, Blyth, Kentucky, age: 66

Burial: Apr 1933, Monroe County, Kentucky

Burial: Apr 1933, McMillin Cemetery

Father: Smith PAGE

Marr: 12 Jan 1891, Monroe County, Kentucky


Children: Ernest Vada (1891-)

Twin-Unknown Name (1891-1891)

Vera Betsy (1893-)

Isham S.

Jeff Davis (1897-)

Leslie Ephraim (1899-1938)


1.4a.5.1 Ernest Vada DICKEN

Birth: 25 Nov 1891

Spouse: Elisha K. GEARLDS

Marr: 4 Dec 1912


1.4a.5.2 Twin-Unknown Name DICKEN

Birth: 25 Nov 1891

Death: 25 Nov 1891


1.4a.5.3 Vera Betsy DICKEN

Birth: 20 Mar 1893

Spouse: Charles TAYLOR

Marr: 20 Feb 1919


1.4a.5.4 Isham S. DICKEN


1.4a.5.5 Jeff Davis DICKEN

Birth: 27 Jan 1897


1.4a.5.6 Leslie Ephraim DICKEN

Birth: 4 Jul 1899

Death: 18 Jan 1938, age: 38

Burial: Jan 1938, Monroe County, Kentucky

Burial: Jan 1938, McMillin Cemetery

Spouse: Georgie PRUETT

Marr: 31 Dec 1918

Children: Leslie D. (1921-1921)


1.4a.5.6.1 Leslie D. DICKEN

Birth: 28 Jan 1921

Death: 1 Mar 1921

Burial: Mar 1921, Monroe County, Kentucky

Burial: Mar 1921, McMillin Cemetery


1.4b Isham DICKEN* (See above)

Spouse: Anna MARTIN

Birth: 2 Oct 1807

Death: 25 Jan 1832, age: 24

Father: John MARTIN

Mother: Sidney WHITLEY

Marr: 6 Jan 1830


Other spouses: Elizabeth S. Betsy MARTIN, Unknown DAVIS


1.4c Isham DICKEN* (See above)

Spouse: Unknown DAVIS

Children: Jefferson (1840-1923)

Other spouses: Elizabeth S. Betsy MARTIN, Anna MARTIN


1.4c.1 Jefferson DAVIS

Birth: 4 Aug 1840, Monroe County, Kentucky

Death: 20 Jan 1923, Fort Supply, Oklahoma, age: 82

Death Memo: Western State Hospital: Hardening of Arteries

Burial: Granite, Greer County,Oklahoma

Burial Memo: Buried Granite Cemetery, Oklahoma

Occ: Farmer - Jefferson fought in the Civil War and received a disability from the war.


Spouse: Nancy Ann ARTERBERRY

Birth: 12 Apr 1842, Jackson Co., Tennessee

Death: 20 Jun 1917, Granite, Greer County,Oklahoma, age: 75

Death Memo: Dysentery

Burial: Granite, Greer County,Oklahoma

Burial: Granite Cemetery, Oklahoma-unable to find YET

Father: Thompson ARTERBERRY (1806-1872)

Mother: Elizabeth JOHNS (1813-1892)

Marr: 14 Apr 1865, Tompkinsville, Monroe Co, Ky.


Children: Minasota Minnie B. (1866-<1922)

Laura N. (1867-<1940)

Eugene Homer (1868-1940)

Roscoe (1871-1922)

Rosa A. (1875-<1922)

Mary Kate (1877-1951)

Vera (1878->1940)

Alice M. (1880-1880)

John H. (1880-1885)


1.4c.1.1 Minasota Minnie B. DAVIS

Birth: 6 Sep 1866, Monroe Co., Ky

Death: bef 20 Mar 1922, age: 55

Name is listed as Minasota Davis in the 1870 US Census for Monroe County, Kentucky.

Spouse: George WREN

Children: Elmer



Clayton (1893-1978)






1.4c.1.1.1 Elmer WREN

1.4c.1.1.2 Mabel WREN

1.4c.1.1.3 Ivy WREN


1.4c.1.1.4 Clayton WREN

Birth: 18 Nov 1893

Death: Aug 1978, Munday, Knox County, Texas, age: 84

Burial: Aug 1978, Munday, Knox County, Texas

Children: Clayton (1920-1983)


1.4c. Clayton WREN Jr.

Birth: 28 Jul 1920, Munday, Knox County, Texas

Death: Dec 1983, Munday, Knox County, Texas, age: 63

Burial: Dec 1983, Munday, Knox County, Texas


1.4c.1.1.5 Arlen WREN

1.4c.1.1.6 Dara WREN

1.4c.1.1.7 Dana WREN

1.4c.1.1.8 Allene WREN

Spouse: JENKS


1.4c.1.2 Laura N. DAVIS

Birth: 14 Oct 1867, Monroe Co., Ky

Death: bef 15 Mar 1940, Tampa, Florida, age: 72

Occ: Nurse in 1919 City Directory for Tampa, Hillsboro County, Florida


Moved to Gary, Hillsboro County, Florida by 1898. City is no longer there but is now Tampa, Florida. As of 1908, listed in the City Directory for Tampa, Hillsboro County, Florida, Fannie M and Ray B lived with Laura and Edgar. Guardian ship papers for Jefferson Davis dated 20 Mar 1922 shows Laura still alive. Obituary for Homer Davis says Laura dead by 15 Mar 1940.

Spouse: Edgar H. OLIVER

Birth: Oct 1850, Tennessee

Death: 2 Mar 1909, Gary, Hillsborough County, Florida, age: 58

Burial: Mar 1909, Woodlawn Cemetery Hillsborough County, Florida

Marr: 1879, Coleman County, Texas


Children: Robert E (1879-)

Hattie (1882-)

Ray B (1883-)

Fannnie M. (1890-)


1.4c.1.2.1 Robert E OLIVER

Birth: Nov 1879, Texas

Occ: Motorman in the 1912 City Directory of Tampa, Hillsboro County, Florida


Lived with his mother, Laura as per 1912 City Directory for Tampa, Hillsboro County, Florida


1.4c.1.2.2 Hattie OLIVER

Birth: Oct 1882, Texas


1.4c.1.2.3 Ray B OLIVER

Birth: Jul 1883, Texas

Occ: Boxmaker in 1908


1.4c.1.2.4 Fannnie M. OLIVER

Birth: Nov 1890, Texas

Occ: Cigarmaker in 1908


1.4c.1.3 Eugene Homer DAVIS

Birth: 29 Jan 1868, Monroe Co., Ky

Death: 15 Mar 1940, Perryton, Ochiltree Co., Texas, age: 72

Burial: 17 Mar 1940, Perryton, Ochiltree Co., Texas

Burial: Perryton Cemetery Lot 3, Block 116

Occ: Farmer-Rancher-Carpenter


In the 1870 Census of Monroe County Kentucky, it lists Homer V. as being 1 year old.

Homer was building a house for the Eddie Colquet Hoopers (his sister, Mary Kate and her husband) in Ochiltree a few miles from Ira C and Nancy Malinda Nichols Ivester Nix, grandparents of Mollie Anderson when Homer met Mollie. Homer had to haul the lumber by wagon from Glazier, Texas which is to the southeast of Ochiltree, Texas.


Homers Obituary:

Homer E. Davis Laid to Rest

Funeral services for Homer Eugene Davis, pioneer farmer-rancher of Ochiltree County, were conducted in the Wilson Funeral Home Sunday Afternoon, 2:30 o'clock with Rev. Paul Bailey, pastor of the Full Gospel Church, Spearman, officiating.

Interment was made in the Ochiltree Cemetery. Pallbearers were Knox Pipkin, John King, Sam Powell, John Taylor, L. O. Seedig, and D. P. Unruh.

Homer Eugene was born to Jeff and Nancy Davis on January 29, 1868 and departed this life March 15, 1940 at the age of 71 years, 1 month and 17 days. He passed away Friday evening following a heart attack. Up to the time of this sudden attack, he had been apparently in good health.

A native of Kentucky, Homer moved with his parents to Johnson County Texas at the age of 7, later moving to Greer County, Oklahoma where he grew to manhood. He came to Ochiltree in 1907, working as a carpenter, building homes for the new settlers.

He was united in marriage to Mollie E. Anderson on April 12, 1908. To this union were born eleven children. The wife and four children preceded him in death. Mr. Davis was converted and joined the Baptist Church about twenty-five years ago, later uniting with the Full Gospel Church a few years ago.

Survivors are three sons, Harley of Amarillo, Alfred and Sidney, at home; four daughters, Mrs. Ruth Nitschke and Mable of Perryton and Arlene and Darlene, twins of New Mexico; three grandchildren, and two sisters, Mrs. E. C. Hooper, Perryton, and Mrs. Vera Lyons, Lancaster, California.


Spouse: Mollie Ellin ANDERSON

Birth: 20 Feb 1886, Habersham County, Georgia

Birth Memo: Turnerville?

Death: 9 Jan 1933, Perryton, Ochiltree Co., Texas, age: 46

Death Memo: Typhoid Fever

Burial: 10 Jan 1933, Perryton, Ochiltree Co., Texas

Burial Memo: Lot 5, Block 116

Father: Mitchell Henry ANDERSON (1855-1925)-buried in Sayre, Oklahoma

Mother: Lovicia Aveline IVESTER (1857-1957)-buried in Sayre, Oklahoma

Marr: 13 Apr 1908, Hansford Co., Texas

Marr Memo: Spearman?


Children: Ruth Louise (1909-1998)

George Oren (1913-1932)

Harley Earl (1915-1975)

Mabel Estelle (1917-1992)

Henry William (Died as Infant) (1920-1920)

Alfred Henry (1922-1979)

Virginia (Died as Child) (1926-1932)

Sidney Eugene -Private

Darlene May (Peggy Lou) (Twin) -Private

Arlene Fay (Joy Sue) (Twin) -Private


1.4c.1.4 Roscoe DAVIS


Birth: 12 Dec 1871, Monroe Co., Ky

Death: 31 Mar 1922, Granite, Oklahoma, age: 50

Burial: Granite, Oklahoma


On Page 149 of the record book of Greer Funeral Home in Mangum, Oklahoma: Pete Lyon (Veras husband) paid the Greer Funeral Home $31.50. There was a $17.50 charge for embalming and $4.25 for a casket lining of the homemade coffin. Burial was in Granite City Cemetery. Roscoe was single and 49 years old at the time of death.


1.4c.1.5 Rosa A. DAVIS

Birth: 10 Sep 1875, Hill County, Tx

Death: bef 31 Mar 1922, age: 46

Spouse: Jap BRANNON

Children: M. Eloise (1895-1898)


1.4c.1.5.1 M. Eloise BRANNON

Birth: 1 Aug 1895

Death: 17 Apr 1898, Possibly Sonora, Texas, age: 2


1.4c.1.6 Mary Kate DAVIS

Birth: 28 Jul 1877, Hill Co, Texas

Death: 24 Jan 1951, Sanford, Texas, age: 73

Death Memo: Sanford Hospital

Burial: 1951, Perryton, Ochiltree County, Texas

Spouse: Eddie Colquit HOOPER

Birth: 30 Oct 1869, Eufalda, Dale County, Alabama

Death: 11 Jan 1956, Crawford, Dawes County, Nebraska, age: 86

Burial: Perryton, Ochiltree County, Texas

Marr: 5 Mar 1899, Mangum, Oklahoma

Children: Alonzo Clyde (1900-)

Lila Alberta (1903-)

Retha Alene (1912-1997)


1.4c.1.6.1 Alonzo Clyde HOOPER

Birth: 19 Feb 1900

Howard Edward


1.4c. Howard Edward HOOPER Jr.


1.4c.1.6.2a Lila Alberta HOOPER*


Birth: 11 Feb 1903, McLean, Gray County, Texas

Death: Franklin, Louisiana

Burial: Perryton, Ochiltree Co., Texas

Spouse: Orval Ralph JACOBS

Birth: 12 Apr 1892, Hale, Carroll County, Missouri

Death: 14 Jun 1964, Perryton, Ochiltree County, Texas, age: 72

Marr: 27 Jun 1926


Other spouses: Curtis C. BALDWIN


1.4c.1.6.3 Retha Alene HOOPER

Birth: 26 Oct 1912, Ochiltree County, Texas

Death: 7 Jun 1997, Perryton, Ochiltree Co., Texas, age: 84

Burial: 9 Jul 1997, Perryton Cemetary

Spouse: Fred B. NIES

Birth: 2 Mar 1914, Ochiltree County, Texas

Birth Memo: Delivered by Dr. Lockridge-4 miles away

Death: 1 Nov 1998, Pflugerville, Texas, age: 84

Burial: 6 Nov 1998, Perryton, Ochiltree County, Texas

Burial Memo: Ochiltree Cemetery

Father: Arthur C NIES (1896-)

Mother: Florence GOSNEY

Marr: 12 Mar 1938, Borger, Texas


1.4c.1.7 Vera DAVIS

Birth: 22 Feb 1878, Hill Co, Texas

Death: aft 15 Mar 1940, Lancaster, California, age: 62

Burial: Lancaster, California

Spouse: Peter A. LYONS

Birth: Jul 1882, Texas

Father: Thompson LYONS (1839-)

Mother: Charlotte (1843-)

Marr: 11 Sep 1903, Greer County, Oklahoma

Children: Tom




1.4c.1.7.1 Tom Lyons

1.4c.1.7.2 Marvin LYONS

1.4c.1.7.3 Fannie LYONS

Spouse: Henry SCHOCK

Children: Chester





1.4c.1.8 Alice M. DAVIS

Birth: 12 Jan 1880, Hill Co, Texas

Death: 10 Jun 1880


1.4c.1.9 John H. DAVIS

Birth: 10 Jun 1880, Hill Co, Texas

Death: 15 Oct 1885, age: 5


1.5 Hannah DICKEN

Birth: 1799

Death: aft 1870, Metcalfe County, Kentucky, age: 71

Living in Metcalfe County, Kentucky in 1870.

Spouse: William OLDHAM

Birth: 1793, Bourbon County, Kentucky

Death: 1865, age: 72

Marr: 1815

Children: John T. (1821->1886)

Isham D. (Dicken?) (1822-1895)

Charles R. (1828-1861)

William P. (1830-1864)

Mary Ann (1831-1918)

Martha F. (1834-)

Samuel J. (ca1835-)

Joseph H. (1839-)

Elizabeth Jane (1841-1932)

Sarah E. (1843-1918)


1.5.1 John T. OLDHAM

Birth: 1821

Death: aft 1886, age: 65

Living in Hart County, Kentucky in 1886.

Spouse: Sarah Eliza CRABB

Birth: ca 1824

Marr: 8 Dec 1842


1.5.2 Isham D. (Dicken?) OLDHAM

Birth: 4 Sep 1822

Death: 27 Dec 1895, Metcalfe County, Kentucky, age: 73

Burial: Metcalfe County, Kentucky

Burial Memo: Old Randolph-Pleasant Hill Cemetery - Buried beside wife.

Spouse: Mary Catherine GILL

Birth: 22 Oct 1838

Death: 27 Oct 1898, Metcalfe County, Kentucky, age: 60

Burial: Metcalfe County, Kentucky

Burial Memo: Old Randolph-Pleasant Hill Cemetery

Marr: 16 Mar 1859


1.5.3 Charles R. OLDHAM

Birth: 1828

Death: 13 Dec 1861, Campbellsville, Kentucky, age: 33

A Union Soldier, died in the Civil War.


1.5.4 Lt. William P. OLDHAM

Birth: 1830

Death: 19 Dec 1864, Louisville, Kentucky, age: 34

A Union Soldier, died in the Civil War.


1.5.5 Mary Ann OLDHAM

Birth: 28 Aug 1831

Death: 7 Jul 1918, age: 86

Spouse: William Carroll SHOCKLEY

Birth: 1820

Marr: 22 Apr 1852


1.5.6 Martha F. OLDHAM

Birth: 1834


1.5.7 Samuel J. OLDHAM

Birth: ca 1835

Spouse: Nancy Susan RENICK


1.5.8 Joseph H. OLDHAM

Birth: 1839

A Union Soldier.

Spouse: Nancy GLASS

Marr: ca 1860


1.5.9 Elizabeth Jane OLDHAM

Birth: 22 Jan 1841

Death: 20 Dec 1932, Metcalfe County, Kentucky, age: 91

Burial: Metcalfe County, Kentucky

Burial Memo: Nickols Family Cemetery - Buried beside husband.


Spouse: Sgt. James R. NICKOLS

Birth: 5 Jan 1835

Death: 3 Jun 1912, Metcalfe County, Kentucky, age: 77

Burial: Jun 1912, Metcalfe County, Kentucky

Burial Memo: Nickols Family Cemetery

Marr: 1858, Barren County, Kentucky


1.5.10 Sarah E. OLDHAM

Birth: 4/29/1843-1844

Death: 20 May 1918, Metcalfe County, Kentucky, age: 75

Burial: May 1918, Metcalfe County, Kentucky

Burial Memo: Old Randolph-Pleasant Hill Cemetery

Spouse: Louis GLASS

Birth: 4/24/1839?

Death: 6 Sep 1908

Marr: ca 1860


1.6 Martha Patsy DICKEN

Birth: 15 Apr 1801, (I had 12 Oct 1801)

Death: 17 Aug 1866, Monroe County, Kentucky, age: 65

Death Memo: Buried beside her husband

Burial: Aug 1866, Monroe County, Kentucky

Burial Memo: McMillin Cemetery, Vernon Area - Buried beside her husband, as were all their children.


Spouse: Archibald McMILLIN

Birth: 12 Oct 1801

Death: 17 Oct 1871, Monroe County, Kentucky, age: 70

Burial: Oct 1871, Monroe County, Kentucky

Burial Memo: Dicken-McMillin-Chappell Cemetery

Father: Daniel McMILLIN

Mother: Nellie KEENAN

Marr: ca 1835

Children: Mary Ann (1836-1901)

Nancy Ellen Babe (1837-1914)

Hannah Jane Jennie (1845-1899)

Isham John (1847-1868)

John Keenen Keen (1848-1899)


1.6.1 Mary Ann McMILLIN

Birth: 26 Mar 1836, Kentucky

Death: 1 Aug 1901, Monroe County, Kentucky, age: 65

Burial: Aug 1901, Monroe County, Kentucky

Burial Memo: McMillin Cemetery, Vernon Area - Never married


1.6.2 Nancy Ellen Babe McMILLIN

Birth: 28 Sep 1837, Monroe County, Kentucky

Death: 11 Dec 1914, age: 77

Burial: Dec 1914, Monroe County, Kentucky

Burial Memo: McMillin Cemetery, Vernon Area

Spouse: Rufus Marion CHAPPELL

Birth: 18 Jan 1841

Death: 11 Apr 1912, age: 71

Marr: 21 Jul 1870, Monroe County, Missouri????


1.6.3 Hannah Jane Jennie McMILLIN

Birth: 20 Aug 1845, Kentucky

Birth Memo: Doug had 1846

Death: 27 Oct 1899, age: 54 - Never married.

1.6.4 Isham John McMILLIN

Birth: 17 May 1847, Kentucky

Birth Memo: Doug Moore had 1848.

Death: 27 Oct 1868, age: 21 - Never married


1.6.5 John Keenen Keen McMILLIN

Birth: 5 Mar 1848, Kentucky

Death: 18 Feb 1899, Kentucky, age: 50

Burial: Feb 1899, Monroe County, Kentucky

Burial Memo: McMillin Cemetery, Vernon Area

Spouse: Mary Susan HILL

Marr: 19 Nov 1871

Old Mulkey Church - Monroe County, Kentucky

courtesy of Walt Cross


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