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Dicken Notes


My great grandfather, Jefferson Davis was an illigitimate son of Isham Dicken, born in 1840. In the 1840 census, he shows up along with a woman who is a housekeeper in the Isham Dicken household by the name of Davis. In the 1850 census, he shows up as Jefferson Davis Dicken and Isham is married to a Elizabeth 'Betsy' Martin. By the time Jefferson enlists in the Civil War (Union), he takes the name of Davis. In Isham's will, Isham acknowledges Jefferson Davis as his natural born son and names him co-executor of his will.

A good friend of myself and my husband, Ben is Mrs. Niles who is 80 told me she was a decendant of Daniel Boone. Mrs. Niles got into the DAR thru that line. Well, we put together a little family tree for her and I did not think a lot about it. She did not know who her great grandfather was other than he was a McAdams. I found him where he enlisted in the Civil War at the same time as my Jefferson Davis at Glaskow, Kentucky. Her great grandfather was killed but no one ever heard anymore about it. I was doing some research on my grandmother Mollie Anderson's people, the Ivesters. Turns out that Hugh Ivester lived two tracts from Daniel Boone's parents on the Yadkin River. This makes her people and my people knowing each other every four generations!

Found on a RootsWeb Search for Dicken in State of Virginia

Captain John Smith, founded the first English Colony at Jamestown Virginia in 1607. The following are some (1,033) Early Virginia Pioneers

Indexed by last name, first name from 1624 records.

Date County/Parish Sta SNDX Last Name First Name

----- ------------------- --- ----- --------------- --------


I wonder who this Hugh Dicken is.


REFERENCE: Enumerated on the ? day of Sept. 1850 by M. M. Lea


14 505 511 Dicken Benj. 48 M Farmer 400 KY X
15 505 511 Dicken Lucinda 45 F KY X
16 505 511 Dicken Christopher 20 M Laborer KY X
17 505 511 Dicken Lucretia 18 F KY X
18 505 511 Dicken Amos 16 M Laborer KY
19 505 511 Dicken Nancy 14 F KY X
20 505 511 Dicken Barrister 12 M KY
21 505 511 Dicken Sally 10 F KY X
22 505 511 Dicken Polly 8 F KY

DICKEN Marriages--Virginia to 1800 - Marriage Date

Chumley, John m. Dicken, Elizabeth Apr131783
Dicken, Thomas m. Smith, Elizabeth Dec011786
Bohannan, Thomas m. Dicken, Frances Oct141789
Dicken, Mary m. Witham, Peter Oct 211790
Dicken, Christopher m. Pullam, Mary Jul141791
Dicken, Ann m. Yager, Adam Oct 091792
Dicken, Susanna m. Walthall, Francis Aug 23 1791
Bogan, Andrew m. Dicken, Mrs Nancy Jul 23 1799

Virginia 1790 Federal Census


Name of head of family: Dicken, Richard
White: 7

The Original Lists OF PERSONS OF QUALITY Lists of the Living and Dead in Virginia Febr: 16th 1623.


Spotsylvania, Virginia, County Records, 1721-1800
Virginia County Records SPOTSYLVANIA COUNTY 1721-1800
DEEDS - DEED BOOK E 1751-1761 page 189


1810 Census-Cumberland County, Kentucky

Ephraim Dicken - Page #461
Garland Dicken - Page 798


1820 Census-Cumberland County

Nothing there, Dicken or Davis


1830 Census-Cumberland County

Thomas Dicken - Page 235


1810 Barren County

Nothing there, Dicken or Davis


1820 Monroe County

Ephraim Dicken - Page #86


1830 MonroeCounty

Isham Dicken - Page 626


Family Tree Maker ONLINE Index Search:

Ephraim Dicken:

Marriage Index #4
WFT Vol 1
Marriage Index #229
Census Index, 1790 #311
Census Index, 1810 #313
Census Index, 1820 #314
Census Index, 1830 #315 (2)
Census Index, 1840 #316
Census Index, 1860 #318 (2)
WFT Vol 8


Archie Dicken:

WFT Vol 6, Tree # 3212
also there is an Ephrain??


Look into a place called Library Index of Colonial Americans for Dicken


1850 Census of Kentucky - Boone County

Albert G. Dicken, pg 191, Sndx D250

1850 Census of Kentucky: - -Boyle County

Jane Dicken, pg 364


1850 Census of Kentucky - Campbell County

A.B. Dicken, pg 013
Charles Dicken, pg 083
Joseph W. Dicken, pg 106
Levi Dicken, pg 120
Lot Dicken, pg 110
Simeon Dicken, pg 105


1850 Census of Kentucky - Clinton County

Issac Dicken, pg 165
Jefferson Dicken, pg 167
Richard Dicken, pg 166


1850 Census of Kentucky - Estill County

Sarah Dicken, pg 088


1850 Census of Kentucky - Marion County

Perry Dicken, pg 340


1850 Census of Kentucky - Monroe County

Isham Dicken, pg 399


1850 Census of Kentucky - Taylor County

Simeon Dicken, pg 167
Thomas Dicken, pg 166


GenHelper on internet - Dicken query:

Thomas J. Dicken, b ca 1814 in Georgia, moved to Ky.
Married Mary Marlow - Children: John, Allen, Nancy, Thomas, William and Absolom


Found in book at Amarillo Library

Historical Register of Virginians in the Revolution
Ephraim Dicken listed on pg 223



Threads of Ancestry

By Leila Ritchie Mize
Athens, Georgia 1956, 273 pages


Also found Ephraim Dicken in:

174?, Va, Ky - Rev War
175?, NC, Heads Families NC, pg 58
1763, Va, Threads of Ancestry, pg 72


Also had other Dicken names in Threads of Ancestry:

Benjamin- NC-Heads of Families
Bennet- NC-Heads of Families
George-NY-Heads of Families
Hugh, Hotten's Persons, pg 187
John-VA-Threads of Anc
Joseph- NC-Heads of Families
Joseph-VA-Threads of Anc
Lewis, NC-Heads of Families
Richard, VA- Heads of Families
William, NC-Heads of Families-pg 43
William, NC-Rev War Records


My notes: Jeff Davis, 1840 Census- He was born in 1840. If he was born by the time of census, he would be in household and maybe be listed with his mother??? Isham's household??


My notes: Ephraim Dicken applied for pension of Rev War at age 70, on Dec 4, 1832, thus birth date 1762. Applied as a result of Pension Act of March 18, 1818. He enlisted in Culpepper County, Virginia. He enlisted for his brother-in-law, John Burdine, thus Ephraim had a sister married to John Burdine.

Found in Genealogical Abstract of Rev. War Pension Files Vol II,

Ref/Genealogy/973.34-Author: Virgil D. White


My notes: Ephraim Dicken applied for pension of Rev War at age 72 on Apr 16, 1833, thus born 1781 Applied as a result of Pension Act of June 7, 1832 for Monroe County, Ky. Ephraim received $20.

Found on Web:


Kentucky Land Grants:

Jno Dicken 05/15/1784 - Lincoln County
Jno Dicken 04/20/1790 - Nelson County
Jno Dicken 09/10/1796 - Hardin County
Jno Dicken 08/30/1798 - Jefferson County
Jno Dicken 08/31/1798 - Jefferson County
Christopher Dicken 04/15/1799 - Warren County
Ephraim Dicken 09/08/1798 - Green County
Ephraim Dicken 06/14/1800 - Cumberland County
Ephraim Dicken 08/08/1800 - Cumberland County
Ephraim Dicken 10/07/1805 - Cumberland County
Ephraim Dicken 02/09/1806 - Cumberland County
Ephraim Dicken 09/07/1819 - Cumberland County
Ephraim Dicken 10/05/1819 - Cumberland County
Ephraim Dicken 10/05/1819 - Cumberland County
Ephraim Dicken 06/17/1834 - Monroe County
Isham Dicken 10/28/1835 - Monroe County
Thomas Dicken 04/25/1856 - Taylor County
Thomas Dicken 10/10/1859 - Taylor County
W.R. Dicken 12/17/1891 - Wayne County


Rootsweb search for Dicken and Kentucky:

1850 Census: Daviess County--Reel #M432-198 Page 455a

Line #, First Name, Age, Sex, Occup, Birthplace: All born in Kentucky

14 Dicken, Benj. 48 M Farmer
15 Dicken, Lucinda 45 F
16 Dicken, Christopher 20 M Laborer
17 Dicken, Lucretia 18 F
18 Dicken, Amos 16 M Laborer
19 Dicken, Nancy 14 F
20 Dicken, Barrister 12 M
21 Dicken, Sally 10 F
22 Dicken, Polly 8 F


Family Tree Maker CD #229 - Marriages by Counties:

Ephraim Dicken m. Charlotte Whitehead 10/27/1832 in Halifax, NC
Benjamin Dicken m. Martha Whitehead 5/28/1823 in Halifax, NC
Ephraim Dickens m. Dyannah Phillips 2/1/1847 in Surry, NC
Ephraim Dickens m. Catherine Workmon 3/17/1844 - Davidson, NC
Ephraim Dickens m. Elizebeth Styers 9/26/1841 in Davidson, NC
Ephraim Dickens m. Ann Peake 12/22/1789 in Nelson County, KY


1790 Census in Virginia:

Richard Dicken: White 7 People
William Dicken: White 2 People


Doug Moore from internet:

Had our Ephraim Dicken and our Arterberrys He is looking for proof: his John W. McMillan m. Nancy E. Dicken abt 1810 Nancy E. should be sister to our Isham Dicken

Sure would be helpful if I could remember where I got the following information:


Dicken, Christopher (i2733), b.1616-
Dicken, Christopher (i2877)
Dicken, Christopher (i3120), b.1644-d.1682
Dicken, Christopher (marriage to (?) Alkin) (i2877)
Dicken, Christopher (marriage to Elizabeth Deakin) (i2733), b.1616-
Dicken, Elizabeth (i2863), b.1650-
Dicken, Ephraim (i2865), b.1648-
Dicken, Hugh (i2785), b.1591-
Dicken, Hugh (marriage to Ellen Fraunceis) (i2785), b.1591-
Dicken, John (i2873), b.1550-
Dicken, Jonathon (i2864), b.1646-
Dicken, Susanna (i2858), b.1652-
Dicken, Thomas (i2783), b.1642-


Dickens, Andrew Jackson (i373), b.1841-d.1909
Dickens, Benjamin (i209)
Dickens, Benjamin (i479), b.1705-
Dickens, Benjamin (marriage to Mary Normant) (i479), b.1705-
Dickens, Bennett (i318), b.1766-d.1843
Dickens, Christopher (i480), b.1671-
Dickens, Elizabeth (Smith) (marriage to William Dickens) (i374), b.1781-d.1850
Dickens, Elizabeth M. (i860), b.1843-
Dickens, Gideon (Or Gillum) (i153), b.1795-
Dickens, Hannah (?) (marriage to Thomas , Jr. Dickens) (i690), b.1791-d.1860
Dickens, Jesse (i208)
Dickens, John (i206), b.1766-d.1800
Dickens, John J. (i858), b.1838-
Dickens, Joseph (i200), b.1808-d.1875
Dickens, Joseph (i323), b.1737-d.1802
Dickens, Joseph (marriage to Charity Utley) (i200), b.1808-d.1875
Dickens, Joseph A. (i861), b.1847-
Dickens, Lavina J. (i3699), b.1827-
Dickens, Lewis B. K. (i154), b.1797-
Dickens, Lunsford (i150), b.1789-
Dickens, Manassa Naomi (i202), b.1812-
Dickens, Mary (?) (marriage to Uriah Dickens) (i2526)
Dickens, Merritt (i151), b.1790-
Dickens, Milly Manessa (i857), b.1836-
Dickens, Nancy (?) (marriage to Jesse Dickens) (i207)
Dickens, Nehemiah (i199), b.1806-
Dickens, Richard (i198), b.1805-
Dickens, Sarah (i856), b.1833-
Dickens, Sarah (marriage to Benjamin Franklin Hardin) (i856), b.1833-
Dickens, Susanna (?) (marriage to William Dickens) (i468), d.eb 1
Dickens, Temperance (i322), b.1780-d.1870
Dickens, Thomas (i203), b.1761-d.1852
Dickens, Thomas (marriage to Milly Stevens) (i203), b.1761-d.1852
Dickens, Thomas Charles (i855), b.1828-
Dickens, Thomas, Jr. (i152), b.1791-d.1860
Dickens, Uriah (i197), b.1802-d.1875
Dickens, William (i149), b.1758-d.1837
Dickens, William (i478), b.1743-d.1830


Eighth Generation

84. Benjamin 8 Dickens (Christopher9, Christopher10 Dicken, Christopher11, Hugh12,
Christopher13, John14) was born in England 1705. Benjamin died in Carolina Co, Va.
He married Mary Normant 1723.
Benjamin Dickens and Mary Normant had the following children:
+ 77 i. Joseph7 Dickens was born 1737.
85 ii. William Dickens was born in England 1743. William died November 1830 in Halifax Co,
Nc, at 87 years of age. He married twice. He married Mary Dawson Kinchen. Mary died before
February 1805 in Halifax Co, Nc. He married Susanna (?) Dickens. Susanna died after February


Ninth Generation

87. Christopher9 Dickens (Christopher10 Dicken, Christopher11, Hugh12, Christopher13,
John14) was born in England 1671. He married an unknown person.
Christopher Dickens had the following child:
+ 84 i. Benjamin 8 Dickens was born 1705.


Tenth Generation

88. Christopher10 Dicken (Christopher11, Hugh12, Christopher13, John14) was born in
Wilshall, Staffordshire, England about 1644. Christopher died 1682 at 38 years of age. He married an unknown person.
Christopher Dicken had the following child:
+ 87 i. Christopher9 Dickens was born 1671.

Eleventh Generation

89. Christopher11 Dicken (Hugh12, Christopher13, John14) was born in Walton, Staffordshire,
England about 1616. He married Elizabeth Deakin.
Christopher Dicken and Elizabeth Deakin had the following children:
90 i. Thomas10 Dicken was born in Wilshall, Staffordshire, England 1642.
+ 88 ii. Christopher Dicken was born about 1644.
91 iii. Jonathon Dicken was born in Wilshall, Staffordshire, England about 1646.
92 iv. Ephraim Dicken was born in Wilshall, Staffordshire, England about 1648.
93 v. Elizabeth Dicken was born in Wilshall, Staffordshire, England about 1650.
94 vi. Susanna Dicken was born in Wilshall, Staffordshire, England about 1652.


Twelfth Generation

96. Hugh12 Dicken (Christopher13, John14) was born in Walton, Staffordshire, England about
1591. He married Ellen Fraunceis.
Hugh Dicken and Ellen Fraunceis had the following child:
+ 89 i. Christopher11 Dicken was born about 1616.


Thirteenth Generation

98. Christopher13 Dicken (John14) was born in Walton, Parrish Of Stone, Staffordshire, England
before about 1591, the first event for which there is a recorded date. He married (?) Alkin.
Christopher Dicken and (?) Alkin had the following child:
+ 96 i. Hugh12 Dicken was born about 1591.


Fourteenth Generation

100. John14 Dicken was born in Walton, Parrish Of Stone, Staffordshire, England about 1550. He married an unknown person.
John Dicken had the following child:
+ 98 i. Christopher13 Dicken was born before about 1591, the first event for which there is a recorded date.


Had a Hugh Dicken and a Spalding


Mercer Co. Kentucky Wills, 1786-1826


Will: September 4, 1790: Probated Feb. 28, 1792: Book 1 Page 74

Leg: three younger brothers and sisters: Charles, Winneford, Lot Dickens. Exor: Christopher Dicken and Isaac Dicken. Wit: William Dicken, Joseph Dicken, William Batton.

Found on net:


Found on Monroe County, Ky web page

Isham DICKEN, 70, m, w, md, KY, Sept, farmer, died of carbunckle.


Ephraim Dicken


Ephraim Dicken


Hugh Dicken tree:


List of Revolutionary War soldiers that was was drawn up by Anderson Chenault Quisenberry, Secretary of War to Congress in1835 and published later by the Kentucky Society of the American Revolution. Quisenberry's original works were done in 1895. This list is all the pensioners under the Act of March 18, 1818 and the Act of June 7, 1832 for Monrie County, Kentucky. The first date is when the individual was placed on the pension rolls; the second when the pension began. Age, if shown, would be age at time of application (for the act of 1818).


DICKEN, Ephraim, Pvt; VA Militia; 16 Apr 1833; $20; age 72.
KIDWELL, Matthew, Pvt; MD Militia; 7 Aug 1833; $23.33; age 72.


Notes from Amarillo Library 8/24/98

Book: Genealogical Abstracts of Revolutionary War Pension Files Vol II

Author: Virgil D. White Ref/Genealogy/973.34/WH

Page 967

Dicken, Ephraim or Ephriam, S30989, VA Line, sol enl in Culpeper Cty VA & also srv as a sub for his bro-in-law John Burdine, sol appl 4 Dec 1832 Monroe Cty KY aged 70

John, Polly or Mary, W1836, BLW #26595- 160-55mm VA Line, (wid appl for pension based on srv of her former husband James McCubbin of NC), sol John Dicken was b 16 Apr 1759 on Robinson River in Culpeper Cry VA & lived there at enl & in 1784 moved to KY & in 1786 enl there under Gen'l Clark, sol appl 21 Jan 1833 Green Cty Ky & sol d there 13 Jun 1841 had no children, wid appl for BLW 19 Mar 1855 Green Cty KY & a Zachariah McCubbin, Jr. & Guilion McCubbin were witts to her aff'dt, wid had children by her 1st husband James McCubbin, towit: John, James, Sally, Zachariah, Joseph, Polly, William, Eleanor, Pleasant, Nicholas, Thomas, Elizabeth & David McCubbin the oldest in 1855 was aged 64 & the youngest was aged 37, wid's maiden name was Mary Cook, her 1st husband James MCubbin lived in NC until 1804 or 1805 then moved to Green Cty KY & d there in 1824 & in 1826 she m John Dicken & he d 13 Jun 1841

Dicken, Joseph, S3287m VA Line, appl 27 Aug 1832 Campbell Cty KY, sol was b 23 Mar 1764 in Culpeper Cty VA & lived there at enl

Dicken, Richard, Elizabeth, W4179, VA Line, sol appl 23 Oct 1832 Clarke Cty GA aged 80, sol was b 11 Ded 1753 in VA, sol lived in Louisa Cty VA at enl & in 1789 moved to Wilkes Cty GA & in 1804 moved to Clark Cty GA, wid appl 13 Feb 1839 Clarke Cty GA aged 80, sol & wid had m in Louisa Cty VA exact date not shown & wid referred to sol as Richard Clarke, Sr. in 1839, sol d 16 Dec 1833, one Solomon Edwards of Clarke Cty GA in 1839 stated he was at the wedding of sol and wid & that they had a family of children & 2 or 3 were b prior to 1790 & their son Thomas Dicken Esq was aged upwards of 55 years & probably 60 in 1839.

Dicken, William or William Dickens, Elizabeth, W8197, BLW #24985-160-55, NC Line, sol appl 20 Aug 1832 Halifax Cty NC aged 71 & sol lived there at enl, wid's grandson Bradford Dicken of Hardeman Cty TN made aff'dt in support of wid in 1856 & that she lived with him at that time, wid appl 22 nov 1853 Maury Cty Tn, sol had m Elizabeth Dicken (the m bond was issued 15 Dec 1826 & was signed by Wm. Dicken & E. Dicken in Halifax Cty NC), sol d 17 Mar 1839 in Halifax Cty NC, wid appl for BLW 24 Mar 1855

Where Pension number begins with an 'S' this means the soldier applied for the pension. Where Pension begins with a 'W' this means the widow of the soldier applied for the pension.

BLW was given as a block of land, usually 160 acres. Don't know what the last two numbers are after the amount of land given.

BLW then the pension number, then the amount of land, then unknown number.

New: 3/31/00

Notes from Charlotte Padoven: (unable to reach this woman. I think she is an elderly lady and I have written her but she only sent me the following notes.)

Note from Ruth: All this information I don't have tied into my Dicken/Dickens families.
Benjamin Dickens in Culpeper County, Va 1782-1787 - 1 poll 4 slaves
Daniel Dicken land 1661 Bk 4 pg 326-446 Westmoreland County, Virginia
William Dicken land 19 Dec 1643 Northhampton County, Virginia
Thomas Dicken will 1741 Goochland County, Virginia
Will of Daniel Dickens, Apr 1698 Essex County, Virginia.
Culpeper County, Virginia Deed Bk, 1785-87
1786 Reginal Burdine sold to Wm Chapman land in Culpeper County on Robinson R. Wit. Ephraim Dicken
John Dicken married Elizabeth White 12 June 1799 in Mercer County, Kentucky
1790 Benjamin Rice married Elizabeth Tinsley in Culpeper County, Virginia
1817 Benjamin J. Rice born
1816 Agnes Dicken Smith married Issac Wright in Orange County, Virginia.
Daniel Dicken Sr. will March 1668
Daniel Jr was transported to America in 1667 to S side of Rappahamock freshet. Note: Daniel Jr. sent for his father?
Transcriber's note: What is a freshet??
1688 Daniel and John Dicken on Grand Jury in old Rappahamock
1689 Daniel Dicken on Grand Jury in old Rappahammock
1690 Daniel Dicken on Grand Jury in old Rappahammock
Note: Did not find Christopher Dicken in Old Rappahamock or Essex County but he was transported 1671 to S side of freshet of Rappahamock River.
1763 Christopher Dicken 230 acres on North side of South fork of Robinson River, Culpeper County, Virginia. (Culpeper County land grants by the proprietors)
14 Oct 1789 Frances Dicken married Thomas Bohannon - by William Mason, Baptist minister
Thomas Dicken married Agnes (Dicken?) 1804-bond by father William Dickin in Warren County, Kentucky
Tax Lists:
1800 Charles Dicken - Campbell County, Kentucky
1800 Joseph Dicken - Campbell County, Kentucky
1800 Henry Dicken - Boone County, Kentucky
1800 Richard Dicken - Boone County, Kentucky
1800 Christopher Dicken - Barren County, Kentucky
1800 James Dicken-Barren - County, Kentucky
1800 John Dicken - Lincoln County, Kentucky (granted 800 acres Jefferson County 1798)
1800 Christopher Dicken - Ohio County Kentucky (also 1820)
Tax Lists:
1810 Thomas Dicken - Washington County, Kentucky
1810 Thomas Dicken - Knox County, Kentucky
1810 William Dicken - Washington County, Kentucky
Christopher Dickens - Dickens Land grant, Henry County, Kentucky-1799 Warren County, Kentucky-Green River
E. N. Dickens, older brother of Charles baptized in Ohio River 6 miles from Butler.
Transcriber's note: No clue as to who E.N. Dickens is or which Charles.
Benjamin Dicken married Lucinda Chamberlam 31 May 1824 in Daviess County, Kentucky.
Transcriber's note: No clue who this Benjamin Dicken belongs to.
Kentucky 1850 Census
James Dickens - 45 years
Caroline Dickens - 47 years
Charles Dickens - 25 years
William Dickens - 19 years
Transcriber's note: No clue to which county in Kentucky. MAY be Daviess County, Kentucky
Montgomery County, Kentucky Deed index 1838-1862 shows a Charles Dicken
Frances Dickens married Thomas Bohannon 1789 in Culpeper County, Virginia
Joseph Dicken married Catherine Sansome in 1783 in Goochland, St. James Northam Parish.
Children of Joseph Dickns and Elizabeth Sansome were Nancy born 1785 and John born 1787
Thomas Dicken married Agnes (Dicken??) 1804-bond by father William and James Dicken.











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