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Baudouin - Bowdoin - Bodin - Bowden Portraits


There are 26 known portraits of Bowdoin people. Below are the few that I have found so far.
I will add more as I get copies of them.
If you want to copy any of these JPGs, please feel free to do so.

Pierre Baudouin/Bowdoin


Portrait of William Bowdoin, 1748 - Bowdoin College Museum of Art.

Artist: Feke, Robert (American, approx. 1710-1750)

I first assumed this to be William, son of John Bowdoin and Elizabeth Folsom. John was the son of Jean/John Bowdoin who was the son of Pierre. The dates fit. But then I realized it could be William, son of James Bowdoin and Susanna/Sarah Campbell. James was the son of Pierre. These dates also fit. More research to be done to find out just who this William Bowdoin is.



James Bowdoin, Born 8 August 1727 in Boston,
Son of James who was the son of Pierre. Birth date as
per the National Cyclopaedia of American Biography, 1967

James Bowdoin, Born 7 August 1726 in Boston
Son of James who was the son of Pierre.
Birth date is per the Encyclopedia Britannica.

Mrs. James Bowdoin III (c. 1806) Copyright held by the
Bowdoin College Museum of Art
No clue as to the artist. Could this be Elizabeth Erving?


James Bowdoin, born 22 September 1752,
the son of Governor James Bowdoin.


George Edward Bowdoin, born 23 January 1898
in Baltimore, Maryland, son of Henry Johns Bowdoin
and Julia Morris (Murray).
His ancestor was Jean Bowdoin, son of Pierre.



Jean Bodin, born 1530, Angers, France.
Engraving in the Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris



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