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This is a list of Arterberry Researchers Bev and Ruth correspond with. This way, no matter what, all the contacts won't be lost. If anyone wants to add someone to this list, just send it to Ruth or Bev. Or, if you want to better specify your Arterberry connection that is have under your name, let one of us know. If you don't want to be part of this list, just let one of us know and we will remove your name and will not be offended.

Ruth is a descendant of Thompson Arterberry and Elizabeth Johns. Bev Skoff is a descendant of Thompson's brother, Bennett. If you can't reach one of us, you can probably reach the other one.

Ruth Padilla *
William/Nathan/Moses/Thompson/Nancy Ann/Homer/Alfred
4701 Journey
Amarillo, Texas 79110
Bev Skoff *
722 14th Place
Camanche, IOWA 52730-1202

Bev and Ruth's Researchers and other Arterberry/Attebury/Atterberry people one of us or both correspond with:

(Alphabetical by first name)

Aaron Arterberry -
Anna Yeldell -
Sam Arterberry & Nancy Houston

Betty Jean Hensley * -
William/Nathan/Moses/Thompson/Nancy Ann/Mary Kate
Betty Jean's grandmother and Ruth's grandfather were sister and brother.
Charles Atteberry -

Cheri Duffy -
(Not really into genealogy)

Corrine Wiggins -
Cynthia - Kirk Jenkins -

Danny L. Arterberry -
Canadian, Oklahoma
Ancestor of Owen Arterberry.
Desolee (Desi) Harmon * -
80 E Halberg Road
Shelton, WA 98584
Dottie Tippets - (best) -

Doug Moore * -
Doug has the Monroe, Kentucky web page that is so useful. He is collects information on early Monroe County people. Distantly conncected to Arterberry line. He has Arterberry/Dicken information!
Dwayne Gabriel -
Martha Ann Arterberry?

Edwin Atterberry -
Guy - guy54 <
Ed Hamilton
Wiley Coleman Arterberry
No e-mail address - Contact Bev for address
Fran Orsborn -

Jack Bagby - & Wife Audrey
Originally from Eldorado, Illinois, currently from Pasadena, Maryland.
Nathan/Moses/James/Jasper Newton/Elvis
Grandson of Elvis Arterberry and great grandson of Jasper Newton Arterberry
James R. Atteberry -
Jane Rybolt - 753342,3067oncompuserve
Jean Adams Pyle -
Jean Kling * -
John J. Cardinal, son of William Cardinal and Sarah Margaret Arterberry, he was the brother of my grandmother, Margaret Frances Cardinal.
William/Nathan/William Hardin/Sarah Margaret/Margaret Frances

Jim Alleman -
Jim Foster * -

William/Nathan/Moses/Thompson/Martha Rosetta

Dr. Joe F. Arterberry -

John Arterberry -
John Eric Arterberry -

John C. Atterbury -
Web Site: (No Arterberry's- just Atteberry)
Used to put out a newsletter- Old ones are on his web page.
John T. Hull -
Descendant of Abraham Myers & Patty, widow of Nathan

Josh Arterberry -

June Whelan -

Karlen Burner -
Dallas, Texas

Kate Arterberry -
Daughter of Trent Arterberry

William/Nathan/Moses/Thompson/Moses Alexander

Linda Carpenter -

Job Attebury

Linda & Ralph Lennen -

Lois Adams -
William/Nathan/Moses/Bennett/Barnch Howard
Loyal E. Slaughter -

Margaret Asmussen -

Marguerite Emmons * & Jim -
Does not want her information other than her direct line posted on net. (Living persons)
Marguerite grew up in KY and has done extensive research on Atteberry/Atterbury family at the KY Historical Society and the Hart Co Historical Society. She also copied several documents from the KY State Archives...does not have all the records, and was mainly following her Atteberry line, but did pick up some information on the other lines.
Marguerite has copies of both Voncille's and Wilma's and Wayne's books. She does not have the Judge's or the deForrest's books and would like to find copies. She will do lookups in these books that she does have which may give others an idea of where they need to look for a particular record. These books do not give sources.
Mark Doss -

Martha E. Arterberry * -
Web Site:
William/Nathan/Moses/Thompson/Moses Alexander/John Franklin/Herman Levi/John Douglas/William Carlysle
Martha is a native Californian Arterberry (lived for 23 years in San Marino, CA but now living in Gettysburg, PA) who is proud to have an old-fashioned name, in addition to the Arterberry last name. Martha Elizabeth pops up on both sides of my family tree!
Marvin Manning -

Marvin ParkerĄ -
Samuel Arterberry
Mary McLaughlin -

Melita Miller Davis * -
Tulsa, Oklahoma

Mona Owens
No e-mail - Contack Bev Skoff for address
William - Harvey & Cora Arterberry Manning

Norma Mitchell -

Nova Lemons * -
Web Site:
Nova is searching for proof that Bennett was son (or grandson) of Moses Arterberry.
Pat Wallace
Descendant of Abraham Myers & Patty, widow of Nathan

Ralph Wesley * -
Wife, Julia is the Arterberry - Ralph is the genealogist
William/Nathan/Moses/Thompson/Moses Alexander

Ray Anderson -
Ray Anderson
420 Wyoming
Bethalto, IL 62010
Nathan/Moses/James/Jasper Newton/Elvis/William - Jane's father is William Robert Arterberry, son of Elvis Arterberry (b. 1886). Ray is searching for Andersons, Berry, Crow, Gallien, Jewell, for his side of the family.

Reita Sparrowk -
William/Nathan/Moses/Wiley Coleman

Rick Gatewood -

Rose Martensen -

Ruth Atteberry Adams -

Ruth Lynn Snow -

Sandra Buckley
- ?

Sandy Joyner -

I am researching Atteberry surname. I am looking for my very elusive grandfather "John Atteberry" probably born the early part of 1888, but possiblity of the later part of 1887 in Texas. Lived in TX, OR and possibly MO and AR.

Sharon Atteberry - None
Check with Bev Skoff for her address
Nathan/Moses/George Washington Arterberry

Steve West
- (England)
Web Site:
Before WM .1 thru Tim Wilkinson
Descendant of Joyce Gombledon who married our first known 'Otterbury'.

Susan Kenagy -
Wiliam/Nathan/Moses/George Washington

Sybil Arterberry -
Tammy Dice Jones-
Descendant of Jesse Arterberry & Levina - Direct descendant of three of the sons of William Atteberry: John, charles and Thomas. Tammy's 2nd great-grandmother was Rachel Lavica Atteberry who was the daughter of Churchwell Atteberry and his 2nd cousin, Amanda W. Atterberry. Churchwell was the son of Jessie Atterberry and Levisa Atterberry (1st cousins). Jessie descends from John and Levisa descends from Thomas. Amanda W. Atterberry was the daughter of Nathaniel Atteberry who descends from Charles.

Tim Wilkinson -
Web Site:
Trent Arterberry -
Web Site:
William/Nathan/Moses/Thompson/Moses Alexander
Wanda Walters Weaver * -
William/ Nathan/Moses/Thompson/William Tyre/Samuel
1320 So. Oak Street
Casper Wyoming
Wayne Atteberry * -
1411 S. College
Salem, Ill. 62881
ATTEBURY FAMILY BOOK OF 1999 - Newly published...about 4" thick and is GREAT!
He still has copies for $89. - 'seconds' for $79.
Peggy Attebury * -
Husband Jay (John William Attebury) is the connection.


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