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Arterberry Notes


I was researching the Plumlee line. Turns out the Plumlee farm was just down from the Harvey Johns farm... Well, you might think this is strange for me to be looking at the Plumlee family. You won't believe this!!! : I remembered my former mother-in-law, Rue Ell Camp's grandmother was a Plumlee Wanting to add my former husband's information to my daughter's tree, I called Rue Ell and asked her if she would mind giving me some information. With what she gave me, I connected HER line to the brother of Samuel 'Black Sam' Plumlee who married Nancy Arterberry, the sister to our Moses Arterberry! I ran a relation chart on both sides of the tree and my daughter shows as a decendant of both lines! My daughter is also my very distant cousin!

Land records show the 'Plumlee Corner' right on the other side of the Harvey Johns farm. Arterberry on one side...Plumlee on the other side. I think the Dicken land was to the north of the Arterberry land...must check this out.
1. Arterberry farm was located on Big McFarland Creek, near Hestand, Monroe County, Kentucky.
2. William Harvey Johns' farm was located in Clay County, Tennessee, near Moss, Tennessee. Formerly Jackson County, Tennessee. Moss, Tennessee is 3 or 4 miles from the headwaters of Big McFarland Creek in Monroe County, Kentucky.
3. Plumlee farm....
4. Dicken farm....
Anyone have a map showing this connection??
Harvey Johns records (of Betty Jean) were in Smith County, Tennessee.

A cousin named Reed Rush (now deceased) , son of Eunice Matilda Arterberry who was the daughter of James Harvey Arterberry and Catherine Sims wrote Terry Lorenzo Arterberry a letter back on March 16th, 1966 telling how he found the bible records of Nancy Ann Hughlett's in his grandmother's attic.
Another letter Ralph has copied and sent me was from Christine Veasey Arterberry, wife of Holly A. Arterberry from Baytown, Texas dated August 1966. She had some genealogy papers also including the service papers of Benjamin Franklin Arterberry. Christine still alive?? Anyone have a copy of B.F. Arterberry's service papers?
Betty Jean has a letter from Reed Rush to...... which is similar but talks a little about Charley Johns.

Betty Jean's visit to the Arterberry Farm:
I think Marcella Headrick, the woman I paid to do some research in Monroe Co told me about the Arterberry place near Moss and the three of us drove out in that direction. We stopped and asked directions from a man and his wife, who said they knew where it was and showed us the way. It was way down in the holler in the "bottoms". There were people living in the house, which was a log house with a dogtrot right in the middle. It was no longer open but had sliding glass doors(!) Some of the house had aluminum siding but the logs were exposed. There was a well right in the front yard with a bucket on a rope with a wheel or handle to pull it up. We were not invited in but they were friendly and said "look around" There was a small stream behind the house on way to barn. Maybe this was the Arterberry Branch of McFarland Creek. A small distance away, perhaps 1000 yds was the other house, bigger, maybe two story which we looked at longingly, but no one was home to tell us anything. This house was owned by the Kings who had bought it from Arterberrys.
We climbed up a hill nearby which possibly was a gravesite for Moses and others. There were no gravestones, only rocks which had served as markers and undoubtedly had been moved from their original place.

Notes from Ralph Wesley:
According to Terry Lorenzo Arterberry records for his application to the Sons of the American Revolution:
Terry Lorenzo Arterberry's card from the National society of the Sons of the American Revolution. It says he was approved by the Registrar General, under National Number 94525 amd State Number 1244 and is dated June 24, 1966.
Ann had a sister Elizabeth who married Gen. Samuel Wilson of the Revolutionary War. Old Mulkey Meeting House, Monroe County, Kentucky is located on land formerly owned by General Wilson.
1. Did Terry Lorenzo join the SAR under William Hughlett?
2. Ralph has some dates different from us. Need to check this out.
Also, one of the papers he has listing the children of Thompson and Elizabeth has a 13th child born to Thompson and Thompson Arterberry born Sept 5, 1860. I have THIS Thompson as the son of William Tyre Arterberry. Do you have any facts on this??

Arterberry Farm - Notes from Betty Jean from a visit to the farm perhaps back in the mid 1980's-
Farm kept in Arterberry family until Terry's death. Now owned by grandson of Cordell Hull, Tennessee, was U. S. Secretary of State 1933-1944. House was built by Arterberry's first settlers-made of hand-hewn logs-white ash floors-square nails. Later paneled in yellow poplar.
150 Acres farmland
350 Acres of timber, mostly oak and walnut.
Everlasting Spring Water
10 miles south of Tompkinsville.
Ruth's notes on this: I am assuming that the house was built by Moses Arterberry, father of Thompson since he was the first Arterberry settler of the family in Monroe County, Kentucky??????

Jack Bagby's notes to his connection to the Arterberry family:
What we have on James is ify. There were two "James and Jane" living in Illinois at about this time on the 1850 census. Ours in Hamilton Co. and another James Atabury 54, farmer born S. C. living in Franklin County, Ill., wife Jane 48 born N. C.
1-Children: Richa 24 m. born Ill.
2-Chas 21 m born Ill.
3-David 18 m born Ill.
4-Thos. 17m born Ill.; Jas 10m born Ill.; and Jno. 6 m born Ill. I think this may be the one who was married in 1824 White Co.
This James died probably 26 Aug. 1854.
Our James is: James Arterberry born abt. 1804; died 30 Jan 1881, aged 77 yr. 2 days. [tombstone] in Arterberry Cemetery. Married Jane _____? born about 1810.
Children start about 1830:
1-Marie Arterberry b-Nov 17, 1830, Tennessee; died Aug. 30, 1922, buried Arterberry Cem. located Crook Twp., Hamilton Co., Ill. Married Peter Malone 1847. [obit]
2-John C. Arterberry born Feb 22, 1834, Tennessee; died Sept. 7, 1854, bur. Arterberry Cem.
3-James Welcome Arterberry born abt. 1835, Illinois; married Julia A. Hains.
4-Susan W. Arterberry born abt 1838 Illinois.
5-William H. Arterberry born abt. 1840 Ill.
6-George W. Arterberry born abt 1843 Ill.
7-Rachel Arterberry born abt 1847 Ill.
8- Jasper Newton Arterberry born Aug. 20, 1849 Crook Township, Hamilton Co., Ill.; Died July 19, 1907; Thackeray, Hamilton Co. Ill, bur Arterberry Cem. Married Mattie J. Allen Dec. 22, 1870 Hamilton Co. Ill. Assume buried withhusband in Arterberry Cem.

From South-Central Kentucky Listserv:

The discharges of the soldiers in 9th regiment of Kentucky Volunteers were registered (at least for many of them) with the Monroe Co Clerk and recorded in Will Book A, 1861-1864. This is the Union Army. Buglar Wilson C. Arterberry Co. M Cavalry is listed.


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