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This web site updated 1 Jan 2011

Steven D. Rutherford



Pictures of our Texas Rutherford Familys

I will start a new picture page here just for our Texas cousins.  Please email your picture to me and I'll get it online.  Recommended scanned size 100 KB, type JPEG.


Margaret Adaline Rutherford Hosch 1874-1955

Albert Gerald Rutherford 1902-1984

Granville Gregory Rutherford 1867-1947 and wife Mary Christine Whitfill Rutherford

The house Granville Gregory Rutherford added to in Rice, Texas 1911 and is still there today.  Pictured are his family

Front row

Aubrey Lewis, Mary Viola, Joseph Clarence, James Elmer

Back row

Arthur Bertram, Albert Gerald, Granville Gregory, Mary Christine Whitfill Rutherford (Granville's wife) , Margaret Elizabeth, Edgar Lee, Ada Grace Parsons Rutherford (Edgar's wife), Hugh William Franklin.

Down town Rice, Texas.  Built in 1901.


Thomas Brandon Rutherford Water Wagon and family about 1915 Spur, Texas

David Henry Rutherford 1849-1936 with great grandson Thomas Page Rutherford.

Effie Spurlock  and Thomas Brandon Rutherford 1941

Almost certain this is David Henry Rutherford 1849-1936  

Thanks to Cullen and Diane Warren for this picture.  David is Cullen's great grandfather.

Thanks to Cullen and Diane Warren for this picture.

L-R Odie Henry Rutherford 1893-1962, Ella Erena Rutherford Davidson 1881-1966,     Frances Malinda Rutherford Hosch 1878-1960, and Thomas Brandon Rutherford 1880-1963.  This picture was taken in Sep 1954 in Athens, Texas.

Thanks to Cullen and Diane Warren for this picture.

Standing L-R  Ella Erena Rutherford Davidson 1881-1966, Lonnie Stenson Hosch 1871-1957, Frances Malinda Rutherford Hosch 1878-1960, Thomas Brandon Rutherford 1880-1963, Willie Maebell (Bell) Rutherford Neal 1886-1925, 
Seated    L-R  Mary Cordelia Jane Rutherford Lumpkin 1884-1945, David Henry Rutherford 1849-1936  holding Sarah Olivia Rutherford Jackson 1891-1976, Sarah Josephine (Sallie) Fuller Rutherford 1852-1914 holding Odie Henry Rutherford 1893-1962, James D. Rutherford 1882-1920.  This picture taken about 1894 in Rice, Texas.