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SS Santiago

Havanna Cuba - NY July 11, 1883

Capt. Lodge Colton


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I did the best I could with the copy I had. This passenger list is in bad handwritting big sloppy script, and very loose curves.
I grouped the ones that were grouped by a } so you will know who was traveling whit whom

Jose Gonzalez           41 m merchant  Spain
Mrs Jose Gonzalez 30 f wife Spain   Lydia Wakley 43 f wife USA Tomas Brito 21 m merchant Spain Wm Dickson 37 m mechanic US   Mrs W H deCrespo 28 f lady Spain
Leon de Crespo 13 m child Spain
mis m???? deCrespo 8 f child Spain   ? missing unreadable Dr E Pietro 20 m physician Spain R H Beck 32 m merchant England Ernest Berham 40 m merchant Germany Jose Duran 30 m merchant Spain ? Villugas 33 m merchant Spain J P Boutrenas 30 m merchant Mexico E Batot 50 m merchant Spain R Amezaga 26 m merchant Spain V Corte 35 m merchant Spain Chas Thode 41 m merchant England   Camilo Garcia 46 m merchant Spain
M Mercedes Garcia 6 f child Spain   ? Montero 40 m ? Spain Rafael Padro 25 m merchant Spain Dr A Gonzalez 46 m physician Spain Dr P Calso 84 m physician Spain A R Mora(?) 37 m ? Spain J Bosque 27 m ? Spain D M Raivoa 58 m ? Spain ? Simonpetro 33 m ? Puerto Rico   David Smith 58 m ? USA
Mrs David Smith 46 f wife USA   C Simonpetro 25 f wife Puerto Rico
G ? 29 f wife Spain   E Rosado 31 f wife Spain L Albutoe 43 f wife Mexico   Vidal Morales 33 m engineer Mexico
Mrs Vidal Morales 27 f lady Mexico
Vidal Morales 8 m child Mexico   M Hruricheu(?) 43 m ? Puerto Rico
Mrs N Hruricheu(?) 36 f wife Puerto Rico
Wm Hruricheu(?) 3 m child Puerto Rico   Juan Aquirres 60 m merchant Spain M Wrudijabal 20 m merchant Spain Mrs R N Aquirre 24 f wife mis Juana Chacon 29 f servant Spain   Antonio Molvia 53 m planter Spain
Mrs Antonio Molvia 42 f lady spain   Vincente Abreu 59 m druggist Spain
Vincente G Abreu 18 student Spain   R Urbiza 20 m merchant Spain Geo Fred Vrichus 54 m merchant Puerto Rico J L Diaz 54 m merchant USA Gustav Bock 44 m merchant Germany mis M A Ecay 20 f lady France mis C L Wind(?) 17 f lady France mis Maguire 26 f lady Spain mis C Aquire 22 f lady Spain Lgou Dvon(?) 44 m merchant France Juan Forcade 48 m planter Spain A B Safford 44 m planter USA Alex S Capote 26 m merchant France L Albertas 46 m merchant Mexico J Sagarre 24 m druggist Spain   L Ferran 30 m merchant Spain
Mrs L Ferran 26 f wife Spain
mis Jane Ferran 2 f child Spain
Emrerina Ferran 3 f child Spain   Maria Marina 28 f Servant Spain Rosa Edwarda 32 f servant Spain A C Robert 36 m merchant Spain Broderick Clorte 32 m merchant England   T?? Domingaez 52 m merchant Spain
Geo Domingaez 27 m merchant Spain   Juan Alfonso 30 m merchant Spain Edw. Carucaburn? 34 m engineer Spain Sira de Luna 29 m engineer Spain Augusto Thichway 35 m merchant Germany Ed Wrishinau(?) m merchant Germany Juan Apen 36 m trader China Candido Diaz 37 trader China Jose Antonio Afack 36 m trader China Auduo Afuu 39 m trader China Pablo Pepi 39 m trader China Tomas Anytung? Chung 42 m trader China Patrico Sau 41 m trader China