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SS Onicoco or SS Onnoco

Sailed from Bermuda to NY
arrived July 9, 1883

This Film has been purchased and donated by (Erwin A. Pavlik)
transcribed by
RuthAnn Lucas

Just a note for veiwers ..... I am NOT in anyway associated nor do I transcribe passenger lists for Rootsweb's Transcirbers Guild NOR Olive Tree. I transcribe for my Own benefit and the benefit of others. The other People that have posted here, are not in anyway associated (as far as I know) with Olive Tree or Transcribers Guild either. I hold my own Copyrights to my own Transcriptions. I do not hold copyright to donations of others on my page, they hold thier own Copyrights on thier own transcriptions. Thank you for visiting my pages.


E C Zuill 26 m clerk USA

Mrs Mac Intosh 32 f wife USA

Chas Emery 57 m merch USA

C A Aiken 54 m merch USA

D G Lane 60 m merch USA

E T Child 37 m merch USA

Jno E Lighttourn 28 m merch USA

Mrs T J Outerbridge 30 f wife USA

U B DeGarmo 26 m clerk USA

Mrs DeGarmo 24 f wife USA

J A Rogers 38 m merch USA

Capt Ward(?) 28 m merch England

D Spurling 30 m merch Englnd

Mrs Spurling 24 f dau England

Miss A Spurling 24 f dau England

Miss K Jones f dau England

Miss Dariell 38 f dau England

Hy Dariell 42 m merch England

Mrs Harvey 39 f wife England

Miss Harvey 17 f dau England

Mrs G S Tucker 53 f wife England

Hen. Tucker 55 m merch England

Jni C Watington(Watiungton) 30 m merch England

Hy Lockwood 29 m merch England

T H Pelbe Jr 31 m merch England

Thos. J Jones 30 m merch England

Mrs Tucker 32 f wife England

Miss Barett 16 f dau England

Lt. Sankey R.E. 28 m Luet. England

Rev. A U Nicholson 35 m D.D. England

Maskr Nicholson 14 m son England

Miss Ella Nicholson 11 f dau England

Miss M Nicholson 10 f dau ENgland

Dr Keogh 29 m physician England

James Kempe 35 m merch England

Miss Kempe 11 f dau England

Miss Buist(?) 26 f dau England

Rev Poestwood 37 m D.D England

Rd. McCarthey 27 m lab England

Miss Symonds 26 f servt England

Miss Riley 24 f servt England

U A Taylor 29 m clerk England

J M Hayward 28 m clerk England

Jno E Marvels 30 m clerk England

M Anderson 31 m clerk England