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Slingsby Baptisms 1691 -1823 Donated by Patricia Porter



Elizabeth, dau of Matthew SHROPSHIRE, baptised 31 Jan 1691
Richard, son of Robert CLARKE, baptised 7 Feb 1691
Frances LAMBERT and Ann TROWSDALE (?) married 21 Jan 1691
William CONSOL (??) and Mary BLONSON of Torrington (?) married 4 Feb
Thomas, son of George WHITINGHAM, baptised 4 Mar 1691


Francis, son of Francis LAMBERT 10 Jun 1692
Ann, dau of Francis LAMBERT 10 Jun 1692
(These two children were probably twins - see Burials below)
Mary, dau of Thomas SYMPSON 14 Aug 1692
Thomas, son of Robert ISHERWOOD 2 Oct 1692
William, son of William BLACKBEARD 1 Nov 1692
William, son of George DOUTHWHAITE of Holme 29 Nov 1692
Robert, son of John MEGGISON of East Ness 18 Dec 1692 ( could
Ann, dau of John HALDOORD (?) 27 Dec 1692
Ann, dau of Leonard TAYLOR 5 Feb 1692
Jane, dau of Robert BROWN 11 Feb 1692


Hannah, dau o fGeorge ALLERSON baptised 26 Mar 1693

Elizabeth, dau of Thomas THORNTON, baptised 30 Apr 1693


Elizabeth, dau of Thomas CLARKE of Hovingham bapt. 20 Apr 1695
Francis, son of Richard THORNTON bapt. 2 May 1695
Margaret, dau of John WARD bapt. 20 May 1695
Ann, dau of John MEGGISON bapt. 9 Jun 1695 (
could be 1694)
John, son of Robert ISHERWOOD bapt. 14 Jul 1695
Jane, dau of Francis LAMBERT bapt. _______, 1695
Margaret, dau of George HILL bapt. 3 Oct 1695


Ann, dau of Robert HICK bapt. 18 Apr 1697
Richard, son of John THOMPSON bapt. 25 Apr 1697
Leonard, son of Leonard TAYLOR bapt. 5 May 1697
Ann, dau of Thomas SIMPSON bapt. 15 Jul 1697
John, son of John WARE bapt. 18 Jul 1697


Roger, son of John HICKSON 7 Apr 1700
William, son of Richard WAIT of Baxton How 9 Apr 1700
William, son of Edward WILLSON 21 May 1700
James, son of John THOMPSON 25 Aug 1700
Richard, son of John ETTY 2 Feb 1700
Richard, son of John WARD 9 Feb 1700

1740 Baptisms

Mary, dau of Anthony HILL 23 Apr 1740
William, son of Peter STAVES 29 Jun 1740
Charles, son of John FOSTER 20 Jul 1740
Thomas, son of Robert KNEESHAW 24 Aug 1740
George, son of George SPENSLAY 7 Oct 1740
John, son of George PIERCY 19 Oct 1740
Hellin, dau of John THOMPSON 1 Jan 1740
Mary, dau of Marmaduke ETTY 15 Feb 1740

1741 Baptisms

George, son of John BESEMMER 1 Jan 1741
Susannah, dau of Peter STAVES 3 Jan 1741
George, son of Francis WILLISON 3 Jan 1741
George, son of George SPENSLAY 24 Jan 1741
John, son of Mary WATE 13 Nov 1741

Baptisms 1742

Elizabeth, dau of Roger WATERS 29 Apr 1742
Ann, dau of William LOPPINGTON 18 Jul,1742
Elizabeth, dau of James LAWSON 19 Sep 1742
Elizabeth, dau of Francis ISHERWOOD 27 Sep 1742
Mary, dau of Anthony HILL 21 Nov 1742
Thomas, son of Thomas ETTY 5 Dec 1742
Dorothy, dau of Francis DOBSON 21 Dec 1742
Mary, dau of Robert KNEESHAW 7 Mar 1742
Helen, dau of Helen THOMPSON, widow 18 Mar 1742

Baptisms 1743

Thomas, son of John ANDERSON 27 Mar 1743
John, son of Elizabeth SPENSLAY 16 Apr 1743 "a bastard child"
Hannah, dau of Richard HAYES 9 May 1743
Elizabeth, dau of Edward SIMPKIN 3 Jul 1743
George, son of Robert SHIPLEY 18 Sep 1743
Elizabeth, dau of Isaac CAMPLEMAN (?) 27 Sep 1743

1744 Baptisms

Henry, son of Francis DOBSON 25 Sep 1744
John, son of Francis WILLISON, carpenter 17 Oct 1744
John, son of William HORNER, shoemaker 11 Nov 1744
Frances, dau of Michael THORNTON, mason 4 Dec 1744
James, son of Francis ISHERWOOD, farmer 17 Dec 1744
Grace, dau of James BARNBY, blacksmith 21 Jan 1744
Susanna, dau of Richard REED (? - could be Read or Rood)of Hawthorp in
the Parish
of Hovingham baptised 3 Feb 1744


Elizabeth, daughter of Isaac WILSON bap. Mar 31, 1776
Hannah, dau of John RICHARDSON Apr 28, 1776
Mary, dau of John ETTY Jun 9, 1776
Benjamin, son of Elizabeth RENNISON (?) Aug 11, 1776
John, son of Elizabeth MILNER unreadable, but 1776
Robert, son of Joseph TRANMER Oct 6, 1776
Elizabeth, dau of Joseph MARSHALL Oct 6, 1776
Dorothy, dau of James SMITH Nov 24, 1776


Mary, dau of George WILLSON, shoemaker Jan 26, 1777
Hannah, dau of Margaret BELL Feb 2, 1777
Rose, dau of Thomas ROBSON Mar 2, 1777
Thomas, son of Thomas KNEESHAW Mar 23, 1777
Mary, dau of John SPENSLAY May 4, 1777
James, son of Christopher HARPER, blacksmith May 18, 1777
Ann, dau of John HICKS, Jr. Jun 8, 1777
Frances, dau of Richard THOMPSON June 8, 1777
Jane, dau of Thomas ROMBLEY (?) Jul 3, 1777
James, son of Nicholas MANNERS Jul 6, 1777
Mary, dau of John HARRISON, taylor Jul 13, 1777
John, son of William HORNER,(?) taylor Jul 13, 1777
Robert, son of Christopher HESP, weaver Jul 20, 1777

If there is a (?) - that simply means I either can not read the
handwriting with certainty, or most of the name is covered with ink
spots, smudges, etc. I've simply made a quick guess.


John and ____ (Allan ?), sons of James HICK Apr 16, 1778
Ann, dau of Thomas ETTY May 17, 1778
Sarah, dau of John WALKER, Maltster May 25, 1778
Robert, son of Goerge TURNER (?) of Gaze Hall in the Parish of
Hovingham Jun 28, 1778
Rachill, dau of John LONG??ISLER Aug 9, 1778
Elizabethm dau of John PIERCY, Innkeeper Oct 25, 1778
Hannah, dau of William HARDIN, Farmer Oct 27, 1778
Robert, son of John SPENSLAY (Spensley), labourer Nov 6, 1778
Thomas, son of Bernard COLTAS, Farmer Nov 22, 1778
John, son of Anthony HILL, Farmer Nov 23 or 25, 1778
William, son of Thomas BABER, Esq. by Elizabeth Berryman Oct___1778


Jane, dau of Edward HARDON, Wheelwright Jan 3, 1779
Mary, dau of William LINFOOT Jan 17, 1779
William, son of John RICHARDSON, labourer Feb 28, 1779
Edmund, son of George SHIPLEY, labourer Feb 28, 1779
Ann, dau of George ROBSON, labourer Apr 25, 1779
Mary, dau of Benjamin HICK, labourer May 12, 1779
Elizabeth, dau of Thomas KNEESHAW, labourer June 27, 1779
Christopher, son of Christopher HESP, weaver June 29, 1779
Thomas, son of Thomas RUMLEY, labourer Jul 14, 1779
Elizabeth, dau of Francis DOBSON, butcher Aug 17, 1779
John, son of Thomas ROBSON, labourer Oct 10, 1779
Mary, dau of William HARDIN, Farmer Nov 21, 1779
Hannah, dau of John WALKER, Maltster Dec 25, 1779
Ommitted, in with 1780 entries:
William, son of George WILDON, shoemaker Mar 17, 1779

The usual caution - I'm happy to send photocopies to anyone who
recognizes a name of interest. Since my typing is "iffy" at times, I
would love for you ( those interested in any surname ) to have a copy of
the actual register entry. I'm sure many of you are much better at
reading old handwriting than I. Her in the US it is
a common joke that you can always tell a doctor by his undecipherable
handwriting. I think I've found the key to determing a curate :-)


John, son of John and Alice WARD 6 Feb 1820
Nicholas, son of Richard and Elizabeth THOMPSON 29 Feb 1820 Farmer
William, son of William and Jane RENDER 6 Mar 1820
Elizabeth, dau of John and Mary HICKS 3 Apr 1820 Farmer
Ann Fairy, natural dau of Elizabeth WAVE, spinster 9 Apr 1820 ( love
that name! )
Alexander, son of James and Catherine WARE of Edinburgh 23 Apr 1820
George, son of James and Mary WAITE 15 May 1820
Jane, dau of George and Ann PEARCY 28 May 1820 Farmer
William, son of James and Esther LANGDALE 5 June 1820 Hind
George, son of Sarah HAILSTHORPE, spninster 9 June 1820
George, son of William and Ann FORTH 11 June 1820 Ladler
Richard, son of John and Ann ARUNDEL 11 June 1820 Shoemaker
Henry, son of Ann JOHNSON, spinster 18 June 1820
Hannah, dau of William and Emma CROFT 2 July 1820
William, son of George and Mary BAXTER 29 July 1820
John, son of Thomas and Ann WILSON 13 July 1820
Richard, son of William and Ann WRIGHT 13 Aug 1820
Mary, dau of Mary RACE of Malton, spinster Aug 1820 "buried October
Diana, dau of Christopher and Esther WARD 3 Sep 1820
Robert, son of Samuel and Hannah BIELBY (??) of Rillington 17 Sep 1820
Sarah, dau of Ricahrd and Ann APPLETON, 1 Oct 1820
George, son of Thomas and Esther PIERCY 15 Oct 1820
George, son of Thomas and Ann YOUNG 19 Nov 1820
Elizabeth, dau of Thomas and Margaret SUGGETT, 10 Dec 1820 Blacksmith
Sarah, dau of Susanna KNEESHAW, Spinster 25 Dec 1820
Sarah, dau of Elizabeth WALKER , Spinster 25 Dec 1820


Elizabeth, dau of Robert and Hannah SNOWBALL, tailor 21 Jan 1821
Mary, dau of Robert and Mary KNEESHAW 25 Feb 1821
John, son of George and Catherine SHARROW 18 Mar 1821
James, son of Anthony and Elizabeth HILL 1 Apr 1821
George, son of George and Hannah BEAN , shoemaker 15 Apr 1821
John, son of Francis and Hannah THORNTON, mason 3 June 1821
Thomas, son of Thomas and Hannah SMITH, carpenter 17 June 1821
Lucy, dau of Edith KNEESHAW, Spinster 11 July 1821
Thomas S__?, son of Thomas and Mary IRELAND , 15 July 1821
Mary, dau of James and Esther LANGDALE 8 Sep 1821
Elizabeth, dau of William and Mary GERMAIN (or Jermain) 7 Oct 1821
Charles, son of Charles and Sarah HARDWICK, Joiner 14 Oct 1821
William, son of Robert and Mary THORNTON 21 Oct 1821
George, son of George and Ann PEARXY 4 Nov 1821
Matthew William, son of John and Amy LYTHE, born Oct 12, 1821 and
baptised 20 Nov 1821 ( John was a veterinary surgeon )
Jane, dau of Ropbert and Mary LINFOOT 23 Dec 1821

BR> 1822

Jane, dau of William and Ann WRIGHT 20 Jan 1822
Ann, dau of John and Sarah MARSHALL 10 Feb 1822
Francis, son of William and Jane RENDER 10 Mar 1822
Anne, dau of Hannah and Christopher MASON, 12 May 1822
Sarah, dau of Christopher and Hannah DAWSON 2 Jun 1822
George, son of John and Ann ARUNDEL, cordwainer 7 Jul 1822
David, son of John and Alice WARD 1 Aug 1822
George, son of David and Elisabeth YOUNG 25 Aug 1822
Mary, dau of George and Mary BAXTER, horsebreaker 8 Sep 1822
William, son of William and Mary HAYTHORNE 8 Sep 1822
Jane, dau of James and Mary ALLAN 13 Oct 1822
Mary, dau of Joseph and Margaret BROWN 3 Nov 1822
Sarah, dau of James and Mary WAITE 3 Nov 1822
John White, son of William and Ann FORTH, ladler 22 Dec 1822

Henry, son of John and Edina HORNER , weaver 26 Jan 1823
John, son of Robert and Mary HESP, ladler 26 Jan 1823
Ann, dau of George and Mary WOOD 26 Jan 1823
William, son of Thomas and Ann WILSON, grocer 16 Feb 1823
William, son of William and Catherine WALKER, Clergyman 20 Feb 1823
(William Walker was the Curate of Slingsby)
David, son of John and Hannah COULSON 9 Mar 1823
Hannah, dau of Francis and Hannah THORNTON, mason 20 Apr 1823
Mary, dau of Elizabeth WILSON, Spinster 18 May 1823
Jane, dau of Robert and Jane KNEESHAW 15 Jun 1823
Hannah, dau of Christopher and Ester WARD 13 Jul 1823
Hannah, dau of Anthony and Elizabeth HILL 27 Jul 1823
Emma, dau of William and Emma CROFT 27 Jul 1823
Margaret, dau of William and Elizabeth FREER 24 Aug 1823
Helen, dau of John and Sarah MARSHALL 27 Aug 1823
William, son of William and Ann WRIGHT 12 Oct 1823
William, son of Charles and Sarah HARDWICK 12 Oct 1823
Anne, dau of Mary KILSON (?), Spinster 12 Oct 1823
George, son of Thomas and Mary SUGGETT 23 Nov 1823
Jane, dau of Benjamin and Hannah SMITH 7 Dec 1823
Thomas Dawson, son of Robert and Sarah THORNTON 14 Dec 1823
Sarah, dau of Thomas and Hannah PIERSON 21 Dec 1823

Slingsby Marriages 1691 - 1874 Donated by Patricia Porter


Frances LAMBERT and Ann TROWSDALE (?) married 21 Jan 1691
William CONSOL (??) and Mary BLONSON of Torrington (?) married 4 Feb

Michael LOPPINGTON and Jane WARDELL (?) 2 Apr 1692
George TREAKSTONE and Ann TAYLOR 30 Jun 1692
Robert HICK and Ellen JONES 5 Jul 1692
Francis GUY and Elizabeth JACKSON 4 Nov 1692
Luke NEYON (???) and Ann SOLLAR 24 Jan 1692


Thomas HARDWICK and Elizabeth URSLAY married April ___? 1693


John HARDWICK and Ursula WARINGHAM(???)of Hovingham married 25 oct
William LONG of Old Malton and Elizabeth THOMPSON married 8 Oct 1695
Richard BRADLEY and Mary RUMLAR married ______? 1695
William ROBINSON of Ganthorp in the parish of --orrington
John COOK of Kilbourne and ______? married


George SELLER and Elizabeth SMITH married 11 May 1697
John HODSON of Rippon and Priscilla WARD married 10 Aug 1697


Thomas THORP and Elizabeth ISHERWOOD 26 Dec 1700
John SURR of Cramb and Susanna COATS __ Nov 1700

1740 Marriages

Richard HAYES and Eastor MILLBOURN 6 May 1740
John ETTY and Jane SHELTON 4 Oct 1740
John WILSON and Penelope HICK 11 Nov 1740
Thomas LUMBLAY and Elizabeth ISHERWOOD 11 Nov 1740
Thomas CON (?) and Elizabeth ETTY 20 Nov 1740

1741 Marriages

Edward SIMPKIN and Margaret THORP 3 May 1741
Thomas MEGGESEN and Mary CARR 23 May 1741
Thomas ETTY and Mary BREES (or BROOS) 31 Dec 1741

Marriages 1742

Jonathan BESEMWORTH and Mary DRAKE (?) 16 Nov 1742
William HORNER and Elizabeth THORNTON 31 Dec 1742
William LUND and Mary ETTY 2 May 1742

1743 Marriages

Michael THORNTON and Mary SPENSLAY 22 Dec 1743
Richard HARRISON and Jane SHELTON 2 Jan 1743

Marriages 1744 Slingsby
"The Rector James GARDSON Rector of this Parish, widower, married by
license to Miss Sarah STAINFORTH,
Daughter to John STAINFORTH, Esq. late Lord Mayor of York." July 24,

"Henry LONGBOTTOM, batchelor and Amy HAGUE of this parish married by
license at St. Olive's church in
Mary Gate, York" Aug 9, 1744

"Simon KAY of West Fanfield, widower and Susanna WELTON of this
parish....." Sep 25, 1744

John HICK and Rosamond SPENSLAY 16 Oct 1744
George HUTCHINSON, batchelor and Elizabeth DAWSON, spinster 13 Nov

Metcalf MARKENFIELD, batchelor and Ann MANNERS of the Parish of Burdsol
were married by license in the
Parish of Burdsol 11 Dec 1744

Thomas BOGGS of the Parish of Salton - Mary JOHNSON of Slingsby 17
July 1790

Ralph CHAPMAN and Sarah SPIGHT, both of Slingsby 17
Nov 1790

Edmund SHIPLEY and Alice SHELTON, bot of Slingsby 2
Dec 1790

William WALES of Hovingham Parish and Jane GRAY, Slingsby 17
Nov 1791

Ralph CHRISTILOW of the Parish of Sinnington and Ann THORNTON 5
Dec 1791

Thomas KNEESHAW and Mary CHANDLER of the Parish of Stonegrave 2
Apr 1792

And some more....not every bride and/or gromm is from Slingsby, but
until I am sure I've deciphered the correct place name, I'll leave it

Matthew LAWSON and Jane SHERWOOD, 1
May 1796

John SPENSLEY and Ellen LINFOOT , 12
May 1797

George NEWBY and Ruth TREWFETT, (Ruth signed her name) 13
Jan 1798

Christopher HARPER (??) and Dorothy SMITH 9
Mar 1798

George WHITE and Jane SHERWOOD 26
May 1798

Thomas COATES and Mary CHAPMAN 13
May 1799

David LOW and Elizabeth BOVILL 24
Oct 1799

Robert HUTCHINSON and Mary WILSON 26
Nov 1799

Thomas GRAY and Ann MASON 6
Mar 1800

John ROBSON and Fanny HARRISON 23
Sep 1800

John BROWN and Elizabeth ARMSTRONG 7
Oct 1800

Matthew BOYES and Elizabeth ____?

Thomas HUTCHINSON and Elizabeth WALMSLAY 9
Feb 1801

Thomas MANNERS and Hannah WALKER 17
Feb 1801

Thomas BELL and Jane CHAPMAN 7
Dec 1801

William DAWSON and Hannah WAITE 24
Dec 1801

Christopher DAWSON and Hannah ALLAN 24 Feb 1802

John GRAINGER and Ann THOMPSON 5 Apr 1802

Robert HESP and Sarah SCARTH 9 Jun 1802

Bartholomew MAN and Mary WILSON 29 Nov 1802

Thomas WELBURNE of Scauton (?, could be Scotton) and Sarah SHIPLEY
27 Dec 1802

Robert YOUNG and Hannah Sh--nger 19 Dec 1803

Matthew BARKEL (?) of Nunnington and Jane AUDLEY 3 Feb 1803

Thomas LEGGET and Jane HARRISON 14 Feb 1804

John BUTLER of Crambe and Elizabeth DOBSON 9 Apr 1804

William ROBINSON of Wintringham and Margaret SHIPLEY
28 Oct 1804

Matthew BILTON and Elizabeth LAWSON 10 Nov 1804

Richard ATKINSON of Kirbymoorside and Sarah EAGLE
12 Sep 1804 (?) or 1805

James WILSON of Kirbymoorside and Ann BURTON 20 Oct 1805

George LOWTHERS of Hovingham and Sarah WILSON 18 Jan 1806

William HAYTHORN of Salton and Mary SMITH 25 Nov 1806

Thomas SUGGITT and Mary CHAPMAN 24 Feb 1807

Harmon MASON and Hannah STOCKTON 14 Jul 1807

Francis BOGGS of Coxwold and Elizabeth KENDRA (?) 20 Oct 1807

William WILDON and Mary WARDILE 6 Jan 1808

John ROBSON and Jane SUGGITT, widow 2 Feb 1808

Anthony HILL and Elizabeth MANNERS 2 Oct 1808

Christopher TAYLOR of ____? and Jane LAWON 25 Dec 1808
(The locality for Christopher is almost impossible to read - looks lik
" Fulton or Hulton Fernswick"
In some cases, I've included the names of the witnesses.If I can
determine the parent name and any occupations, I've also included that


John NELSON and Elizabeth CANDILL 13 Jun 1813

Francis THORNTON, mason and Hannah KNEESHAW 20 Sep 1813
wit: Francis HILL and Susannah HARPER

William TASKER of Hovingham and Mary BOYNTON 15 Dec 1813

Robert LINFOOT and Mary KNEESHAW 25 Dec 1813

William PEACOCK of Nunnington, butcher and Mary THOMPSON 24 Jan 1814
Peacock signed, Mary made her mark.

John LINFOOT and Ann SHERWOOD 11 Apr 1814
John signed, Ann made her mark

James PATTON of Hovingham and Ann LINWOOD 29 Aug 1814

Richard PEACOCK of Nunnington and Sarah THOMPSON 26 Sep 1814
Richard signed, Sarah made her mark
wir: William NICHOLSON and Frances


John BRADSHAW of Ganthorpe and Elizabeth COOPER
both signed
wit: John COOPER, Jane PIERCY, Mary PIERCY
William CROFT and Emma KNEESHAW 25 Dec 1816
William signed, Emma made her mark
wit: Robert THOMPSON and Francis THORNTON

Thomas HARRISON and Elizabeth SPENSLAY 6 Apr 1817
wit: Thomas BEAN and George BILTON

John GRAINGER and Elizabeth WARD 15 April 1817
John signed, Elizabeth made her mark
wit: William CHAPMAN and Susannah HARPER

Thomas CLOSE of Kirbymoorside and Bridget SEDGWICK 15 Apr 1817
Both signed
wit: Ann CLOSE and Francis THORNTON both signed 6 Dec 1817

Thomas SPENSLAY and Mary CLOSE 13 Dec 1817
both made their mark
wit: Francis THORNTON

1818 (Partial)

John ARONDALE and Ann BROWN 9 Feb 1818
John signed, Ann made her mark
wit: Thomas MAGSON and Anne CHAPMAN
both signed

William KENDER and Jane BOYNTON 19 Feb
both made their marks
wit: John BEAN and Thomas TATE
both signed

John BEAN and Hannah LINWOOD 9 Mar 1818
John signed, Hannah made her mark
wit: Thomas YOUNG and Francis THORNTON

Robert LACEY and Mary THOMPSON 28 Mar 1818
Robert signed, Mary made her mark
wit: John HARRISON and Henrietta HICK

Hebden FLOWER of Hovingham and Anne BRIGHAM 4 Apr 1818
both signed
wit: William WILSON and Alice KNEESHAW

David YOUNG of Brampton Cumberland and Elizabeth TREWFETT 21 Apr 1818
both signed
both signed

George SHARROW and Catherin ARMINSON 7 Sep 1818
both signed
wit: John ARONDALE and Francis THORNTON

Anthony HALL of the parish of Naburn and Teresa WALLIS Nov 4, 1818
both signed
wit: George HILL and Francis THORNTON
both signed


Thomas IRELAND, Yeoman and Mary PIERCY 26 Jan 1819
both signed
wit: William WILSON and Jane PIERCY
both signed

Thomas PIERCY and Esther SIGSWORTH 24 Nov 1819
both signed
wit: Charles HARDWICK and Thomas NEWBY
both signed

Abraham ROYDS (?) of Coxwold and Sarah PEARSON 29 Nov 1819
Note: The curate entered "KOYDS", but the signature of the groom looks
more like R_OYDS - this could be RHODES) both signed
with: Richard PEARSON and Ann BARKER

George BAXTER and Mary PEACOCK 13 Nov 1819

Francis THOMPSON and Mary WAITE 9 Dec 1820
Francis signed, mary made her mark
wit: Robert HESP and Francis THORNTON

Christopher MASON and Hannah RACE 30 Jan 1821
wit: James ALLAN and Daniel SNOWDON

George WOOD and Mary RACE 30 June 1821
both signed
wit: Maria WALKER and Francis THORNTON
both signed

Thomas GRAINGER of Stonegrove and Hannah THOMPSON 21 Nov 1821
note: groom signed his name "GRANGE"
wit: William SMITH and Francis THORNTON

John WALKER of Barton and Mary ROBSON 23 Feb 1822
both made their mark
wit: John MITCHELL and George THOMPSON
both signed

Robert THORNTON and Sarah DAWSON 27 May 1822

Ricahrd SWALES of Helmsley and Jane WILSON 22 Sep 1822
wit: Henry SWALES and Thomas MILES


John HESP and Ann GRAY 28 Jan 1823
wit: Thomas WILSON

Robert ETTY and Sarah ATKINSON 17 Mar 1823
wit: John LAWSON and Richard WOODCOCK

William WILSON and Jane PIERCY 1 Sep 1823
wit: William BRIGHAM, Mary BRIGHAM and George PIERCY


John THORNTON and Jance PIERCY 26 Jan 1824
wit: James ALLAN and Turner YOUNG

George WILDON and Jane WATSON of Hovingham 13 Nov 1824
wit: George BAXTER and Joseph THACKERAY


William CHAPMAN and Alice KNEESHAW 25 Feb 1825
wit: James KNEESHAW and Sarah KNEESHAW

William SMITH and Ann CHAPMAN 6 Oct 1825
wit: William BELL (or BALL)

Thomas NEWBY and Jane BOYNTON 8 Dec 1825
wit: William BOYNTON and Mary BOVILL

William BOYNTON of Barton le Street and Mary BOVILL (she signed BAVILL)
19 Jan 1826
wit: John HICKS and Ann BAVILL

Thomas STOCKDALE and Maria HARES of South Holme in parish of Hovingham
25 Nov 1826
wit: John FLOWER and Turner YOUNG

William BOYES and Jane MASON 28 Nov 1826
wit: James ALLAN and Daniel SNOWDON

Thomas FLOWER of Nunnington and Elizabeth HUDSON 13 Dec 1826
wit: John HARPER and Ralph SNOWDON

Marriages for the Parish of Slingsby:

Thomas WARE of Terrington and Jane BUXTON 31 Jan 1827
wit: William DAWSON and Ann BUXTON

Robert WALKER of Eastington (probably Essington) and Fanny WILSON
7 June 1827
wit: Thomas WILSON and Francis THORNTON

Ralph SNOWDON of Nunnington and Susannah HARPER 3 Nov 1827
wit: Elizabeth HARPER and William______? looks like it could be AYERS

Adam HOUSTON (??) and Elizabeth THORNTON 2 Feb 1828
wit: Michael JOHNSON and Mary HOULSTON (?)
Note: Mary and Adam are related- they both have the same last name. Just
can't read the darn thing.
After having 7 different people try to decipher the name, we've come up
with Houston, Houlston or

Thomas SUGGETT and Sarah HESP 5 Apr 1828
wit: William CHAPMAN and Francis THORNTON

George RUDDOCK and Susannah SUGGETT 13 Sep 1828
wit: Mary HILL and Mary BAINES

William LOUNSBRO of Cropton in Middleton and Mary BAINES 7 Nov 1828
Note: groom signed LOUNSBOROUGH
wit: James BULMER and Mary GOODWILL

George SHARROW and Hannah BARKER 14 Apr 1828
wit: Mary SUGGETT and Francis THORNTON

William BELL and Mary MANNERS 8 Nov 1829
wit: Sarah MANNERS and William FORTH

Isaac KNEESHAW and Margaret PIERCY 6 Dec 1829
wit: Richard HILL of Salton and Elizabeth FORTH
1830 ( and one left over from 1829)
Issac KNEESHAW and Margaret PIERCY 6 Dec 1829
wit: Richard HILL of Salton and Elizabeth FORTH

John HARPER and Margaret HUTCHINSON 13 Feb 1830
wit: David HUTCHINSON and Sara MANNERS

Thomas MARSHALL and Esther CHESTER of the parish of Barton le Street
14 Aug 1830
wit: William CHESTER and Jane CHESTER

James BLACKWILL of Sherrif Hutton and Alice WRAY 12 Sep 1830
Wit: Jonathan HARDY and John ALERLD (?)

Robert HOOD of Hovingham and Ann THOMPSON 23 Dec 1830
wit: George WOOD and Francis THORNTON


William FORTH and Sarah MANNERS 19 Mar 1831
wit: John THORNTON and Betsy MANNERS

Christopher BOWES, age 21, batchelor and Mary PIERCY, age 20, spinster
1 Dec 1831
wit: James KNEESHAW and Sarah KNEESHAW

George HUTTON of Kirkdale and Sarah WILSON 13 Feb 1832
wit: John WILSON, James WILSON and Mary GOODWILL

John REVELEY, age 30 and Jane CHAPMAN, widow 25 Feb 1832
wit: Thomas BUTRON ( or BUXTON), Margaret WARD

William RINGROSE of Settrington and Esther WARD 8 May 1832
wit: Francis THORNTON and Joseph HILL

Jonathan HARDY and Mary WARD 23 June 1832
wit: John WAITE and Francis THORNTON
Note: This marriage performed by John ELLIS, curate of Barton, rather
the curate of Slingsby.

Thomas LIXTON of Appleton le Street and Ann COLLEY 6 Nov 1832
wit: Jonathan COULSON, John HICKS, Ann HICKS and Margaret HARLAND

Robert GRAINGER and Elizabeth FORTH of Hovingham 22 Dec 1832
wit: John FAWCETT, John GRAINGER, Mary SUNDLEY (?) and Ruth THOMPSON


William DALE and Hannah BOYNTON of Hovingham 22 June 1833
wit: Francis THORNTON and John DALE

William BOYES, gae 21 batchelor and Jane LAWSON of Fryton in the
parish of Hovingham 24 July 1833
wit: John KENDALL, Esther LAWSON and John HECKLEY

John WAITE, age 31 and Mary GOODWILL, age 25 23 Nov 1833
wit: Mary BELL and Thomas GOODWILL


Robert JOHNSON and Sarah WILSON 14 Jan 1834
wit: Turner YOUNG and Francis THORNTON

Christopher IRELAND, age 30, batchelor and Ruth THOMPSON, age 22
29 July 1834
wit: Thomas SPENCELEY and Eliza THOMPSON

David RICHARDSON and Ann PIERCY 24 Dec 1834
wit: Isaac KNEESHAW and _____? KNEESHAW


Joseph STODDARD and Hannah DAWSON 27 Jan 1835
wit: Thomas BURTON and Mary THOMPSON

Thomas WARE and Ann HICKS 26 Dec 1835

Francis SWANN and Mary BILL (?) 7 Aug 1836
wit: Robert YOUNG

John KAY of South Holme, Hovingham and Elizabeth DONKIN 24 Nov 1836
wit: John WILSON and Francis THORNTON

Thomas SMITH and Anne WILSON 10 Dec 1836
wit: William WILSON and Francis THORNTON

John WILDSMITH of Fryton, Hovingham, age 21 and Elizabeth PIERCY, age 21
28 Jan 1837
wit: Robert LINFOOT and William WILSON

George FEASBY of Amotherby and Hannah SNOWBALL 11 Feb 1837
wit: Rosanna LINFOOT and William WILSON

Robert HESP, son of Robert and Charlotte ROBSON, dau of George
15 July 1837
wit: Marmaduke LINFOOT and John SPENSLEY

John YOUNG, son of Robert and Jane BARNES, dau of Thomas,
stonemason 29 July 1837
wit: John KING and Thomas SPENCELEY

James DALE, age 25 and Rachel KNEESHAW, age 22 5 Aug 1837
wit: Thomas MAGSON and Hannah KING

John MEDD, butcher, son of John MEDD and Hannah THOMPSON, dau of
Robert THOMPSON, Yeoman 11 Oct 1837
wit: John MEDD and Mary ETTY


James THORNTON,stonemason, son of Francis, stonemason 24 Jan 1838
and Ann BOTTERIL of Appleton le Street, dau of John
wit: Charles HARDWICK and George WILSON

Francis COATES, of Slaton, son of Thomas, tailor and 27 Jan 1838

Emily DAWSON, dau of Christopher
wit: William PICKARD (?) and George WILSON

William GREEN, Yeoman of Great Habton, son of James and 30 Apr 1838

Mary POTTER, dau of John, tailor
wit: John WARD and George WILSON

William LIGHTOWLER, waterman, of Malton, son of John LIGHTOWLER,
and Harriet WILSON, dau of William WILSON, brewer 31 May 1838
wit: Emily WILSON and George WARD

Robert SLATER of Appleton le Street, son of William 8 Sep 1838
and Mary JOHNSON, dau of George, Yeoman
wit: George JOHNSON, Ann CHAPMAN and

John FREER, tailor, son of John and Ann SNOWBALL, dau of
Robert, tailor. 30 Sept 1838
wit: Thomas LUMLEY and Rosana LINFOOT

John SMITH, carpenter, son of Thomas and Mary ETTY 3 Oct 1838
wit: George BOYES and Susanna BANKS
David HUTCHINSON, son of Thomas and Sarah PICKERING, a minor, of 10
Oct 1838

Little Habton in Kirby Misperton, dau of Henry PICKERING, Yeoman
wit: Ralph SNOWDON and Sarah SNOWDON

George WILSON, grocer, son of Thomas, grocer and Jane MANNERS,dau of
12 Dec 1838
wit: Thomas SPENCELEY and Eliza THOMPSON


Thomas COOPER, gamekeeper, son of John COOPER, Yeoman 4 Sep 1839
and Elizabeth MANNERS, dau of Thomas MANNERS, husbandman

Thomas OLDFIELD, mason, son of Christopher OLDFIELD, mason
and Mary LINFOOT, dau of William LINFOOT 16 Nov 1839
wit: Thomas CHIPCHASE (???) and Roseanna LINFOOT


William BURNET of Ferrington, son of John BURNET 11 Jan 1840
and Ann GERMAIN, dau of William GERMAIN
wit: John COLLEY and Thomas GERMAIN

JOHN KING, carpenter, son of Henry KING, builder 2 Mar 1840
and Sarah ROBINSON, dau of WILLIAM

ROBINSON, blacksmith
wit: William RHOADES, Ann KING and Thomas SMITH

Robert SHIPLEY and Elizabeth POTTER, dauu of William POTTER 21 Mar
wit: Frances POTTER and Thomas SPENCELEY

Richard PETTY of Hovingham and Mary SMITH, dau of Thomas SMITH,
13 May 1840
wit: John SMITH and Thomas SPENCELEY

William THRAKSTONE of Barton le Street, son of Robert THRAKSTONE, cattle
and Roseanna LINFOOT, dau of John LINFOOT, Yeoman 13 May 1840
wit: Jane ALLAN and Lucy KNEESHAW

William SELBY, blacksmith of Great Habton, son of Christopher SELBY
26 May 1840
and Elizabeth THORNTON, dau of William THORNTON
wit: George BOYES and ______unreadable

Robert SNOWBALL of Barnsley, son of Thomas SNOWBALL 17 May 1840
and Ann HAYTHORNE, dau of William HAYTHORNE
wit: Charles Harwick and Hannah HOWE (?)

John Myers ARUNDELL, tailor, of Malton, son of William ARUNDELL, tailor
and Jane THOMPSON, dau of Robert THOMPSON, Yeoman 8 June 1840
wit: Thomas LEE and ELLIS THOMPSON

William WARD, son of John WARD and Mary MONKS of Bartonle Street 3 Oct
wit: William MEDD and Elizabeth HORNER

William CHAPMAN, widower, of Thornton, son of George CHAPMAN 28 Nov
and Hannah BEILBY, widow, dau of Robert THOMPSON
wit: Francis DUCK and Thomas MASTERMAN (?)

George HILL, gardener, son of Anthony HILL, Yeoman
and Margaret PRINGLE, dau of Andrew PRINGLE 31 Dec 1844
wit: George BOYES and Francis THORNTON


Robert STERRICKER of Bulmer and Esther CHAPMAN, dau of Richard CHAPMAN
5 July 1845
wit: Joseph WARDELL and Hannah WARD

William KNEESHAW, son of Robert KNEESHAW, Yeoman
and Mary BROWN, dau of Joseph BROWN 9 July 1845
wir: John PIERCY and Philip KNEESHAW

Edward HORNER , son of John HORNER and Elizabeth WALLIS,
dau of Christopher WALLIS
27 Sep 1845
wit: Joseph ARRUNDAL and Mary WILSON

George MILNE, Gentleman of Newcastle Upon Tyne, son
of Thomas MILNE, Gentleman and Ann PIERCY, dau of George PIERCY
10 Nov 1845
wit: Willliam CHAPMAN and J.E.IRELAND


George FOSTER, son of William FOSTER and Elizabeth HILL,
dau of Anthony HILL, Yeoman 11 Feb 1846
wit: Hannah BOWES, Maria GRAINGER, George HILL

Thomas KITCHEN of Wellbut near Bulmer, son of Francis KITCHEN
and Hannah LINFOOT, dau of Robert LINFOOT 7
Nov 1845
wit: Robert ETTY and Robert LINFOOT

Samuel WIMBUSH, widower, Gentleman of No 2, Halkin St., London,
son of Samuel WIMBUSH
and Ann HILLHOUSE, dau of Charles HILLHOUSE, Merchant
18 Nov 1846
wit: James HILLHOUSE and Catherinde RAND?


Joseph EZARTH. carpenter, son of Richard EZARTH, carpenter
and Maria GRAINGER, dau of John GRAINGER 22 May 1847
Wit: John GRAINGER and Hannah BOWES

George YOUNG, son of David YOUNG and
Hannah HILL, dau of Anthony HILL 30 Oct 1847
wit: James HILL, Phebe KNEESHAW (?), John HARPER

James HILL, son of Anthony HILL and 18 Dec
Elizabeth RENDER, dau of William RENDER
wit: George HILL,Mary Hannah FREER


John HUDSON, whitesmith, of Malton, son of John HUDSON, whitesmith
and Ann PEARSON, dau of Thomas PEARSON ( bride signed PIERSON )
26 Jan 1848

George WHITE, son of Christopher WHITE 24 Nov 1848
and Phillis IRVING, dau of Richard IRVING
wit: Richard BROWN and Thomas NEWBY


Michael HAINES of Thorpe Bassette, son of Robert HAINES
and Ruth YOUNG, dau of David YOUNG 28 Jan
wit: William CHAPMAN and Elizabeth WARWICK

Christopher JOHNSON and Ann WILSON, dau of George WILSON 13 May 1850
wit: Thomas SMITH, Anne WILSON

James BEAN, son of William BEAN, blacksmith and Sarah THORNTON, dau of
Francis THORNTON, stonemason. 21 Jan 1851
wit: William GERMAN and Robert CATON

Jonathan HEWARD, blacksmith, son of William HEWARD, Yeoman and
Jane MAGSON, dau of Thomas MAGSON, Yeoman. 6 Feb 1851
wit: John HARPER and George BOYES

Francis FLETCHER, carpenter, of Salton, son of John FLETCHER, carpenter
and Ann WOOD, dau of George WOOD, labourer. 8 Feb 1851
wit: James ALLAN and William OLDFIELD

George FORTH, sadler, son of William FORTH, sadler and Mary WEDGEWOOD,
dau of William WEDGEWOOD, labourer. 9 Aug 1851
wit: Hannah BUTTON and John Solomon EAST (?)

Charles DAWSON, son of Christopher DAWSON, labourer and Mary EAST.
29 Nov 1851
wit: Henry EAST and Matthew Thomas PEACOCK

Thomas HOOD, son of William HOOD and Jane BRITTON, dau of Thomas
BRITTON, tallow chandler
27 Dec 1851
wit: Thomas PEACOCK and Thomas BRITTON


David CLARK of York and Eliza HODGSON, dau of Leonard HODGSON, cattle
dealer 8 May 1852
wit: Barnabas WRIGHT and Anna HODGSON

Matthew HUSBAND , farmer, of Baythorpe and Mary KNEESHAW, dau of Robert
KNEESHAW, farmer
7 Aug 1852
wit: James KNEESHAW and Thomas HUSBAND

William WALKER, son of Robert WALKER and Ann ELLERBY, dau of Martin
ELLERBY 29 Dec 1852
wit: Robert SMITH and Hannah HOWE


Robert SMITH, son of Joseph SMITH and Hannah HOWE, dau of Thomas HOWE,
18 Jan 1853
wit: Richard LINFOOT and Richard ALLAN

John Armstrong HODGSON of Kirbymoorside, son of William HODGSON,
shoemaker and
Hannah HAKINS 21 Feb 1853
wit: Jonathan DOBBIN and Jane WARE

John APPLEYARD, widower, blacksmith of Sheriff Hutton, son of William
and Rachel CLAYTON, widow, dau of William COATES, farmer. 17 July
wit: Turner YOUNG and William APPLEYARD

George LOBLEY, son of Christopher LOBLEY and Hannah DALE, dau of David
DALE 23 July 1853
wit: Thomas BRIGHAM and Ricahrd ALLAN

John WALKINGTON, tailor of Nafferton and Helen MARSHALL 6 Dec 1853
no witnesses listed

Thomas WALKER, Clerk, of Sleights, son of William WALKER, Clerk and
Hannah Honor WHYTEHEAD, dau of William WHYTEHEAD, Solicitor.
10 May 1854
Wit: William WALKER, Maria ALLISON, Catherine WALKER, Ann WALKER
William Robert WARD, Owen PHILIPS, Thomas WALKER,Jr. ___ALLISON

James RENDER, son of William RENDER, labourer and Margaret THOMPSON,
a minor. 27 Nov 1854
wit: Henry HOOD and Eliza BARKER


Joseph LUMBLAY of Scagglethorpe in the Parish of Settrington, son of
Joseph and
Elizabeth FREER, dau of William FREER. 28 Apr 1855
wit: Sarah FREER and William THORNTON

Thomas WALKER, Solicitor, residing in Malton. Son of Thomas WALKER,
Solicitor and
Mary Jane WALKER, dau of William WALKER, Clerk. 31 July 1855
Wit: Henry HOOD and Eliza BARKER

Henry John WALKER, curate, son of William WALKER, Clerk and Sarah Jane
ROWS(?), dau of
William ROWS(?), Gentleman. 1 Aug 1855


William MILE, age 27, Ironmonger, son of George MILE, Innkeeper and
Elizabeth COULSON, age 21, dau of Jonathan COULSON, farmer.
2 June 1856

George Arthur FIRTH, age 28, Clerk in Orders, Malton. Son of
Richard Anson FIRTH, Gentleman. Harriet Ann CARTER, age 19,
dau of William CARTER, Clerk in Orders.
25 June 1856

William POOL, age 30, of Welburn and Rachel WEDGEWOOD, age 24,
dau of William WEDGEWOOD.
wit: George FORTH and Jane WEDGEWOOD
20 Oct 1856

Robert BULMER, age 26, son of Thomas BULMER and Elizabeth BAINES, widow
age 27. Dau of George WILSON, shoemaker.
Wit: Joseph ARUNDAL and Mary HAYTHORNE
14 Jan 1857

Thomas Dawson THORNTON, age 33, son of Robert THORNTON, stonemason and
Frances CLAXTON, age 44, Spinster, dau of Thomas CLAXTON, farmer.
Wit: Thomas WAITE and Sarah WAITE
24 June 1857

George GIBSON, widower, of Hovingham, son of George GIBSON 5 Aug 1857
and Elizabeth HARRISON, dau of George HARRISON
wit: Mary HARRISON and Darrion(?) Ward STERICKER

John Welburn SCALES, age 26, son of Christopher SCALES, carpenter
and Hannah BELL, age 27, dau of William BELL, blacksmith 10 Dec 1857
wit: Jane Bell, Robert LYON and Thomas Caney AYDON


Thomas BARNES, age 29, stonemason, son of Thomas BARNES, stonemason
and Margaret Morris SCOTT, age 30, dau of James SCOTT, mariner
1 Feb 1858
wit: William HOWE and Elizabeth SCOTT

Joseph WRIGHT, age 22, son of William WRIGHT 5 June 1858
and Hannah KAY, age 22, dau of Thomas KAY, wood bailiff
wit: Barnabus WRIGHT and Ellen KAY

William GERMAIN, age 28, schoolmaster, son of William GERMAIN
and Joanne KNEESHAW, age 24, dau of Robert KNEESHAW
7 Oct 1858
wit: James CATTLE, Sarah KNEESHAW, Sarah CATTLE and William KING

Frederick CLAYTON, age 26, son of Richard CLAYTON, blacksmith
and Ann WILSON 23 Oct 1858
wit: Caroline WILSON, Mary CLAYTON, Sarah COATES (?) and James MERRELL

George SKAIFE of Pickering, son of John SKAIFE 25 Nov 1858
and Mary ELLERBY, dau of Martin ELLERBY
wit: William ELLERBY, Elizabeth ELLERBY, Jane ELLERBY and Henry HOOD

James WILKINSON, age 38, widower, of Fryton, son of Robert WILKINSON
and Hannah ROBSON, 38, widow, dau of Robert JOHNSON
4 Dec 1858
wit: Martha TAYLOR and William WILKINSON


William HUMBLE, age 24, brickmaker, son of Robert HUMBLE and
Jane EAST, age 24, of St. Leonard's Parish, near Malton,
dau of William EAST.
28 Mar 1860
wit: Robert HUMBLE, Ann MAGSON, Thomas ARMITAGE, William PARNABY

Samuel TATE of Sherburn, farm servant, son of John TATE
and Mary BOYES, dau of William BOYES
25 Apr 1860

William HUNTON, age 27, of Hovingham, son of Robert HUNTON
and Tamar PREST, age 30, dau of Thomas PREST, whitesmith
28 July 1860
wit: William Robert WARD, Francis PREST, Thomas STIRTH (?)

Richard BESWICK, age 26, of Hougham, son of Richard BESWICK
and Elizabeth HUTCHINSON, age 20, dau of William HUTCHINSON
8 Sep 1860
wit: Christopher HARPER, Hannah WARE, Elizabeth POTTER and Thomas

William HARGRAVE, age 24, sadler, son of Robert HARGRAVE, sadler
and Sarah KNEESHAW, dau of Isaac KNEESHAW
25 Sep 1860
wit: MaryAnn SNOWDON, Hannah COATES, Robert KNEESHAW and Robert SMAILES

Joseph WATSON, age 25, stone cutter, son of Joseph WATSON, warehouseman
and Ann THORNTON, age 32, dau of John THORNTON, stonemason
25 Sep 1860
wit: Jane LAWSON, William COULSON, George BOYES, Mary Jane THORNTON

William COATSWORTH, age 23, of Bulmer, son of David COATSWORTH
and Elizabeth YOUNG, dau of Turner YOUNG
8 Dec 1860
wit: Turner YOUNG, S. COATSWORTH, Mary Jane YOUNG, William YOUNG,


Thomas ATKINSON, age 23, draper, of Guisbro(ugh), son of Thomas
ATKINSON, butcher
and Mary Ann SNOWDON, age 20, son of William SNOWDON, veterinary surgeon
1 Aug 1861

Goarge LAYCOCK, age 26, sailor, of Bridlington Quay, son of Richard
LAYCOCK, shoemaker
and Ann WILDON, age 29, dau of George WILDON, shoemaker
31 Dec 1861
wit: George WILDON, Mary WILDON

George LOBLEY, age 51, widower, son of Christopher LOBLEY
and Sarah FOX, 45, spinster, dau of John FOX
wit: Mary HAYTHORNE and Richard ALLAN

William BRAMLEY, age 23, son of Thomas BRAMLEY 13 Dec 1870
and Jane Elizabeth HARDY, age 21
wit: Robert SHIPLEY and Elizabeth FLINTOFF (?)

Isaac DUCK, age 21, of Hinderskelfe, groom, son of John DUCK
and Matilda CUTTS, dau of William CUTTS 22 Dec 1870


George HUNTON, age 44, widower, of Hovingham 18 Jan 1871
and Ann HOPWOOD, age 38, dau of John HOPWOOD

George WARE, age 23, joiner, son of Robert WARE, joiner
and Mary Jane SPOFFORTH of Castle Howard, dau of Thomas SPOFFORTH,
15 May 1871
wit: William SPOFFORTH and Anne SPOFFORTH

Barugh MUZEEN, age 31, of Wombleton, son of John MUZEEN 16 Aug 1871
and Jane Elizabeth BOYES, age 26, dau of William BOYES


Robert MITCHELL, age 27, carpenter of Scagglethoro in Settrington, son
of Robert MITCHELL
and Mary Jane HESP, age 21, dau of Robert HESP
2 Apr 1872

Walter Cayley ALEXANDER, common brewer, son of James ALEXANDER, surgeon
and Helen CARTER, dau of William CARTER, Clerk in Orders
2 Apr 1872
wit: W.R. WARD, Mary ALEXANDER, C.C. WEDDELL, H.P WORSLEY, George Arthur
Charles C. CARTER and ____? BOWER

William KIRBY, age 40, of Pickering, son of Robert KIRBY 29 June
and Elizabeth POTTER, age 36, dau of Thomas POTTER
wit: James WEDGEWOOD, Jane WALKER, Matthew POTTER and Jane DENNEY(?)

30 Jan 1873
George YOUNG, age 23, stonemason, son of John YOUNG, stonemason
and Jane DODGSON, age 24, dau of Thomas DODGSON, butcher
wit: Eliza YOUNG, Sarah YOUNG, John BRIDON (?) and another unreadable

29 Oct 1873
Thomas HOLMES of Malton, age 28, son of William HOLMES
and Frances Ann COULSON, age 24, dau of Jonathan COULSON
wit: William D. ENGLISH, William HILL, Mary Jane COULSON

29 Dec 1873
Charles RHODES, age 49, so of Joseph RHODES
and Jane WEDGEWOOD, age 37
wit: Jane RHODES and George FORTH


27 Jan 1874
William SMITH, age 20 of Tarrington, son of John SMITH
and Eliza YOUNG, dau of John YOUNGwit: Fanny SMITH, John SMITH,
Ann SKELTON and Richard GRASHIELD (????)

28 Jan 1874
Thomas BLACKLOCK of Pickering, age 26, son of Luke BLACKLOCK, bootmaker
and Elizabeth FOSTER, age 23, dau of Robert FOSTER, mason

2 Nov 1874
Edmund YOUNG, age 30, miller, son of George YOUNG, wheelwright
and Ann ARRUNDALE, age 29, dau of Richard ARRUNDALE
wit: Richard ARRUNDALE, Mary Jane RHODES, Mary SMITH, John ARUNDAL


Webster SMITH, 38, widower, joiner, son of Thomas SMITH, joiner
and Jane HARDING, 38, spinster, dau of
Thomas HARDIN\g, farmer
May 12 1864
wit: Robert SMITH, Mary Frances ELLIS, Thomas SOUTH, Lizzie RAWSON


Henry DENNISS, 27, bachelor,butler, of Kepwick in the parish of Silton
and Susannah SNOWDON, 22, dau of William SNOWDON, veterinary surgeon
Feb 7, 1865
Wit: Jane LAWSON, Robert COSSINS, Robert SNOWDON

Thomas Piercy, 41, widower, carpenter of St. Nicholas Beverly, son
of Thomas; and Phebe KNEESHAW, 39, spinster, dau of Robert KNEESHAW
May 15, 1865
wit: Thomas, Ellen, Isaac KNEESHAW and Mary PEARSON

Luke THOMPSON, 26, bachelor, solicitor, of Middlesboro, son of
Luke THOMPSON, Gentleman; and Jane LAWSON, 22, dau of Matthew LAWSON,
8 Aug 1865

John FREER, 23, bachelor, tailor, son of John FREER, tailor and draper
and Judith Elizabeth GOODWILL, 27, of Hovingham, dau of Thomas
12 Aug 1865
wit: Thomas GOODWILL, Mary Jane FREER

William BURNETT, 23, bachelor, blacksmith of Coxwold, son of William
and Ann KNEESHAW, 19, dau of Isaac KNEESHAW
28 Sep 1865
wit: Sarah Jane PIERCY and Amelia CLARKSON

John MARSHALL, 34, bachelor, son of John MARSHALL and
Sarah KNEESHAW, dua of Robert KNEESHAW
21 Dec 1865
wit: William GERMAIN, Sarah CATTLE, Timothy CATTLE, Thomas SMITH, Ellen
and Margaret KNEESHAW

George ECCLES, 27, bachelor, carpenter of Middlesboro, son of Thomas
and Jane BURTON, 21
23 Dec 1865
wit: William WRIGHT, Ann ARRUNDALE, Elizabeth KESSBY


Peter Stewart DAVIDSON,37,bachelor, gardener of Thirsk, son of Andrew
farmer and land agent; and Anne ELLIOT, 41, spinster, dau of Isaac
1 Feb 1866
wit: George SUTHERLAND, Jane

Thomas MARSHALL, 22, bachelor, woodman, son of Thomas MARSHALL, woodman
and Betsy YOUNG, 19, spinster, dau of John YOUNG
14 Mar 1866
wit: James MARSHALL, Sarah Ann FELL (?), Sarah THORNTON, George YOUNG

David HUTCHINSON, 21, bachelor, tailor of New Wortley, Leeds, son of
and Harriett WILSON, 23, spinster, dau of William WILSON
16 Oct 1866
wit: John WILSON, Mary Jane COULSON,


Charles SMITH, 40, Gentleman, of Scarsborough, son of Robert, Gentleman
and Jane HEBDEN, 27, widow, dau of John TINDALE, banker
3 Jan 1867

John GOODRICK, 29, bachelor, carpenter, of Terrington, son of Willliam
and Elizabeth ELLERBY, 25, dau of Martin.
21 Feb 1867
wit: Joseph EZERD(?), Hannah GOODRICK, William and Hannah WARE

Charles HAGGARD, 22,bachelor, Police Officer of Kirk Ella, son of
and Hannah KEMPLAY, 24,spinster,dau of William, bricklayer
19 Mar 1867
wit: John KEMPLAY, Elizabeth FEARLY (or FEASBY?), John HUMPHREY,

Francis Archer GREASLY,24, bachelor, servant, of New Malton, son of
Francis Archer; and Mary Jane SMITH, 19,spinster, dau of William
13 May 1867
wit: John SUNLAY, Mary Jane WILSON

John Coates BOGAR, 28, bachelor, tailor, of Brawby, son of Jonathan,
and Annie DENNIS, 20, dau of Thomas
13 May 1867
wit: Thomas HORSLEY, Jane SIMPSON, Esther SIMPSON

David THORNTON, 25, bachelor, son of Robert, mason and
Sophia HAYTHORNE, 22, spinster
10 June 1867
wit: William THORNTON, Mary Ann FREER

John Christopher SIMPSON, widower, accountant of Saltburne by the Sea,
son of George, bootmaker; and Jane SNOWDON, 22, spinster, dau of
William, veterinary surgeon.
30 July 1867
wit: William, Margaret, Emma, Charles SNOWDON

James PICKERSGILL, 22, of Hovingham, son of Charles; and
Margaret HUTCHINSON, 20, spinster, dau of William
9 Nov 1867
wit: Emily FAWCETT, Hannah WALE, William, Thomas HUTCHINSON

William ELLERBY, 30, widower, son of Martin and
Esther PIERCY, 23, spinster, dau of George
14 Dec 1867



William BOLTON, 22, bachelor, brickmaker, of Kirbymoorside, son of John
and Mary DOWNS, 23,
28 Mar 1868
wit: Robert SADLER, Mary WHELDON, George ALLAN, Sarah SADLER

Goerge GOODWILL, 22, bachelor, butcher, son of Thomas, cooper and
and Elizabeth GRAINGER, dau of Robert
wit: Joseph EZARD, Sarah Ann COATES

Robert LAWSON,22, farmer, son of Matthew ; and Mary Melvina WOODCOCK,19,
dau of John WOOCOCK, merchant
29 Apr 1868
wit: John WOODCOCK, Maria Louisa BARTON

Thomas BOTTERILL, 31, bachelor, tailot of St. Michael's Parish, New
son of John; and Amelia CLARKSON, 30, dau of John
20 Jun 1868
wit: Anne ARUNDALE, Thomas COULSON

Thomas PIERCY, 25, bachelor, servant, son of George ; and
Margaret KNEESHAW, 19, dau of William.
17 Dec 1868


John HUMPLEBY, 27, bachelor, tallow chandler, son of John
and Hannah SWAN, 29, spinster, dau of Francis, common carrier.
16 Feb 1869
wit: Thomas, Jane, John SWANN

Tobert TODD, 27, stone mason, of Helmsley Blackmoor, son of James
and Elizabeth FEASBY, 26, spinster, dau of George
15 Apr 1869
wit: Richard YOUNG, Christopher UNDERWOOD, Hannah and Robert HUMPLEBY

William BROWN, 20, bachelor, stone cutter, son of Thomas, shoemaker
and Mary Jane WILSON, dau of George, gardener
10 May 1869

John LEESMITH, 36, widower, Gentleman of Hull, son of John, tea merchant
and Mary Elizabeth LASCELLES, 26, spinster, dau of Robert Morley
LASCELLES, surgeon
31 Aug 1869
wit: Elizabeth WILLIAMSON, M.L.SMITH, Jane SHERWOOD, Catherine M. LEE,
Thornton SMITH

Edmund Sardinson CARTER, 24, bachelor, Gentleman, son of William, Clerk
in Orders
and Rosa Sophia BLADON, 28, spinster, dau of Thomas, Gentleman of
Oldfields in Uttoxeter(??)
22 Sep 1869
wit: William BOYD, Emily ARMSTRONG, Charles Dashwood BLADON, Helen

Thomas COOPER, 26, bachelor, Clerk, of Glasgow, son of Thomas,gamekeeper
Mary Jane THORNTON, 26, dau of John THORNTON, builder
12 Oct 1869


John POTTER, 23,clerk, son of Thomas and Betsy KILBINGTON,18
dau of Richard, railway inspector
18 Jan 1875

David FREER, 38, butcher, of Norten, son of Plouman FREER, shoemaker;
and Mary SKELTON, spinster
23 Feb 1875
wit: Christopher HAMDEN, William MASON, John Jepson CARTER

Thomas COOPER, 23, compositor, of St. Leonard's Parish, New Malton,
son of James, brewer; and Ann DOWSON, 21, spinster, dau of Charles
DOWNSON, office clerk
15 June 1875
Wit: John EAST, William DOWNSON, Sarah J. DOWSON, George HANDLEY, E.

Thomas BLACKWELL, 23, bachelor, tailor, son of Charles; and Hannah
ALLAN,dau of John
8 Nov 1875
wit: G. LONGSTER, Elizabeth SMITH

Henry JARVIS, 24, bachelor, of Barton le Street, son of Henry
and Annie eliza SMITH, 21, dau of William
27 Nov 1875
wit: John SMITH, W.C. SMITH, Elizabeth WRIGHT, Jane SMITH


John HUMBLE, 42, bachelor, brickmaker, of South Stockton on Tees
in the parish of Thornaby, son of Robert; and Ann KEITH, 44, widow
dau of William EAST, huckster
17 June 1876
wit: John EAST, Mary H. DOWSON

John PIERCY, 22, bachelor, son of George; and Harriet THOMPSON,21
14 Dec 1876
with: Alice TURNER, Thomas, Jane PIERCY


Robrt DOBSON, 31, bachelor, son of John; and Mary Ann COOPER, 31
dau of Richard, mason
3 Mar 1877
wit: Richard COOPER, Robert GARBUTT, Sarah COOPER, Mary HILL, Thomas


Boyes KNEESHAW, 60, widower, son of Robert; and Hannah OLIVER, 60,
widow, dau of George BOWMAN
22 Jan 1878
wit: William WILSON, Richard ALLAN

Joseph BOWES, 24, railway servant, of Normanton, son of John
and Mary HILL, dau of Anthony
24 Jan 1878
wit: James MAGSON, Annie HILL

William KNEESHAW, 30, joiner, son of Boyes KNEESHAW, farmer
and Annie HIDE, 32, sponster,dau of James HIDE, painter
1 May 1878

Matthew THORNTON, 28 and Jane THORNTON, 29
5 June 1878
wit: John and Hannah BEAN

Alexander PATTERSON, 33, draper, of Wellington, son of Alexander
and Jane Elizabeth WILSON,24, dau of William, farmer and draper
26 Sep 1878
Wit: William WILSON, Marcy VICKERS (?), Marion BATEMAN, Amy BATEMAN

Henry LOBLEY, 23, tailor, son of George and Phoebe LEIGH, dau of John
19 Oct 1878
wit: William LEIGH, Annie HEWARD, Mary Jane DUNN, Charles WILSON

Thomas Henry WARD, 31, and Christiana CALAM, 29, dau of
26 Nov 1878


Thomas SNOWBALL, 24, tailor, son of John, and Elizabeth DONKIN, 22
14 Oct 1880

John BEAN, son of James, and Mary HILDRICK, of Ness, dau of William
19 Oct 1880
wit: James BEAN, Sarah SHERWOOD


John Shepherd BRIGNALL, groom, of Brandsby, son of Robert, stud groom
and Elizabeth WRIGHT, dau of William
7 Feb 1882
wit: Thomas WRIGHT, Thomas WILSON

John HARRISON, groom, of Kirby Hill, son of John, tailor
and Elizabeth SMITH, dau of Joseph
14 Mar 1882

Henry BOTTERILL, of Weston, son of John and
Hannah BEAN, dau of James
6 Jul 1882
Wit: Grace, James BEAN

James SWANN, tailor, son of Francis, carrier
and Hannah HUMPHREY, dau of John
25 Jul 1882
wit: Henry LOBLEY, Jane Elizabeth GREENSIDES

William THORNTON, 52, bachelor, gardener, son of Robert
and Sarah Ann MARSHALL, 41, spinster, dau of William
6 Sep 1882
wit: John TAYLOR, Charles SMITH


William HUMPHREY, 22, son of Robert and
Susannah STAINSLY, 22, of Fryton, dau of Robert
plate layer on the N.E. railway
19 Oct 1884
wit: Thom WILSON, Eliza HUMPHREY

George JANSON, 24, of Harton, son of Charles
and Mary Jane WILSON, dau of John
24 May 1884
wit: Tom WILSON, Agnes GIBSON

William BEDELL, 27, son of Isaac Coates BEDELL
and Sarah WILSON, 26, dau of John
5 Jul 1884
wit: Tom WILSON, Agnes GIBSON

William WILSON, son of John and Mary Ann FORTH
dau of George, saddler
28 Aug 1884
wit: Cyril Charles DRAKE, Mary Elizabeth WEDGEWOOD

William WEST, 58, widower, draper of 97 Cambridge St., London S.W.
son of William, deceased, and Harriet Ann WILSON, dau of William
6 Sep 1884


Harry SMITH, 21, butler, of Leeds, son of William, butcher
and Maryh Elizabeth WEDGEWOOD
26 May 1886
wit: George FORTH, Mary Ann SMITH


James JOHNSON, 23, mason, son of James
and Margaret WRIGHT, 29, spinster, dau of William
22 Feb 1887
wit: William WRIGHT, Christopher DOWSON, Sarah COATSWORTH, Mary

Slingsby Burials 1691 - 1823 Donated by Patricia Porter

Michael TAYLOR, buried 12 Jan 1691

Francis, son of Francis LAMBERT 19 Jun 1692
Ann, dau of Francis LAMBERT 1 Oct 1692
Mary, wife of Richard COULTOUSE (??) 18 Aug 1692
Ann NEIGHTMAN 12 Oct 1692
Susannah, wife of Nicholas MANNERS 21 Oct 1692
Jane, dau of Robert BROWN 6 Mar 1692


Francis WILLSON buried 13 Jul 1697


Fairfax MASSY 28 Mar 1700
Marmaduek STEEL (?) 22 Apr 1700
William GRINWOLL __ May 1700
Jane MANNER, widow 20 Nov 1700
William BAINBRIDGE 10 Dec 1700
Elizabeth HARRISON 24 Jan 1700
Thomas SPENSELEY 4 FEB 1700
William, son of William PICKERING 1700

1740 Burials

Willliam, son of Ann WALES 12 Apr 1740
Mr. Thomas MANNERS 13 May 1740
Mary, wife of John ETTY 23 May 1740
Elizabeth, wife of John THOMPSON 2 Mar 1740

1741 Burials

Mary HICKSON, widow 29 May 1741
Mary TAYLOR, widow 12 Apr 1741
Thomas POCKINAL (?) 24 Aug 1741
Dorothy COLLY, dau of William COLLY from Hair-Holm 22 Sep 1741
Mary, dau of Anthony HILL 23 Oct 1741
John, son of John TAYLOR 24 Oct 1741
John, son of John ISHERWOOD 1 Jan 1741
Mary WATE, widow 13 Nov 1741

1742 Burials
(in reverse - latest dates first)
Francis THOMPSON, householder 15 Mar 1742
Mary, dau of Thomas RUMBLAY 14 Mar 1742
Mary, wife of Thomas RUMBLAY 8 Mar 1742
Peter STAVES, householder 26 Feb 1742
John, son of Isabel POCKIL (?),widow 22 Feb 1742
Frances WELTON, householder 21 Feb 1742
Mary, wife of Frances ISHERWOOD 4 Feb 1742
Sarah LASCILLES, spinster 23 Oct 1742
Joan JONES, widow 13 Oct 1742
Eve, wife of Jonathan BESSEMWORTH 25 Jun 1742
Thomas MEGGESON 21 Jun 1742
Elizabeth, dau og Robert WALMSLAY 3 Jun 1742
Charles, son of John HARRISON 27 May 1742
Jonathan, son of Jonathan BESSEMWORTH 25 May 1742
Ann SHIPLEY, widow 8 May 1742
Elizabeth, dau of Roger WATERS 29 Apr 1742

Burials 1743

Flosy (?) dau of Mary NIGHTINGALE 15 Apr 1743
William, son of Thomas RUMBLAY 17 Apr 1743
Thomas, son of Robert KNEESHAW 19 Apr 1743
Thomas, son of Thomas RUMBLAY 20 Apr 1743
Samuel THORP, householder 28 Apr 1743
Cicely BLACKBEARD, widow 2 Jun 1743
Elizabeth, wife of William BAINBRIDGE 17 Sep 1743
Helen, dau of William HORNER 1 Dec 1743
Thomas, son of Thomas HICK of Mallon 17 Mar 1743
John Caristers (?) child, buried in the Parish of Ferrington 1 May 1743

1744 Burials

John ISHERWOOD, Schoolmaster 2 Apr 1744
Mary MANNERS, widow 30 Jun 1744
Francis ISHERWOOD, farmer 8 Oct 1744
Mary, dau of Thomas HARDIN 11 Oct 1744
Ann, dau of William LOPPINGTON, shepherd 11 Nov 1744
Mary, dau of Francis DOBSON, butcher 16 Nov 1744
John, son of William HORNER, shoemaker 20 Mar 1744


William, natural son of Elizabeth LEPINGTON 30 Apr 1780
Francis WILLISON, Parish Clerk 29 Jun 1780
William BOYES, weaver 2 Jul 1780
Elizabeth WILLISON, widow 5 Jul 1780
William HORNER, tailor 14 Aug 1780


Elizabeth RUSDALE, wife of Thomas 14 Jan 1781
Jane HILL, widow 17 Jan 1781
John, son of Benjamin HICK 10 Feb 1781
Thomas GRAY 3 May 1781
Thomas CONN 26 Nov 1781


Mary ETTY, widow 10 Jan 1782
John PIERCY, farmer and innholder 20 Feb 1782
Maria, dau of Mr. William FORTH of Ganthorpe 18 Apr 1782
Thomas ISHERWOOD, farmer and innholder 5 May 1782
Christopher HESP, weaver 14 Jun 1782
Catherine, dau of George THOMPSON 17 Jun 1782
Margaret BREWER, late of Scampston 18 Jun 1782
Sarah, dau of George THOMPSON 30 Jun 1782
Thomas, son of John BURTON 30 Jun 1782
Mary, dau of George THOMPSON 17 Jul 1782
George PIERCY 7 Aug 1782
Robret, son of George SHIPLEY 27 Sep 1782
Ann HARPER, widow 3 Nov 1782
Isaac WILSON 15 Nov 1782


Jane, dau of John RACE 1 Mar 1804
Mary WILKINSON, widow, formerly of the Parish of
Bolton Percy 7 Aug 1804
Jane WALKER, widow, formerly of Wath, Parish of
Hovingham 7 Sep 1804
Jane, wife of Francis DOBSON, farmer 1 Nov 1804
Jane, illegitimate dau of Jane ROBSON, widow 21 Dec 1804
( interesting???)
George, son of George JOHNSON 6(?) Dec 1804


Mary THOMPSON, widow 26 May 1805
Jonathan ETTY 6 Sep 1805
Ruth, wife of George NEWBY 6 Nov 1805


James LAWSON, farmer 24 Jan 1806
John SUGGITT, blacksmith 3 Mar 1806
William DALE ,weaver 21 ??? 1806
Elizabeth, dau of Matthew BOYES, grocer 26 Apr 1806
Thomas PIERCY, farmer 1 May 1806
James, son of John HEAD (?) , labourer
Christopher HARPER, farmer
Mary, daughter of Christopher WARD, lab 30 Jun 1806
Rebeckah BOYNTON, widow 22 Aug 1806
Elizabeth HILL 5 Nov 1806

"Received the Sum of Ten Shillings being the mortuary of the late
Thomas PIERCY, farmer"

"Received by desire of Dr. CLEAVES of Mr. Richard KIRKBY of the Parish
of Grindall the Sum of One Pound being the Mortuary's of his son
Richard KIRKBY and his Father-In-Law Metcalf MARKINGFIELD both of
the Parish of Slingsby."


Matthew BOYES Apr 8 (?) AGE 44
John ETTY Apr 17 36
Jane WILSON Apr 28 2 of Swinton
William WALKER May 4 35
Ann SMALL Oct 7 22


John SUGGET Mar 17 5
Isaac FLOWER May 12 20 of South Holme
William KNEESHAW 14 71
Mary WALKER Jun 14 69
Thomas DAWSON Jul 16 11
Anne FREER Jul 20 21 of Norton
Benjamin WARD Jul 21 9 months
George WILSON Jul 25 67
George JOHNSON SEP 11 10 weeks
Hannah FREER Aug 18 55 of Amotherby
Mary MARSHALL Nov 17 89 widow
Charles HARDWICK Dec 4 58


Jane JOHNSON Mar 27 26 of Thornton in the Clay (?)
Thomas GRAY apr 20 55
Elizabeth HARRISON Aug 19 1 of New Malton
John LINFOOT Nov 5 46


Grace HONER Jan 27 1
Mark MILLS Mar 6 81
Matthew WARD May 14 37
Penelope KNEESHAW May 16 74 widow
John SPENCELEY May 31 75
George NEWBY Jun 20 47
Thomas DALE Oct 4 7
Ann TASKER Dec 12 1


Mary BOYES Jan 21 Age 77
Jane ROBINSON Jun 30 56
John HARRISON Mar 29 6 of Malton
Mary HESP Apr 6 57
William ELLERTON Jun 8 80 of Craike
Jane ALLAN Oct 20 61
Rebecca HARRISON Dec 21 1 of Malton


John HICK Feb 16 72
John ROBSON Mar 6 46
Christopher MORILL Mar 10 75
Mary HICK Mar 14 70
Ann HICK Mar 27 42
Jane LELLER Jun 23 54
Robert CORNER (?) Sep 29 75 (could be CONNOR )
Mary RACE Oct 11 9 weeks


John WOOD Jan 1 12 months
John HUGILL Jan 31 20 (entry does day Jan 31-error?)
Jane PEIRCY Feb 5 36 weeks
Sarah PEARCY Feb 10 2 3/4
Hannah SUGGET Mar 19 29
Grace HORNER Jun 13 52
Hannah HUDSON Nov 9 73


Ann HARRISON Jan 13 Age 73
Penelope CORNER Feb 1 73
Hannah LINFOOT Mar 17 2
Margaret JOHNSON Mar 29 67
Mary MILLS Apr 14 85
John BEAN Mar 5 29
Edward GRAY Jul 13 84
Edmund SHIPLEY Jul 22 82
William THOMPSON Jul 31 11 months
Mary REMMER Oct 12 26
Robert RACE Oct 16 43
Hannah BEAN Nov 19 27
Jane WAITE Nov 19 50


Robert THOMPSON Jan 13 22
John WALKER Mar 17 67
Robert ARUNDEL Jun 3 69
Jane SUGGIT Jun 17 66
Jan JOHNSON Jul 5 16
Bridget SPENCELEY Jul 15 80
Mary SCARTH Aug 21 50 of Parish of HOvingham
Francis DOBSON Sep 11 74
William HARDWICK Oct 18 7 days
Jane MORREL Nov 25 84

**New Update** Various Slingsby Parish Records

Some events registered in the parish of Slingsby:
(Dates not converted)


William CHAPMAN, bachelor and Ann WILSON, 1 May 1747


Mary, dau of Francis ISHERWOOD 7 Apr 1747 (see "Burials")
Mary, dau of John HICKS 1 May 1747
Isaac, son of Isaac CAMPLEMAN, weaver 1 May 1747
Frances, illeg. dau of Mary ETTY 17 May 1747
James, son of John BOYES 10 Sep 1747
Roger, son of Roger WATERS 20 Sep 1747
Elizabeth, dau of henry LONGBOTTOM 22 Sep 1747
Francis, son of Francis WILLISON 1 Dec 1747
John, son of Benjamin HICK, Innkeeper 29 Dec 1747 twin
Benjamin, son of Benjamin HICK 29 Dec 1747 twin
Ann, dau of Howard SIMPKIN 29 Dec 1747


Mary, dau of John HARRISON, Jr. 12 Apr 1747
Mary, dau of Francis ISHERWOOD 13 May 1747
Elizabeth BOYES, widow 10 Jun 1747
Elizabeth WARD, widow 2 Aug 1747
Richard WHARTON, bachelor 12 Oct 1747
Mary WALKINTON 2 Dec 1747
Mary, wife of Richard ETTY 13 Feb 1747
John THOMPSON 20 Feb 1747
Margaret, dau of Robert BROWN, tailor 4 Mar 1747
William, son of Jonathan BOSOMWORTH 11 Mar 1747
Sarah, dau of John ANDERSON 12 Mar 1747
died " at Slingsby Care House"

Some baptisms registered in the parish of Slingsby:
( Dates not converted - Slings is one of those parishes that
did not conform to the New Style (Jan 1st) dating for several
years after the conversion date.)


John, son of John KELLAM (?) 11 May 1760
Ann, dau of Thomas DAWSON 5 Jul 1760
Elizabeth, dau of James LAWSON 5 Aug 1760
John, son of John BROWN 25 Jan 1760
Peter, son of Peter MARSHALL 25 Jan 1760
Rachel, dau of Francis THORNTON 15 Feb 1760


John, son of James LAWSON 14 Mar 1761
Abraham, son of John WALMSBY (?) 26 Apr 1761
(could be WALMSLY)
Rachel, dau of William JACKSON 31 May 1761
George, son of George JONSON (sic) 3 Jul 1761
Ann and Mary, twin daus. of Richard LAWRENCE 29 Aug 1761
Hannah, dau of Richard WEATHERILL 5 Sep 1761

Some baptisms registered in the parish of Slingsby:


John, son of John HESP 27 Mar 1762
Ann, dau of John LAWSON 3 Jul 1762
Thomas, son of Richard BOTTEREL 9 Jul 1762
Hannah, dau of Peter MARSHALL 5 Sep 1762
Joseph, son of Christopher HARPER 21 Sep 1762
John, son of John WALMSLEY 30 Sep 1762
Mary, dau of Richard HILL 10 Oct 1762
Dorothy, dau of Thomas DAWSON 14 Nov 1762
Marmaduke, son of Thomas ETTY 19 Dec 1762
Elizabeth, dau of Francis BOSE (?) 2 Feb 1762


Thomas, son of John PIERCY 21 May 1763
Richard, son of William JACKSON 30 May 1763
John, son of Richard WEATHERICK 15 Sep 1763
Robert, son of Robert KNEESHAW 30 Oct 1763
John, son of Peter MARSHALL 13 Dec 1763
John, son of John DALE 27 Dec 1763
Mary, dau of Nicholas MANNERS 6 Jan 1763
Isaac, son of William GOODWILL 23 Feb 1763
Mary, dau of John BOYES, Jr. 28 Feb 1763
Elizabeth, dau of George JOHNSON 28 Feb 1763
Jane, dau of William HESP, Jr. 15 Mar 1763


Edward HARDINSTY of Ganthorp in the parish
of Terrington and Mary JONES 30 Mar 1748

Robert HICK and Elizabeth SPENSLEY 12 Apr 1748

William OLDFIELD of Heslington and
Esther GRELAND 29 Dec 1747

George HILL and elizabeth KNOWLES of Bishophill 27 Dec 1747


Elizabeth, dau of John WILSON (see "Burials") 3 Apr 1748
Elizabeth, dau of John HARRISON, Jr. 17 Apr 1748
Robert, son of Phillip DUNNIN of Ness 5 Sep 1748
Hannah, dau of Michael THORNTON 25 Oct 1748


Elizabeth, dau of John WILSON 9 Apr 1748
Francis, son of Francis WILLISON 20 Jun 1748
Isaac, son of Isaac CAMPLEMAN 2 Jul 1748
James, son of John BOYD 4 Jul 1748
John, son of John HODGSON 4 Aug 1748
William, son of John TAYLOR 11 Aug 1748
Hannah, dau of John BROWN 28 Oct 1748
Ann, dau of Elizabeth LAWSON, widow 9 Dec 1748
George, son of Robert SHIPLEY 10 Dec 1748
Thomas THORNTON 25 Dec

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