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When examining the data included in this website, please consider the following:

  1. The Russell name has been recorded in the OPR during different periods as either Russel or Russell. It has also been transcribed by myself and others as Russall. I believe the latter is an erroneous transcription of the letter 'e' as an 'a,' as with the script of the time, the letter 'e' was difficult to distinguish. In the files which are presented 'el' and 'ell' have been used with variations shown in ( ).

  2. The 'Date of Birth' given may represent either the date of birth or christening of the individual.

  3. In those cases where the date of birth of an individual is indicated to be abt., the date has been estimated based on census data, marriage data, the DOB of a first child or from that of another known family member. This is done to allow the very large number of individuals who share a given first name to be separated into time periods facilitating the potential matching with other data. Thus, these dates may be off by a considerable number of years.

  4. Data is of varied quality. While generally reliable, some data was recorded under conditions which may have produced errors. This is particularly the case with census data which were recorded with minimal time available. Future effort will be made to correct and expand on the lists which have been presented.

  5. When viewing the Births/Marriages file, it will be noted that many individuals sharing the same name can be found at various periods. Though these will often represent cousins, in many cases the same individual will appear two or more times having been derived from unconnected birth, marriage and/or census data. Individuals have been matched up only in cases where there was a reasonable degree of certainty of the linkage. Given the tendency of using parental names for ones children, other likely links can be found by examining the names of individuals, their parents and children.

Accuracy: The files associated with the Birth/Marriages are thought to be accurate with allowance for transcription errors. Numerous family trees of others, which include individuals found in my files, have been viewed. Having given considerable study of potential connections, those presented here-in are thought to be correct. There are several branches for which I have been unable to do basic research. I would greatly appreciate comments and additional data. Please include an indication of the source and/or evidence for any data sent.