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Frequently Asked Questions

1.Where are the References? Reference superscripts are included in the narrative for Joseph Ruppert 1817-1880, however the file that contains the citations is not linked. If you want specific references to this file or to any of the ahnentafel reports, please contact me directly at Gary B. Ruppert

2.What software was used to create this website? All of the genealogic information was created using The Master Genealogist, version 4.0. Some editing was done using Netscape Composer. Color Fazer was used for the introductory title but unfortunately is no longer available from its original web address. The background pattern selected for all of pages on this site is from C.C. Mahoni's HTML & Graphics Website

3.What do the asterisks (*) mean in the ahnentafels? When you see an asterisk where you would otherwise expect a colon (:) this event (birth, marriage or death) has been designated a primary event in the database created by The Master Genealogist.

4.Why have you collected this information?Simply, I donít know. I enjoy the challenge of finding information that may or may not currently exist, but surely had to exist at some previous time. It is a never-ending addiction.

5.Do you have more information than is presented here?Yes, lots of it. Donít hesitate to contact me if you see anything that has even remote interest to you.

6.How do I contact you? Send me an e-mail at Gary B. Ruppert.


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