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Current Rumford Queries

May 9, 2005
I am looking for information on my grandfather Charles W. Cox who lived with his daughter in Rumford and died Feb 15, 1916. His daughter's name was Hattie and she married a Fred Fish. Any information would be helpful. Thank you. Rosemary Morrison

July 11, 2005
My husband's biological parents were both born in Rumford. Does anyone have any information on Charles Linwood Derry born in 1908, he may have worked at the mill, and his wife Hazel Mary (maiden name - Duguary) born app. 1916? Thank you so much for any information you can provide to us. Vicky Warry

July 20, 2005
I am doing some genealogy research and was wondering who is the historical expert on Roxbury, Maine that might be able to help me with some details.
I am specifically looking for more information on Ebenezer and Ruth (Cogswell) Allen who may have lived in Roxbury in the 1800's. Ebenezer's parents are Reuben and Lydia (Thurston) Allen. Ruth's parents are Dr. Joseph and Judith (Colby) Cogswell. It is rumored that Ebenezer may have also been married to a Nancy Judkins or a Mary before Ruth. This is indicated by the tombstone of Deborah "the daughter of Ebenezer and Mary" He was also married to an Elizabeth ? as stated in the 1850 census. Elizabeth is not buried in the family plot. I am descended from their son Thomas and his wife Diantha Huston who married Daniel Oldham after Thomas death. Any advice and insight you can provide is appreciated. Thanks Dawnie Hodgkins

August 18, 2005
I am looking for information on Zebediah MITCHELL, and his wife, Sarah (PORTER) MITCHELL, possible ancestors, who lived in Mexico in 1820 and then apparently in Rumford. They died Aft 1820 and are buried in the yard near the house that was once Fred A. Porter's of Rumford Falls, ME (maybe still is-I have no dates on Fred Porter). Their children were Nancy, Jonathan, Darius, Salome and Sarah. Zebediah was probably b in Providence Co, RI, and Sarah in Windham Co, CT.
Any additional information would be welcomed, especially on any of Zebediah's sibs or parents, dates of death for Zebediah and Sarah and any married names of their daughters and any known grandchildren for Zebediah and Sarah. Thanks. Georgianna Mitchell

May 6, 2006
Doing research on O'Leary's in Rumford/Mexico, Maine Richard Alexander O'Leary (son of Keady A O'Leary & Mary Eliza Saunders) was born 1880 in New Brunswick Canada. He died 1905/6 in Rumford. He worked at the mill, got hurt at work, developed pnemonia (sp?) and subsequently died. I am sure he is buried in Rumford though I can't seem to find any record of his death or burial. Can you be of assistance or point me to someone who can?? Any help would be much appreciated. Martha Medford

November 17, 2006
Iím looking for the name of the parents of William Cloutier, who was married to Marie Cayer. They had a daughter Alida Cloutier, who was born October 20, 1903, in P.Q Canada. They are from the Rumford area. Ida married Warren LeFebvre.. I would greatly appreciate any information on this family. Thank you. Donna

November 26, 2006
I am looking for information in the VIRGIN family. My name is Karen Jordan Paul and I'm in Bethel Maine. My ancester was Catherine Virgin. She was born Jan 23, 1805 in Woodstock Maine. She married Joseph Rowe in Woodstock and died in Woodstock on Sept 2,1889. It is believed her family came to Rumford in 1800. Can anyone help me? Karen

February 8, 2007
My name is Kristi Jamison-Davidson-Holz and I am looking for information on the Jamison and Carey family trees. My grandmother was Dorothy Carey-Jamison and my grandfather was Walter E. Jamison. They resided in Rumford, Maine and left during the early 1960ís. Walter Jamison worked at the paper mill. Their children were James, Susan, Eugene (Gene) also my father and Peter. My family is estranged and I am curious about the history. I was told that there was a book written on the Jamison Family but do not know the name. There is heresay that we have Native American in our family tree and a French Canadian background. This is the beginning of my search any help would be greatly appreciated. Please feel free to email me. Thank you! Kristi

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