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WELCOME to The RUHE Home Page!

A Brief Introduction

I am Margaret L. Evans "Keen" author of the RUHE Home Page and descendant of Elva D. Ruhe "Evans" who was a daughter of Waldo E. Ruhe.  Waldo was the great-grandson of Fred K. Ruhe, Fred was the first immigrant to America from his native country of Germany.  With the exception of the present generation, Fred and succeeding generations of RUHE were farmers of  livestock!   

During our research we found farming was not a glamorous occupation, it required dedication and often enduring hardships that some ancestors did not survive.  My ancestors were of common stock, hardy individuals with simple everyday beliefs and a straightforward desire to do what they knew best, farm!  Throughout the genealogical search of our ancestor's lives we found feast and famine.   Even though they were blessed with fertile pastures, against locust and other unpredictable elements, occasionally losses occurred.  With good family ties and a strong pioneering spirit they fostered a persistence and endurance that led to the doorway of tomorrow.  We are proud to be the descendant of such honorable ancestors.

About the RUHE Home Page

The content and format of the RUHE Home Page protects the "Privacy" of living family members.  For that reason we do not use the GEDCOM file format.  Instead, we use a chronological format of information based on some of the direct descendants.  We call this format the "CHRONOLOGY OF THE RUHE MIGRATION."  In keeping with the "Search for Ones Roots," we have included a Surname Index.  Use the Index to compare names and possibly find relationships to other family members.  

You will also find photographs of past RUHE Family Reunions, those Reunions are a tradition spanning 100 years and more.   In past, many of the Reunions were held in Burt County, Nebraska, later they were held at Columbus, Nebraska.  As generations died and family members moved to other areas, the Reunion tradition was broken.  However, after the death of the family matriarch Ada McKown Ruhe in 1978, family members  resumed the tradition of the RUHE Family Reunion.  Since the reestablishment of the tradition a RUHE Family Reunion had been held every five years at or near Grand Island, Nebraska, usually during the month of July.

Special Thanks to and in Memory of Aunt Elaine who began this search many years ago and passed the "torch of inquiry" to me in 1989.

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