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List of individuals ID Colour Code explanation

The ID of each individual is colour codes as shown in the table below, any individual not classed as 'no mix' is deamed to be part of my genetic pool, or in the case of my adoptive partents - part of my nurture influence.

Paternal Direct Paternal line ie Father, Father's father etc
Maternal Direct Maternal line ie Mother, Mother's mother etc
Direct Direct line not included above ie Mother's father
Indirect Indirect line ie brother, uncle, aunt
no mix Married into family line eg aunt's husband, brother's wife


Unless actual proof of the date of birth of an individual is known then the following guide has been used to indicate dates.

Year of birth = year of Christening.
Year of birth = year of census - age recorded in census.
Year of birth (male) = year of birth (wife) -1
Year of birth (female) = year of birth (husband) +1
Year of birth (male) = year of marriage -21
Year of birth (female) = year of marriage -20
Year of birth (male) = year of birth of oldest child - 25
Year of birth (female) = year of birth of oldest child - 24
Year of birth = average of sibblings
Year of marriage (male) = year of birth +21
Year of marriage (female) = year of birth +20
Year of marriage (male) = year of birth of oldest child + 25
Year of marriage (female) = year of birth of oldest child + 24

Where the date is know to be within 3 years then the abbreviation abt. is used, where it is estimated then the abreviation est. is used (this estimate could be 20 years out or more).
If there is conflicting evidence for date of birth then the most common figure is used, or an average of the most common figure ie if the following data is available for a date of birth 1888, 1887, 1881, 1889 then the DOB is assumed to be abt. 1888 (1881 is assumed to be an error).


Birth names have been used throught this web site (except in special circumstances, like a family name being changed or adoption).

A wife is show with her maiden name. Where this is not know the surname of the husband is used but enclosed in rounded brackets ie Sue (Smith) wife of John Smith.

Any name that is suspected, but not backed up by actual evidence is enclosed in angular brackets ie John <Henry> Smith. This is also used wher a mainden name is suspected ie Sue <Jones> wife of John Smith.



As far as possible all my family history data is drawn from physical evidence eg Census records, parish records and certificates, but some of it still relies on word of mouth from family members.

All family history data on this website has its source stated so that others may confirm my findings (this excludes family knowlege unless you are, or talk to, a family member).

At times detective work is required and deductions have to be made on probabilities ie if a child has no baptism record but there is only on family in the parish baptising its children around the suspected date of birth then it highly probable that the child if from that family. Another common deduction is where there are two or more possible families in the census records, here the decision is made on which one has the most matches to the family being searched - this could be based on age of individual, names common in the family, or location close to known location.

Other common sources I have used:

Census transcripts on the internet
Parish record transcripts on the internet

I do not search the web and download GED files and add them to my family (note I have not supplied my family history as a GED file). This practice is not to be incouraged as it is to easy to get lead off course.
However where searches of the web have resulted in matches then the source is recorded and any names have been recorded to assist any deduction that have needed to be made (these name are limited to one or two relatives eg wife and wives parents - this can then be used to guide further research eg a searching in the location of the new family may provide the missing link)

Personal Data

Personal data for living people is not displayed on this site. Any person born after 1905, who is possibly still alive, will only have general information like name, location of birth and marriage, spouse name displayed. All information on this site is collected from family history sources which are available to all.
If you are concerned about the information on this site then please email me your concerns and I will provide you with any requested information and remove data from this site if wished.

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