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Ruffle Genealogy Resource

The RGR (Ruffle Genealogy Resource) will hopefully be a collection of all the Ruffle/Ruffell/Ruffel data, like a one name study.

I currently have over 200 Ruffle names in my family history and as I have the same surname I though it would be a good name to research.

This will be an user community site i.e. I am counting on web surfers who are family historians/genealogists to submit their Ruffle data so that it cam be included onto this site which will hopefully become an invaluable research aid for Ruffle researchers.
The site will have a guest book so any Ruffle info can be exchanged.

Untill the RGR is up and running you can start sending me Ruffle data via email which will be included onto the site - Please note only verifiable data will be accepted eg Census records, Parish records, BDM certificates, good quality family knowledge will be accepted for recent Ruffles (born after 1901).

A few Ruffle facts to start with:-

Common alternative names - Ruffle, Ruffell, Ruffel
Known spelling errors - Ruffall, Rubble

The UK 1881 Census shows 2 main populations of Ruffles: Hampshire based & Essex based - which ones are your ancesters?

For now try the list of individuals to look for a Ruffle. Note most are Hampshire based.

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