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Tanner Family
England to New York, Nebraska & Michigan

In Memory of Glenn Gray Tanner

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Charles Tanner, brother William and possibly other sibs migrated from England to America ca. 1841, settling first in Herkimer Co. New York and then after his marriage moving to Boylston area of Oswego Co. New York
Charles Tanner was born 14 May 1821, Godalming, Surrey, England. He died 1 Sept. 1899 Boylston, New York. In 1843 he married Mary Hamer Hunt, widow of James Hunt.
Mary Hamer was born 25 Aug 1815 and died 28 Oct 1902 at Boylston, New York
Mary Hamer Hunt and first husband, James immigrated from England, arriving in Herkimer, New York in August 1842. Both Mary and husband James suffered from 'ship's fever' and James subsequently died from same. Mary recovered and gave birth to son James Hunt Jr. in September 1842.

My direct linage is as follows:
Charles Tanner (1821 - 1899)
George Ely Tanner (1857-1909) the youngest son migrated to Nebraska and then moved on to Saginaw, Michigan where he died.
He was married to Melissa Ginn Rudd of Harriston, Minto Twp. Wellington Co. Ontario.
Glen Rudd Tanner was born 1903, Birch Run, Saginaw Co. Michigan. He married Grace Grey, also of Birch Run. Glenn died in November, 1927 leaving a young widow and two sons.
Glen Grey Tanner was born 27 August 1927, Birch Run, Saginaw Co. Michigan. He married Ilene Mae Bruisse Bader of Saginaw. They have a family of six children.
Randall Curtis Tanner, Birch Run Two, Saginaw Co. Michigan

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