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Generation One

  1. Mark GILBERT b. around 1817, Wix, Essex, occupation Agricultural Labourer, m. Hannah _____ of Ramsey, Essex.
    1. 2. Sarah GILBERT b. abt 1839.
    2. 3. Henry GILBERT b. abt 1842.
    3. Ann GILBERT b. abt 1845, Wix, Essex, m. Aug 1868, in Wix, Essex, Jacob WEAVER.

Generation Two

  1. Sarah GILBERT b. abt 1839, Wix, Essex, m. Apr 1858, in Wix, Essex, James PECK of Wix, Essex, (son of Samuel PECK and Mary Anne THOMPSON) occupation Brick Maker.
    1. Arthur Henry PECK b. 1858.
    2. Smith Henry PECK b. abt 1859.
    3. Charles Ernest PECK b. abt 1866.
    4. Frederick Morris PECK b. 1868
    5. Allen Ambrose PECK b. abt 1871.
    6. Florence Ada PECK b. 1874.
    7. Clara Constance PECK b. 1878.
    8. Alfred Bertie PECK b. 1880.

  2. Henry GILBERT b. abt 1844, Wix, Essex, occupation Agricultural Labourer, m. 25 Dec 1867, in Wix, Essex, Hannah PAIN of Wix, Essex.
    1. Sarah GILBERT b. abt 1868, Wix, Essex.
    2. Ann GILBERT b. abt 1871, Wix, Essex.
    3. George GILBERT b. abt 1872, Wix, Essex.
    4. Eliza GILBERT b. abt 1875, Wix, Essex.
    5. Charles GILBERT b. abt 1876, Wix, Essex.
    6. Ernest GILBERT b. abt ?? ___ 1879, Wix, Essex.